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Löwchen - Discover the little lion dogs

Löwchen - Descubre a los pequeños perros león

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Considered an excellent but very little-known pet today, the Löwchen or “little lion dog”, which is what its name translates to, is characterized by being a canine with a pleasant appearance and behavior .
  • Small size .
  • Weight : Between 4 and 8kg.
  • Hair type : Long and straight.
  • Character : Playful, Intelligent, Cheerful, Friendly, Active, Family-friendly
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 12 and 14 years.
His balanced temperament and impressive personality have led him to become one of the favorite canines as a companion pet. However, the education, care and maintenance of this dog, like any other canine companion, requires attention and disposition on the part of its owners. The intelligence and attention span of these dogs mean that aspects such as training are not complicated. However, knowing about this breed will allow you to cover every detail necessary to ensure its well-being. That is why in this article we will develop all the information about this little friend: history, physical characteristics, behavior, education, health and the care it requires. This way you can know all the details before adopting your new canine friend.

Origin of the Lowchen

The history of the origin of the Lowchen is so far little known. Although it is presumed, based on the description of its characteristics and physique, that its origin is linked to French territory, at least that is what the International Cynological Federation states in its standard. However, countries such as Germany and Russia have claimed the origin of the breed. This small lion dog shares traits and characteristics with other Bichon dogs such as the Havanese or the Frize. Its unique physical appearance, small in size but with abundant fur, has made this dog rise to favoritism as a domestic pet in the aforementioned countries. Although, outside of them, it has still been difficult to spread its popularity.


In the mid-60s this breed was in danger of disappearing completely, due to the considerable decrease in its number. However, the efforts of some breeders and faithful followers of the breed prevented the presence of this species from being lost in society. Since then, the Löwchen has remained a highly coveted dog to be a companion in the home thanks to its pleasant behavior , as well as other skills.

Physical characteristics of the Löwchen

The main detail that defines the physical appearance is its size, since it is a small and compact breed, whose body is longer than it is tall. However, this does not prevent it from being a robust, strong canine, with a formidable bone structure. Agile and light. Among the most pronounced characteristics of this canine, it is worth mentioning the following:

Weight and height

It is very easy to determine that this belongs to the group of small breed dogs , although quite resistant for its size. The height of the males does not exceed 35 centimeters in height at the withers. Females, meanwhile, reach at least 33 centimeters in height. In relation to weight, it is not very high either, since being a small dog, they maintain a weight appropriate to their size. In this case, males weigh between 6 and 8 kilograms, while females range from 4.5 to 6 kilos.

head and face

As we have mentioned, the Löwchen is a dog characterized by its resistant bones, and the skull is one of them. Slightly flattened in shape, the head of this breed is usually short and wide. Completely covered by its characteristic fur. Their eyes are large, round in shape and their gaze usually stands out like a bright and attentive dog. Its nose is medium-sized, not very pronounced, the color can be black in the vast majority of cases, except for brown specimens whose nose is the same color as the coat. The ears of this canine appear thin, short and set low and hanging. While the snout is wide and short.


The Löwchen's tail is set high, starting below the line of its back, making a slight curve over it without touching it. These canines proudly walk their tail covered in all their fur.


This canine seems to have a double layer of hair, because if you look closely, you can see a mix between fine and thick hairs. What can be assured is that these dogs have a long, wavy coat of hair. In reference to color, it can be black or chocolate. However, combinations between both are allowed and, in addition, cinnamon and black or cream and black.



Obedient, docile, loyal, happy and affectionate, are the most relevant aspects that define the character of the Löwchen. It is a dog widely recommended as a pet in any home , even for children and the elderly. We are talking about a breed characterized by being energetic, playful and very happy, with the ability to entertain and amuse with its occurrences. In addition, it is a highly attentive canine, that is, it is constantly on alert. However, he is not an excessive barker nor is he a destructive dog, which is very positive. Of course, he has a naturally overprotective character, it is normal that in front of strangers he may appear a little uncomfortable, and even suspicious, if he perceives closeness to his loved ones through third parties. Given this, it is important to promote socialization as one of the main aspects in the education of this breed. Otherwise, he does not usually have behavioral problems, unless he feels alone or abandoned for many hours. In this last scenario, it is likely that the canine may experience negative behaviors that may progress if they are not corrected in time. You need to make sure you have the time and attention that this dog requires for its education, above all.

Löwchen Education

It is not a complicated breed when it comes to training, on the contrary, it is an attentive and intelligent animal so its education will not be so complicated. However, it is necessary to dedicate time from the beginning of the training process until all the steps are completed, since the behavior of the canine will depend on it. It is important to begin the education of the breed from the first weeks of life, this will help it to remain in constant learning and when it reaches adulthood it will be a balanced animal. The first issue that needs to be addressed with these dogs is socialization. If there is something that characterizes the Löwchen it is, without a doubt, their overprotective and jealous nature, so it is necessary to make this first issue a priority. You must get him used to interacting with the environment and with other pets, as this way he will not be so distrustful. On the other hand, once the issue of socialization has been completed, moving on to generating the canine's learning of basic commands is essential. This way the process will be complementary to what you have already learned. Later, you can continue with orders of greater difficulty and, finally, learn tricks. It is necessary to reinforce what has been learned so that it becomes habitual in the canine's behavior. We must not forget the usefulness of positive reinforcement above any other method of dog training. Dogs usually respond more favorably through this means than using traditional techniques or those based on incorrect methods.


Löwchen Health

In addition to being an excellent pet, it is one of the healthiest dogs that exist . Their life expectancy can reach up to 15 years, as long as adequate care is maintained. They are not canines prone to serious illnesses, however, patella luxation can be a common condition in this breed of animal. It is necessary, however, to strictly maintain basic care to ensure the well-being of the canine.


As we have mentioned, the Löwchen is a healthy and balanced specimen. But this does not mean that they do not require adequate care to maintain this good state of health. Below we see the basic and essential care they require:


This is one of the most important cares. Their characteristic coat requires significant care to maintain its shine and also prevent it from getting tangled frequently. It is then necessary to brush the canine at least twice a week or every two days. This will also help eliminate dirt that accumulates in your hair. On the other hand, the bathroom is another important aspect. However, it is not recommended to do it frequently, but rather every six or eight weeks. It is necessary to keep the dog clean, but brushing may be enough to provide adequate hygiene.


Because it is a small breed canine, it needs special care in its diet, as it should not be overdone. Due to its size, obesity would be a serious illness. In this way, it is necessary to control the quantity and quality of the food that this dog receives. This way you will stay healthy in every way.


Although it was mentioned that this is a balanced canine, it is also one of the most energetic and playful, that is, it requires a considerable amount of exercises to drain all that energy .


It is important that they receive at least two long walks a day, also complemented with games, training and appropriate activities to keep their dynamism levels controlled.

Veterinary checks

Something that cannot be missing in the health of any pet is regular veterinary check-ups. In addition to complying with vaccination and deworming schedules. In this way, it is possible to maintain adequate well-being in the health of this pleasant and dynamic canine.


If you are looking for a loyal, tender, affectionate and fun pet, the Lowchen can undoubtedly be the perfect candidate. Not only for having all the attributes, but also for enjoying excellent physical condition and extensive well-being. As long as it receives proper care, this pet will accompany you at all times for a long time. Don't pass up the opportunity to enjoy every brilliant aspect this little lion dog has to offer if he becomes your new canine best friend. Don't miss out on getting to know these breeds:
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