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The Argentine Dogo: origin, characteristics and behavior

El Dogo Argentino: origen, características y comportamiento

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Throughout history, the false belief has been generated that large and robust breed dogs are not recommended as pets due to their level of danger. However, it has been proven that education directly influences this particular aspect, to the point of turning a potentially aggressive dog into man's true friend. We can see an example of this in the Dogo Argentino dog breed.

  • Size : Giant.
  • Weight : Between 35 and 45kg.
  • Hair type : Short.
  • Character : Tolerable, friendly, affectionate, cheerful, loyal and protective
  • Health : Very healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 10 and 15 years.

It is a canine that has long been associated with illegal dog fighting, which earned it great recognition on the American continent. However, as the breed spread territorially, its acceptance as a perfectly domesticated pet stood out more and more, due to its happy, loyal and, above all, protective character.

Ideal as a hiking companion, or as a hunting dog, this big guy's abilities are diverse and very attractive to anyone who wants an athletic, large breed pet. However, its presence in the home must be accompanied by care, attention and special training.

That is why on this occasion we will develop all the important aspects that you should know if you want to adopt a puppy, or adult, of this breed. From its history to the details related to its health, they will be exposed to help you learn about this beautiful Latin American dog breed.

History of the Argentine Dogo

As its name indicates, the origin of the Dogo Argentino is linked to the province of Córdoba, located in this Latin American country. The popularity of fights between canines in the year 1920 caused Dr. Antonio Nores Martínez to begin the search for a resistant and robust dog, representative of a good fight.

In this process, a breed known as " Cordoban fighting dogs " was included to give rise to the breed we are talking about here. However, the search was more aimed at a dog capable of controlling its aggression and maintaining stability during a fight.

Argentine fighting dog

Once confrontations between dogs became a controversial topic, Dr. Nores helped the breed develop hunting skills, thus highlighting the attributes that these dogs possess for this activity.

Since then, the Dogo Argentino, as it is known today, has been the result of different crosses. Some of the most notable are the Spanish Mastiff, Bull Terrier , English Bulldog and Boxer , among others that influenced the current breed.

This species was recognized in 1973 by the International Cynological Federation.

Physical characteristics

Its physical appearance represents an athletic, strong pet , with a muscular stance and large stature, aspects undoubtedly associated with its offspring.

It has a firm appearance that can be scary and even mysterious. Let's see the highlights that define the physique of this great friend:

Height and weight

This breed belongs to large canines. Males usually reach an average of 68 centimeters in height at the withers, while females can grow up to 65 centimeters.

In relation to weight, gender has minimal influence. The male Dogo can weigh up to 45 kilograms, while the female reaches a maximum weight of 43 kilos.

Dogo Generation Bullenbeisser

head and face

Its head is medium in size, proportionally harmonious with its muscular body. It does not present any outstanding angles nor any peculiar characteristics. On the contrary, their features are poorly defined compared to other breeds.

Their eyes are medium-sized, oval in shape, usually dark in color.

His nose is black and proportional in size to the face. The ears are wide, although flattened and thick, they are permanently high, which gives a sensation of always being alert.


The body is well formed. It is slightly longer than wide, so its shape is rectangular. His chest is quite muscular and broad.

As for its tail, it is long and thick, quite strong; covered by its short fur.


A peculiarity that this dog has is its coat. In general, this is presented in white, short and smooth, whose density is low. However, this detail varies depending on the climate where you are.

If it is a very warm geography, the Dogo's coat can be minimally visible, making the skin very noticeable. In cold climates, on the other hand, its fur appears denser, thus appearing a kind of undercoat that protects it in these conditions.

In some species you can see a particular spot around the eye, black in color, distinctive of this breed.

Character of the Dogo Argentino

It is usually considered a potentially dangerous dog. But this is not only because of its height and bearing, but also because of its close relationship with ancient fights between canines.

However, the training and dedication that an owner dedicates to his pet can undoubtedly establish his character in a positive way, as demonstrated with this breed.

doge of argentina

By nature, the Dogo Argentino is considered a loyal, affectionate, empathetic, protective animal and an excellent watchdog. These qualities allow him to establish very close ties with those he considers part of his family. In addition, he has great intelligence and is very perceptive, which not only makes him ideal as a pet but also as a hunting companion.

Its athletic and robust appearance denotes its sporting abilities, such as hiking, where it has been shown that it excels easily, providing company and security to its owner.


