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Take care of your cat with quality cat food, adapted to its needs.
You should not choose just any product or brand because it can cause indigestion or allergic reactions if it is not the product for your age, size, race or for your special health conditions.

We explain what factors you should take into account when choosing wet and dry food for your feline in our online store.

How to choose the best cat food

By choosing the right food, your cat will have shiny, dandruff-free hair. In addition, it will eliminate compacted stools and present a good mood. In fact, if the product is not suitable for your metabolism, you may suffer stomach problems with soft excrements and your coat will have a bad appearance.

First of all, it is important to ask yourself these questions: what is the size of the cat? How old it is? Is it diabetic? Is it sterilized? Are you allergic to any of the components of these foods? By answering them, it is easier to identify the information on product labels.

In search of improving their diet, they choose feed made with meat and not with its by-products such as flour made from surpluses, the quality of which is low. At Lobo Azul we can assure you that we work with quality suppliers
It is also important to hydrate them with fresh water, cans of wet food or wet feed.
If your cat is diabetic or overweight, you can feed it dietary products, clinically proven to lose weight in a healthy way.
Today, there are a variety of wet and dry cat foods. When buying them, read on the label if it is food for puppies, adults or seniors and for what type of breed, small, medium or large.

What is the best food for cats?

The following classifications are found in the feline food market.
Natural food for cats
Natural cat foods are made up of natural ingredients such as red meat or fish and legumes. They do not include any type of additives such as flavorings, which reduces their shelf life. If your feline is healthy, this is recommended because it does not require special characteristics.
To choose nutritious natural feed, it must contain a minimum of 45g in its nutritional table. protein of animal origin and less than 30g. decarbohydrates.
Lobo Azul Premium cat food is made with 100% natural raw materials of plant and animal origin, such as eggs, cereals, fish, duck, chicken and lamb. All are selected through health and food safety processes.

In their Adult and Kitten presentations they contain a natural joint supplement such as green-lipped mussel extract and a formula that balances Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids with benefits for their coat.

The Cat Adult, which comes in a 2 kilo presentation, is made up of 32? proteins, 21? fats and 85? proteins of animal origin. It is made with natural preservatives with dehydrated whole egg for healthier digestion. It is a feed rich in vitamins A, D3 and E, without artificial flavors or colours. For its part, the Cat Kitten is made with 35? proteins, 16? fats and 85% proteins of animal origin to strengthen your immune and digestive system and develop your muscles and joints in their growth stage. It is available in 2 kilos.

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Light food for cats
This type of product is designed to lose weight and keep the cat in good shape with only the necessary nutrients. They also give a feeling of satiety to avoid eating more at odd hours.
Light foods comply with a weight loss program approved by a veterinarian to recover the animal's vitality while losing extra kilos, without going hungry. They are prepared with low energy content for sedentary cats or cats with a tendency to be overweight.
Lobo Azul cat foods are rich in fiber to increase the feeling of satiety and low in calories for overweight cats.
It is important to accompany this type of diet with constant hydration to facilitate the elimination of toxins from your metabolism.

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Food for sterilized cats
Food for sterilized cats contains nutrients necessary to reduce overweight and the risk of kidney stones caused by hormonal problems resulting from surgery.
One of the foods on the market that meets these demands is Blue Wolf Sterilized Cat of 2 kilos. It is totally natural, GMO and gluten free. Among its components are antioxidants and natural colorants. It is a feed rich in vitamins A, D3 and E with the following benefits.
Cats of different breeds and sizes can consume it with low caloric expenditure.
They are recommended for pets that tend to be overweight or that have been sterilized.
It has a formulation that makes it highly digestible.
Bring more fiber for a feeling of satiety.
Contains chondroprotectors and joint supplements.
Made with taurine to protect the heart.
They optimally maintain the immune system and intestinal flora.
Made with small croquettes to facilitate chewing.
Recognized for its delicious flavor.
Approved with super premium quality.

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Hypoallergenic food for cats
To feed a cat that suffers from food intolerances and skin problems, there are products on the market with hypoallergenic ingredients indicated on the label. These types of allergies occur when the animal reaches a certain age and suffers from digestive problems and dermatitis.
Both in their presentation of Cat Adult and Cat Kitten from the Lobo Azul brand, they are foods manufactured without gluten and without GMOs, so they have the certificate of being hypoallergenic.

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Can my cat eat dog food?

Dog food is not toxic, but it is not appropriate to feed your cat because it does not contain the specific nutritional requirements of its species. If you consume it once it is not harmful, but it is not advisable to feed it frequently because it can cause side effects such as vomiting, hair loss, diarrhea and malnutrition.
In the worst case, they can cause kidney and liver pathologies because this type of food is not designed for their metabolism.
Food for cats should contain a higher caloric intake of fats and proteins than that for dogs, since they need more carbohydrates due to their extreme physical activity. They should also include taurine, which strengthens vision and prevents macular degeneration in cats.

What is better for my cat wet food or dry food?

Your feline's diet must be balanced, that is, complement the feed with wet food to feed and hydrate it adequately. Cans, bags and tubs with wet and semi-moist food cover the water needs of these animals. On the contrary, the feed is dry to guarantee its conservation.
If the cat does not drink enough water because it only eats dry food, it is at risk of bladder and kidney stones. It also increases the possibility of suffering from osteoarthritis, a common pathology in cats over 12 years of age.
You also cannot give your cat only wet food because it does not include all the nutritional contributions of the food.
For this reason, you should feed it with both types of products, being careful to choose only quality ones, certified by health regulations and veterinary associations.
Of course, when you observe reactions to a new feed, such as vomiting or diarrhea, you should immediately stop eating it and take the cat to the veterinarian to avoid complications due to poisoning or allergy to any component of the food.

quality feed

In our online store you can buy food for your cat from a prestigious and recognized brand such as Lobo Azul available in the best promotions. Remember, by choosing quality feed, you protect your pet's health, especially if it suffers from a special condition such as overweight or allergic reactions.
We take care of your pet with food and accessories for its hygiene and leisure in a healthy way.
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