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The 16 calmest dog breeds

Las 16 razas de perros más tranquilos

Lobo Azul |

There are calm dog breeds that we can look for if what we like is calm at home, that the dog is not constantly asking us for attention and that it lets us read, play, or watch a movie on the couch.


The pug is a small dog , the typical animal that has been selected for company, so it knows how to be at home without disturbing you too much. Furthermore, due to its size it is ideal if we want to bring it up to the sofa with us while we take a nap.

Its character makes it one of the best candidates as a dog for the elderly , and in fact in our cities it is not uncommon to see elderly people walking a specimen of this breed, which will not pull on the leash or get tangled in their feet. of its owner.

In addition, he is very playful and usually makes people laugh, which is very good for older people.


It may seem a bit strange that a breed like the Greyhound is included in the list, but it has to be among the calm dogs by right.

It is true that he requires exercise and that outside the home he is explosive , but once inside he knows his place well and usually spends his hours resting, like the good elite athlete that he is, since we are facing one of the best sprinters that we go. to be able to see.

Saint Bernard

With the Saint Bernard the opposite happens to us than with the pug. Their size and weight are enormous, but that is why they are such calm dogs both when they are at home and when walking with them , because they are not going to run around like crazy.

We must prepare a suitable place for them to sleep and rest, since it is not a five kilo dog with whom to feel comfortable if it climbs into our bed or the armchair while we read.

Great Dane

Although the Great Dane is more agile than the Saint Bernard , the truth is that due to its height it has a similar weight and is not a dog that has frenetic activity at home. He is very patient, especially with children and as an adult he is not given to running and jumping.

We must also take into account his weight, of which sometimes he is not aware, since it is possible that he wants to get on the sofa with us, occupying it completely.

Shar Pei

Oriental breeds like the Shar Pei have a lot of the environment in which they emerged, and this animal that we all know for its wrinkles represents calm and independence . It will not bother us at any time, and in fact it is possible that it will not even pay attention to us.

He will come to us if he is hungry or wants to walk, but he will not be constantly asking for cuddles or demanding our attention.

Spanish Mastiff

The Spanish Mastiff is another large breed that is very calm , good-natured and does not even usually bark if there is no reason.

All the specimens have this character, which is perceived more in those "beauty line" animals, with a height and weight greater than those we see working in the field and which are more active, although they also spend a good part of the day lying down.


A dog that originally lived in palaces cannot be nervous, and this beautiful companion dog is not, although perhaps it is likely that he will be a little more nervous than necessary if we do not educate him well.

The Pekingese will spend more time sleeping in his bed or on the sofa , if we let him up, than asking us to go outside, where he will settle for the essential walks to return happily to his bed.

Pyrenean mastiff

A variant of the Spanish mastiff, which has the same qualities as this one. It is on its own merits among the quiet dog breeds, so much so that it spends most of the day lying down.

It does not have explosive reactions nor is it aggressive, so it will be one of the breeds to take into account if you are going to live with small children, since it will endure everything they do to it with stoicism, without moving and without us hearing it complain.

At the same time, without aggression, he will keep the little ones as if they were his own , so no one will approach them.


Less known than mastiffs, but with a body that reminds us of theirs, the Newfoundland deserves to be on this list.

The Newfoundland is popular around the world for being the maritime rescue dog par excellence, something it can do because it never gets nervous, not even when the people it saves are so desperate that they try to sink it.

Again, if there are children at home, it is one of the breeds that must be considered, since there are few that can last so long and are so patient.

chow chow

Another oriental breed, which means that this animal is the complete opposite of excessive activity or racing, since it is very independent and likes to “go about its own thing”, sometimes even leaving its owner aside.

Unlike what happens with previous breeds, the Chow Chow is not the best when it comes to living with children , because it is likely that it is not very interested in them and that it does not like being included in their games, especially when you are resting.

English bulldog

If we talk about calm dog breeds, the photo of an English bulldog can illustrate the article, since this animal with strong muscles and that unfriendly face is not very fond of racing or moving too much.

It is a lazy dog, and in fact its physical structure predisposes it to this, since it is very compact (it is surprising how much it weighs for its size) and running is not its thing, due to the fact that it does not breathe easily and could You may have problems if you do it when the weather is hot.

Bergamasco Shepherd

The best in the event that we are looking for a calm breed of dog that does not go unnoticed, and that is that the Bergamasco Shepherd will make everyone turn around with the intention of looking at it closely , since there are not many breeds that have dreadlocks.

It comes from Italy, and like all herding dogs, it has a stable, calm and sociable character, which makes it a good family dog, although we must ensure that children do not spend the day pulling its hair.

Akita Inu

The Akita inu breed is one of the emblems of Japan and is characterized because it seems made to live in society, something that may have to do with the fact that it may be more than two millennia old.

Quite reserved and not much of a barker, he will be the ideal companion in apartments, always keeping in mind that he is not too tolerant of other dogs, with which he is dominant.


Perhaps the Samoyed is one of the most beautiful breeds that exist , with a spectacular coat that will give us a lot of work and with an eternal fall of happiness, because it seems that it is laughing at all hours.

It always seeks human company, hates loneliness, which is why it is one of the best family dogs, with which we must be careful in open spaces due to its hunting instinct, which makes it prone to escaping.


It impresses with its size, it can weigh 50 kilos, but when we see its face all the doubts we could have about it dissipate, and in fact we immediately notice that we are looking at a calm and friendly animal.

The Bloodhound is one of those breeds that know that they have great strength , since it has strong muscles that make it very agile, so it does not show aggression at any time, as long as we do not try to touch its people.

Basset hound

With a melancholic look and a rather funny appearance, this dog completely deceives us, since it is happy, fun and playful, returning to calm as soon as it is at home with its owners.

It won't give us problems as long as we can provide it with exercise and we are careful with its hunting instinct, because if it smells a trail it is capable of running away and leaving us behind until it finds it or gets lost.

He really likes to rest and play with children, with whom you have to be careful, because if they are very small they tend to pull on his ears, which are so big that they attract attention.

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