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Mal-shi | Discover this recent breed

Mal-shi | Descubre esta reciente raza

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Most of the dog breeds that we know are quite old, but from time to time cases of the bad shi type appear, a hybrid created on purpose by mixing two breeds and we do not know if with the passage of time it will be recognized as one more.

  • Size: 25 to 50 cm.
  • Weight: between 2 and 7 kilos.
  • Hair type: long and silky.
  • Character: friendly, playful and sociable.
  • Health: excellent.
  • Life expectancy: between 13 and 15 years.

Origins of Evil shi

Being such a recent “breed” we do know a little more about its origins and it is certain that it comes from Europe. Only two lineages have been involved in its creation, the shih tzu and the Maltese bichon .

This is important, since it is what is sometimes called a “designer breed,” which has not been produced by chance through the crossing of various dogs over generations, but has been deliberately sought after.

The reason for crossing these two breeds is not well known, although it is believed that it is possible that a breeder wanted to combine the best of both, or even eliminate some of the problems they present.

Be that as it may, right now all organizations consider it a mixed breed dog , just like the one we can find in any shelter and that is why its participation in any exhibition is not allowed.

Origin of Mal-shi

Characteristics of Mal shi

The characteristics of the bad shi are not well established, since there is no work behind it by breeders from all over the world seeking to make it a homogeneous animal, as happens with established breeds.

Therefore, both their size and height are very variable, with weights ranging from 2.3 to 6.8 kilos and with a height at the withers that starts at 25 cm and can be up to double that. .

If we look at the weight, rather than the height, we will see that even in the largest specimens it is a small breed dog, with a compact body, with not very large legs and dense hair.

The head is a combination of both breeds, although it is usually similar to that of the shih tzu, since it has a very marked stop (the area that goes from the forehead to the nose), which gives it a very special expression, especially if we take into account that he has a mustache that stands out a lot.

The hair is long , like that of the two races on which its origin is based. The texture is dense and soft, with two layers that mean that, despite being small, it withstands the cold very well and, like the shih tzu, it is a hypoallergenic dog, suitable for those people allergic to dog hair.

As for colors, we can find both solid layers of brown, white or black tones and bicolors in a combination of the above.

Mal-shi character

Coming from two breeds that have been companion dogs for so long, especially the Shih Tzu, their character is unbeatable and they will become the best companion dog in the world.

Those people who have been lucky enough to live with a Mal-shi say that it is an affectionate and very tender animal , being attentive to its master and showing great affection for him.

They always look for human company, so although they can live in the countryside, they should never be on the street all day alone in a hut, but rather they need to cohabit with their family inside the house.

With other animals and with people he is very sociable , always looking for play even with strangers, something we must be careful with, as he will not hesitate to go with anyone who starts to play with him.

Play is another of their passions, so it is a good idea to provide them with a good selection of toys, even those that stimulate their brain.

Education of Mal-shi

Educating him well from a puppy is important, because with these small dogs sometimes we tend to miseducate them, resulting in unbearable adult animals that do not stop barking and trying to bite us.

This should not happen with bad shi and this is achieved by starting his education from two or three months of age, at first with very simple things like coming when we call him and increasing the difficulty, with the idea of ​​starting complex training from of six months.

You must always use what is called positive training, since we should never use violence, especially with a dog of this size, which will become scared if we use it.

Based on prizes we will be able to educate him better and without breaking the trust that the mail-shi places in us, which if we do it well will be total.

As with all dogs, especially those that are not designed for work, patience will be our best weapon so that it learns everything that will make our lives easier in the future.

Mal-shi Health

We should not worry too much about the health of these dogs, since being a crossbreed it is much better than that of the breeds from which it comes, as always happens when consanguinity is left aside.

Yes, it is possible that the patella luxation that comes from the Maltese bichon affects him , which is common in small dogs. Of course, the incidence will be almost anecdotal.

Respiratory problems must also be taken into account due to the type of head that the shih tzu has, although it is true that in the bad shi the nose is different and more functional.

For the rest, all you have to do is get vaccines when necessary, deworm your dog every three months and have a short veterinary check-up, for which you can take advantage of visits to the clinic when you need a vaccine.

Mal-shi care

Mal-shi care

Starting with food, as with any other dog, it is important to give it the best quality that we can afford, as this prevents many health problems and visits to the veterinarian.

There are several options on the market when it comes to feeding it, so we will opt for a premium feed for small breeds , with the kibble adapted to its mouth .

Their hair does need more special care, having to comb it three or four times a week and giving it a bath every two or three months, as it tends to accumulate dirt, something that can be done at a dog grooming salon where they will cut its hair to May it always be neat.

Walks are something to take into account, since this is a small breed, one tends to think that it does not need them, when the opposite is true, since we are dealing with a very active animal.

Upon returning from these outings, and especially in spring and summer, it is always a good idea to check the dog's hair in case it has attached plants, thistles, spikes or any parasites such as fleas and ticks.

He requires long walks and always being on the move at home , so we can buy him so-called “environmental enrichment” toys, with the idea that he is distracted and exercising his brain.

Adopt a Mal-shi

If we want to adopt a Mal-shi we can ask local shelters, or even looking at websites where they are dedicated to disseminating animals that are looking for adopters.

Of course, we must know that the search is not going to be easy, since there are not too many specimens of this hybrid or crossbreed , so we are not going to locate these dogs anywhere as happens with other more popular breeds.

If we don't find one, and if we want to adopt, we can always opt for a dog of this size, of which there are thousands distributed in all the kennels and shelters in our country.

We will be saving a life and we will bring an animal home that will thank us for what we have done as long as it lives, bringing us joy and a lot of company in return without asking for anything.

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