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The Afghan Hound or Afghan Greyhound- Intelligence and elegance in a single breed

El Lebrel Afgano o Galgo Afgano- Inteligencia y elegancia en una sola raza

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If you like elegant, intelligent and extremely reserved dogs, the Afghan Hound (or Afghan Hound) is possibly the perfect breed for you.
  • Big size .
  • Weight : Between 26 and 34kg.
  • Hair type : Very long and straight.
  • Character : Reserved, Dignified, Clown, Cheerful, Independent
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 12 and 14 years.
A pet with a characteristic distinction among any other: its slender appearance and beautiful coat that invite everyone to attract attention wherever it is. But not only that, the Afghan Hound is one of the dog breeds that needs the most care , not only for the maintenance of its beauty, but for its demanding personality and demanding need for training. Knowing this breed before adopting it is an essential requirement to treat it properly. Thinking about it, we will dedicate this article to describing in detail the most outstanding characteristics of the personality of these pets. We invite you to read everything about this dog: behavior, origin, physical characteristics, care, training and very importantly, the health of these animals.

History and origin of the Afghan Hound

As interesting as its appearance, the origin story of the Greyhound or Afghan Hound is no different. It is proposed that, although there is no specific point of origin, there are different theories and aspects that, combined, arouse interest in this topic. First of all, it is believed that it is a breed closely linked to the Saluki , also known as the Persian Greyhound, whose beginnings were in Persia, Iran and would later go to Afghanistan, where it was characterized by its beautiful coat. Its popularity grew and spread in Afghanistan, to the point that it was a dog most associated with royalty. Only people considered illustrious could obtain a dog of this breed.
Years before 1930, it was not possible to transfer the breed to other places, as its exclusivity became increasingly widespread. Following a presentation of a specimen in London in 1907, the breed gained great popularity, which was further strengthened with the recognition of the English Kennel Club in 1925 . This move aims to expand the global recognition of this breed. A history full of mysticism and renown weighs on the Afghan greyhound since it is also considered one of the oldest dog breeds , based on archaeological remains with similar characteristics found in some excavations and dating back more than 10 thousand years. Other data places this breed in Egypt and the Asian continent, where it is also presumed that it was used for hunting activities. This is because a very peculiar aspect of the Afghan Hound is that it uses sight to hunt its prey and not smell, like most canine hunters.

Character of the Afghan Hound

In addition to its elegance and majesty, aspects that are more closely linked to its appearance, the Afghan Greyhound breed is characterized by being intelligent , loyal, noble and affectionate with its family. Although due to its demeanor it is assumed that it is an independent and dominant dog, it has great attachment to what it considers its family and is quite docile, which is why it does not represent any problem in coexistence. However, these dogs undoubtedly require an owner who shows a firm personality and a leadership position, otherwise, they very easily adopt disobedient and rebellious behavior, making their own decisions. However, in the right hands, these dogs do not represent any difficulty, on the contrary, they can greatly enjoy their family in harmony and adapt very easily to homes with children. However, it is not appropriate to leave him alone with the latter, because, although they are not aggressive dogs by nature, they can be not very patient and for this reason the company of an adult will be required when children are found playing with him.
afghan hound
Regarding their adaptation, Afghan Hounds usually adapt very easily to life in the city. The domestication of these animals is not a problem: they will spend most of their time at the feet of their owner or comfortably on a sofa. However, as a good dog accustomed to life in the countryside, when outdoors it will completely transform into a dynamic, jumping animal that loves activities outside the home. He will enjoy those moments to the fullest, so try to take him for walks frequently. Regarding coexistence with other people, although this dog is not aggressive, it remains attentive and even a little distrustful in the presence of strangers. If he perceives real danger that harms his family or himself, he will act without thinking. Therefore, in addition to being a good hunter, he is an excellent protector. A dog with whom getting bored is undoubtedly not an option, with easy adaptation to the countryside, the city and outdoor activities, loyal, affectionate, attentive and protective of his family, as well as independent. The qualities of this breed undoubtedly make it very striking as a pet.

Physical appearance of the Afghan Greyhound

One of the most notable, striking aspects that undoubtedly attract attention is the physical appearance of the Afghan Hound. It is an animal that invites you to combine agility with an elegant and very royal bearing, typical of its origins. His coat, his silhouette and his height allow him to be positively appreciated by those who see him. In addition to having a refined and delicate appearance. Let's see, below, some of the most notable physical characteristics of this breed .


Very striking, since it has a muscular and stylized body . An elongated figure covered by its extensive fur. With a firm and deep chest. The straight spine and the slightly sunken middle area, which stylizes its figure.

head and face

The head of this breed is rounded and thin. While its face is characterized by having an elongated snout that protrudes and a large black nose. Their eyes are rounded, brown or golden in color. On the other hand, its ears are covered by its long fur. However, they are elongated and downward in appearance.
Afghan Greyhound


Its lower limbs are covered by long, thick fur. Its legs are small but very firm, whose pads are wider and more solid.


The tail is another curious aspect of this furry friend. It is fine, of medium height, and the fur that covers it forms a ring-shaped curve at the end that gives a touch of “grace” to this animal.


The Afghan Hound's coat is generally long, smooth and not very thick. It covers your entire body. As for color, there are no distinctive colors of the breed; they can vary in light or dark tones. The only unusual thing is a Greyhound with spots of a different color.

