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Light Food for Cats

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In certain circumstances, cats gain too much weight and that extra weight can become a health problem if action is not taken in time.
The first reaction of the owners is usually to reduce the food ration, which is a mistake because it is almost always done in excess, so as the weeks go by our cat can begin to develop problems derived from poor nutrition.

Best light food for cats

If we notice that our cat has gained weight, it is best to go to the veterinarian, who will recommend a light cat food that is on the market, which in many cases are the same ones used for sterilized cats, although this depends on the brand. .

The formulation of a light food for cats is designed so that they have a diet without deficiencies and at the same time lose weight. To do this, they usually use low-fat meats and greatly reduce the carbohydrate content.
The origin of the meat is usually chicken and turkey, with rice as a source of carbohydrates. Each brand has its formula, but what they all agree on is reducing the fat and total calories of the portions.
In addition, L-Carnitine is usually added, which is an amino acid and a compound common to almost all light cat foods, since it is responsible for transporting fatty acids, helping the cat lose weight.

Other additions that are usually present are chondroprotectors, which ensure that the cat's joints suffer as little as possible while they are overweight, so that they are not damaged while they lose weight little by little.
The manufacturer's recommendations must be respected.
Light cat food works, but you must respect the manufacturer's instructions. There is no point in giving it to them if they tell us that our cat has to eat 50 grams a day and we give them 100, because in that case they will continue to gain weight.
Likewise, for the diet to work you only have to feed the cat with this food, without adding treats or homemade food.
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