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Harrier - Introducing this friendly breed of English hound

Harrier - Te presentamos esta amigable raza de sabueso inglés

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If you are thinking of adopting a pet and are looking for a friendly, dynamic dog breed with an athletic but distinguished demeanor, the Harrier may be the ideal dog for you. A species from the United Kingdom, where it was developed with the purpose of being used in hunting.
  • Medium size .
  • Weight : Between 20 and 30kg.
  • Hair type : Very short and straight.
  • Character : Tolerant, Affable, Cheerful, Extroverted, Friendly, Active
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 10 and 12 years.
It is an old and very popular dog due to its hunting skills, but above all because of its similarity to the Beagle, in addition to its athletic and muscular carriage that makes it an excellent companion for activities such as long walks and hiking. But these dogs are also known for requiring some care. That is why, on this occasion, we will talk about the Harrier. The care, health, education, history and characteristics of this breed will be described in this article, to help you learn much more about these dogs.

Origin of the Harrier

The history of the Harrier is a topic that has not been fully clarified. There are numerous doubts in this regard, because the theories are many and very different. However, there are some aspects that have managed to be registered, an example of this is the place of origin of these dogs, the United Kingdom. A dog of English origin , which was developed with the aim of being used for hunting. However, his skills as an excellent companion made him easily recognized. However, there are records of a first group of terrier during the 18th century.
english harrier hound
The attributes of this furry friend led him to become popular outside his place of origin. His arrival in the United States, as a dog dedicated to hunting, earned him a special place among lovers of this activity, for being able to follow his trail on foot. From there, it became one of the favorite options as a pet. Until it was recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1949, while the International Cynological Federation granted it its recognition in 1974 .

Physical characteristics of the Harrier

Its appearance makes it perceived as a muscular and powerful dog , but at the same time distinguished and light. It is a strong, medium-sized hound with a harmonious body. On different occasions it has been compared to the English Foxhound, however, the latter are usually smaller than it. Let's see in detail some characteristics of this dog:


The height at the withers averages between 48 and up to 5 centimeters, this in the case of males. Females usually have a shorter height than this.

head and face

The head of the Harrier is generally broad, elongated forward in shape. The snout is long, ending with its black nose and easily evident due to its medium size. The eyes are large, also dark in color. For their part, the ears are high inversion, flat and drooping until they pass their cheeks.
Harrier breed


These dogs have a medium-sized, elongated tail set high. The presence of thick and long hairs is noticeable at the tip.

Harrier Coat

This friendly hound is characterized by having a thick coat, but at the same time smooth and flat, giving it the appearance of being excessively short, which is a mistake. Typically, this dog is distinguished by its white coat with orange and black spots . However, in the French version of this canine, the standard accepts coverage on its back by its black coat.


Although it is a dog developed in hunting activities, the Harrier's temperament is characterized by being sociable , loving and very expressive with both animals and people. However, this aspect can vary in each canine of this breed, mainly taking into account the education it receives and the context in which it is raised. In general, these dogs are very friendly with everything, although they may be predisposed on some occasions. Furthermore, if an adequate socialization process is not carried out, it is possible that a tendency to hunt small domestic animals may arise. As for coexistence, these dogs are very easy, especially if you want to get them to live with children because they are friendly and playful. They also love outdoor activities, for this reason it is important to provide them with walks, hikes or games in the park, in this way we ensure not only that they remain in good physical condition, but also emotionally. They do not require care or excessive attention. However, this does not mean that the dog should be left alone for a long time and frequently, as this could cause it to develop negative behavior. Let's remember that no matter how independent a pet is, it will always require a little time and dedication from its owners.

