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Food for Senior Dogs

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At Piensos el Lobo Azul we understand the importance of proper nutrition for our senior dogs in their golden years.
As our dogs reach the senior stage, their nutritional needs evolve. We offer a specialist range of food for adult dogs that focuses on keeping them healthy, active and happy during this phase of their lives.

Correct Nutrition for Senior Dogs

Benefits of Specific Feeds
Senior dog food is formulated to meet the specific needs of senior canines. These specialized foods help:

Reinforcement of Natural Defenses: They contribute to the prevention of cellular degeneration and strengthen the immune system.

Urinary and Digestive Health: Formulations adapted to maintain the urinary tract healthy and facilitate optimal digestion.

Weight Control: An adequate balance between calories and essential nutrients to avoid overweight, common at this stage of life.
Quantity and Frequency of Meals
The amount of food and how many times a senior dog should eat per day can vary depending on his size, activity level, and specific health conditions. Generally, dividing the recommended daily serving into two meals helps maintain regular digestion and a stable energy level.
Health Detection
A dog in good health will show signs of vitality, a shiny coat and good physical condition. Changes in appetite, weight, or behavior may indicate health problems that require attention.

Special Care for Senior Dogs through Food

Food for Dogs with Osteoarthritis
Feeds formulated for dogs with osteoarthritis are usually rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties to relieve joint pain and improve mobility.
Food for Dogs with Digestive Problems
For canines with digestive sensitivities, we opt for feed with easily digestible fibers and probiotics that promote a healthy balance of intestinal flora, improving digestion and absorption of nutrients.
Food for Dogs with Skin Problems
Foods rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and specific vitamins can improve skin and coat health, reducing the incidence of skin problems.
At Piensos el Lobo Azul, our priority is the health and happiness of your senior dog.
We offer a variety of specialized feeds to address and alleviate specific conditions that may affect your faithful companion in his golden years. Discover the complete range in our online store and choose the food that best suits your dog's needs, thus guaranteeing its well-being and quality of life.
Other types of food for senior dogs:
Food for adult dogs
I think light
Hypoallergenic feed
Natural feed


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