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Food for Sterilized Dogs

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Sterilizing our dog, whether it is a male or a female, is a good solution as long as we know that this intervention can have side effects such as obesity.
Once the animal is sterilized, its physical activity tends to decrease considerably, so you will have to think about giving it a feed for sterilized dogs that prevents it from gaining weight.

Best food for sterilized dogs

The feed for those dogs that have been sterilized is very similar to the light feed that is given to dogs that have gained weight or have a tendency to gain weight.
Feeds for sterilized dogs contain a lot of fiber, so that the animal becomes satiated sooner when it eats, since another effect of this intervention is that our pet's appetite usually increases.
By doing less exercise, it is possible that the muscle mass is affected, which is why this feed usually contains a high amount of proteins of animal origin, which guarantee the maintenance of the animal's muscle mass whenever it does some exercise.
The amount of carbohydrates is always reduced and those that are present are slowly absorbed, which helps the dog not to be hungry and not gain weight. Some brands do not use cereals and change them to fruits, vegetables and legumes as a source of energy.
Although few owners know it, when they neuter their pets they are assuming a greater risk of fractures due to the delay in the closure of the bone growth plates. That is why it is very common for feed to include supplements such as glucosamine, vitamin D and chondroitin, substances that help the joints.
We can also see that many bring L-carnitine, to promote the elimination of fat now that they are eating a good diet.

Food for sterilized dogs: Other food for overweight dogs.

The formulation of feed for sterilized dogs is practically the same as that of feed for overweight dogs, so we can substitute it if the veterinarian agrees.
Some animals do not tolerate some feed well, even if they are quality, so it is always good to have alternatives that will also help us if our dog gets tired of eating a certain type of feed.

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