The puppies of the Afghan Hound

Although this sighthound in its adult stage usually attracts considerable attention and is an excellent option when adopting a pet, it is good to know that its appearance as a puppy is not the same. Knowing these details will give you a better perspective to be able to take care of him. Mainly, the puppies of this breed do not have the characteristic coat . since this begins to appear when our greyhound is about a year old or a little more. However, it is not to be disappointed. They are equally sweet, affectionate, loyal and very dynamic, so you will have a great time with these little puppies watching them grow.
Afghan Greyhound
Another aspect that must be considered, when these puppies are in their initial stage, is to begin socialization practices, whether with animals, places and/or people. This fact will help shape the puppy's behavior in a positive way, and will also allow him to identify these spaces or people until they are familiar and he does not feel threatened. The care of these puppies is also of great importance if we want the breed to grow healthily. Taking care of diet, exercise and hygiene will be enough in the beginning to ensure the good health of our companion.

Education of the Afghan Greyhound

As mentioned previously, educating this breed from a very young age will strengthen its positive behavior. Emphasizing socialization will yield beneficial results in the behavior of this breed. Teaching from a very young age to maintain coexistence will undoubtedly create a sociable and educated pet . Likewise, the training of the Afghan Hound must be constant and patient. Let's remember that, although it is a breed with great intelligence, its independent nature can make it think that it is the one in charge. Therefore, having the support of a person knowledgeable about the training of this breed will be of great help to us. Otherwise, the aspects that should not be forgotten are to maintain firmness and leadership during training. In addition, remember that positive reinforcement has many advantages to strengthen training. If you start from puppies, the progress will not be so late and will be reflected in the good behavior of the animal immediately.


When it comes to health, this is one of the healthiest and most robust breeds in the canine world . Their life expectancy is usually over 15 years with ease. In general, it is not a breed affected by rare diseases. On the contrary, if constant physical activity is maintained, the health of this breed is notable in its appearance and agility. However, you must take into account some details that can affect your health slightly or considerably. This breed may be prone to an ear canal infection. Because, because they are hanging and covered by their fur, adequate ear hygiene is not usually carried out. Keeping this area always clean is essential for the health of this pet. Another common condition that can occur is hip dysplasia. Physical activity is an essential factor to counteract the appearance of this disease. In addition, it must be taken into account that this is a dog sensitive to tranquilizers or anesthesia, so the use of any of these must be rigorously supervised by specialists.

Care of the Afghan Hound

Although it is a healthy breed, the Afghan Hound requires extensive care to maintain its physical condition and health in perfect condition. Neglect in this breed can affect them immediately, so if you want to have a pet of this species, dedicating attention and time to their care is essential. Let's see the most important care you need.
Afghan hound care


One of the most important aspects in caring for this type of greyhound is feeding. Although it is rare for this breed to suffer from obesity, it is not exempt from it. If you don't eat properly and lead a life without exercising, you could be very prone. Furthermore, diet is a very relevant issue, as it directly influences the maintenance of their coat. That is why you should be very interested in adopting a diet with a large amount of protein and especially healthy fats. Buying a quality and specialized feed , if you want, will allow the animal to maintain balanced nutrition. Providing meals in small quantities and maximum three times a day, accompanied by exercises and walks, will be enough for the dog to maintain its figure, its coat and good health.


This is another important characteristic in the life of the Afghan Hound. Although as puppies it does not require much care, as it is not so noticeable, after the first year of life maintaining adequate care for the coat of this breed is essential. As it grows, the demands on bathing and brushing increase if it wants to stay shiny and smooth.

Bathroom and toilet

The issue of the bath will depend on the life that the Greyhound leads. If it is a dog whose participation in competitions is frequent, bathing must be carried out rigorously and frequently. At least one weekly is necessary to keep their coat in good condition. On the other hand, if it is a family companion, so much dedication is not necessary, so a monthly bath will be enough to keep it clean and neat. It is important to remember to use quality shampoo and conditioner, specialized for the Afghan's coat type. Well, it's about keeping your hair knot-free, silky and shiny.
Afghan hound care
Brushing is just as essential and should be done more frequently, at least three times a week is necessary if you want to keep the dog knot-free and contribute to the shine in its coat. This process should not be carried out under any circumstances with dry hair. If it is not after the bath, it is recommended to spray some liquid on the hair to soften it so that you can brush it without problems and avoid hurting the canine. A specialized dog cosmetic product such as a conditioner would be sufficient.


Whether it is exercise or walks outdoors, this breed requires being active at least once a day. In addition to the fact that he loves outdoor activities and will enjoy them to the fullest, it will help him maintain his health and balanced weight. So consider it necessary.


If you love elegance in a pet, but you are also looking for an intelligent, friendly animal worthy of nobility, the Afghan Hound is the ideal one for you. It is a robust, firm and independent breed, but with a good heart. In addition to being cheerful and dynamic, the days you spend with him will be very entertaining. Ideal for living in the city or the countryside , it easily adapts to any scenario and does not hesitate to defend its family when it suspects a dangerous situation. Agile and also an excellent companion. The Afghan Hound is a pet with many attributes that you will love to discover. Other dog breeds that may interest you:
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