Harrier Education

Training this dog is a simple matter. However, some important aspects must be taken into account if you want to carry out an adequate education. In principle, it is necessary to recommend that the adoption of this canine be carried out approximately when it reaches two months of age. In this case, this dog will have already shared enough time with its family of origin and will have adapted favorably to the company of other canines.
beagle harrier
Subsequently, it will be easier for him to integrate into his new family, where he will begin another cycle in the socialization process, which will be establishing ties with people. Once he is older and has received most of his vaccines, it is advisable to begin education with basic but necessary orders and habits for coexistence, one of the most necessary, relieving himself outside the home. Next, the dog will be ready to learn more advanced commands such as sit, respond to its master's calls and lie down, among others. After this, move on to a higher level, which includes everything from tricks to the practice of dog sports, which help you strengthen the aforementioned aspects and also positively stimulate your mind and body.


The Harrier is generally a healthy breed , with a life expectancy of around 10 to 12 years, without any problems. However, your state of health will largely depend on many factors, among which the most notable are the care provided by your family and also adequate medical control. There are, however, some pathologies that can affect the health of these dogs , some of them are:

Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a degenerative disease , commonly caused by hereditary causes. This is wear and tear on the musculoskeletal tissues, which can considerably reduce the mobility of the canine, while causing pronounced pain.

Visual disorders

Although they are uncommon in these dogs, it is possible that they may appear in some cases. Progressive retinal atrophy is the disorder most likely to affect the breed.


This pathology, also known as cerebellar abiotrophy, is a condition associated with a coordination problem in the mobility of the canine. Imbalance that can be caused by a strong blow, which has caused injuries to the brain area, producing an alteration in the gait of the canine.


Commonly a condition caused by hereditary factors.

Harrier Care

Although it is a healthy dog, it has been made clear that these dogs can suffer from certain diseases that require timely attention from both their family and the veterinarian for adequate prevention and reduction of risk factors associated with them. On the other hand, it is important to take into account other care that these canines require, in order to improve their quality of life and guarantee that they remain healthy. Let's see what care should be provided to the Harrier .

Bath and hygiene

Although these dogs do not require bathing regularly, it is necessary to do this step at least once a month or two months, or when the dog is really dirty. Meanwhile, brushing does require greater repetition to, in this way, keep the coat free of knots, reduce its loss and, above all, avoid skin diseases due to the presence of external parasites, associated with dirt. Brushing twice a week will be enough for the dog to stay properly groomed.


It is important to remember that this is a dynamic animal, full of energy, so, without a doubt, it will greatly require going out for a walk or playing. Our companion should receive at least three walks a day, accompanied by games, to help him balance his energy.
english harrier
On the other hand, although they are domestic dogs, living in places with limited space can be overwhelming for this dog. It is advisable to have a large place where it can run or play to use up its energy and thus maintain its well-being.


The importance of adequate nutrition for these dogs cannot be overlooked. A feed that provides necessary nutrients , adequate homemade diets, and avoiding food saturation is essential to avoid not only obesity, but also other diseases associated with poor diet.

Medical checks

Carrying out adequate medical control is essential to maintain the health of the puppy and guarantee the extension of its life expectancy. It is widely necessary for this dog to visit the doctor at least every six months. Likewise, ensure that they receive their complete vaccination and deworming schedules, this way they will undoubtedly remain healthy.

Conclusion about this breed

Without a doubt, this is an animal that has the necessary characteristics to be an excellent pet. Not only for hunting enthusiasts, but also for those people who like to practice outdoor activities, hiking, among others. Friendly, energetic, intelligent and fast, these aspects simply define the personality of this dog who will become your best friend if he receives the necessary care from you. You will have the loyalty of a dog who will show his love, filling you with fun and entertainment with his occurrences. If you are looking for an exercise companion, the Harrier may be the ideal option for you . It will adapt to your walking routines, without any problem. Don't forget that they are independent dogs, but they will still need attention and dedication from their owners. With proper education, these dogs will appear balanced and distinguished, but at the same time fun and loving. Consider whether you have the time to dedicate to your pet and whether the Harrier is the companion you are looking for to share your daily routines.
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