Living with this great companion is not complicated at all. Although it is a dog with overprotective behavior, tolerance and adaptation with other animals is very easy , as it loves games and enjoying outdoor activities.

In relation to the home, this breed is very appropriate for families where there are no small children, because lack of knowledge of how to educate the dog can cause inadequate treatment, which can awaken adverse reactions in the canine.

However, it is a pet that enjoys spending time with its owners and receiving frequent displays of affection.

A particular aspect of this breed is that they require attention and dedication, therefore, it is recommended that their adoption be done with people who are knowledgeable about the care they need, in this way adequate training can be provided and they can adapt to the routine that these animals they need.

It should not be forgotten that this is a strong dog with a very defined character. Therefore, if you adopt as an adult, it is important to assess the quality of life you have had, because this can influence whether you are nervous, shy or rebellious.

In any case, it is a dog with a remarkable personality and energy, full of kindness and that can be an excellent companion if it receives the necessary attention, education and affection.

Education and training

As has been pointed out, training the Dogo Argentino will make an indisputable difference in its behavior. Properly carrying out the training for its education will allow you to enjoy a pleasant, educated dog, and all the positive aspects that it has to offer your family.

Education from puppies is essential for them to acquire appropriate coexistence habits. That is why starting your training by emphasizing the basics of this, both with other animals and with people, will allow you to adapt to different environments with complete peace of mind.

Later, moving forward with more complete commands such as sitting, walking, stopping or answering the owner's call, are just as important, especially when taking routine walks.

Argentine Dogo puppy

Due to the intelligence and level of adaptation of this breed , it is important to provide commands that are in line with its growth, such as, for example, climbing on top of someone to say hello. It may be fun as a puppy, but not as an adult. Therefore, it is necessary to control these aspects.

The Dogo Argentino, like many breeds, responds favorably to positive reinforcement. On the contrary, when faced with screams or threats, these dogs usually adopt negative attitudes such as rebellion or aggression, situations that are not appropriate. Therefore, emphasizing positive reinforcement will progressively strengthen the relationship between the dog and its owner.

Routines of 15 or 20 minutes a day, dedicated to the training and educational review of this breed, will be enough to create balanced and healthy behavior in it.

Dogo Argentino Health

This breed stands out as one of the healthiest within the canine species. They generally do not suffer from diseases that aggravate their well-being . They have a life expectancy between approximately 10 and up to 12 years, enjoying good health.

However, this will largely depend on the care and attention given to it.

Some of the pathologies that the breed occasionally presents are:

  • Hip dysplasia: caused by excessive exercise, poor movement or hereditary factors
  • Deafness: commonly associated with a genetic cause.
  • Sunburn: if it is repeatedly exposed to the sun, and due to its short coat, this breed runs the risk of causing skin conditions due to ultraviolet rays.
  • Conditions such as allergies, obesity, among others, will be influenced by the quality of life provided to this breed.

In general, with proper care, the life expectancy of these animals usually extends a few years longer than estimated.


Although it is a strong and muscular dog, like any pet, it requires care to stay healthy. Although they are not recommendations that require much effort, it is important to consider each of these aspects, since the behavior and well-being of this robust companion will largely depend on it.

Argentine dog breed


A balance between quality and quantity will make the difference in feeding the Dogo Argentino. In this way, not only will possible stomach allergies be avoided, but the dog will also be kept away from obesity.


Weekly brushing of this breed is important to control the shine and softness of its short coat. We must not forget that this species usually sheds a lot of hair , and this can also be controlled by brushing at least once a week.

Monthly bathing is also important to keep your Dogo's coat and appearance well cared for.

On the other hand, dental hygiene is essential. Brushing this pet's teeth at least once a week will allow it to keep its teeth free of infections and bacteria.

Exercises and games

Although it does not require a large amount of exercise, the Dogo Argentino breed needs at least three walks a day, where it can not only interact with other animals and people, but also have the opportunity to explore its environment.

They also require large spaces where they can walk, run or play, in this way they will maintain a balance in their physical and mental well-being. Therefore, it is advisable to live in places with access to spacious places if you want a pet of this type.

Argentine Presa dog breed

Regular checks

Visits to the veterinarian every 6 months, compliance with vaccination and deworming schedules, are aspects that should not be overlooked in the care of a Dogo Argentino because these will allow him to strengthen his immune system and continue providing company to all members of the family. family.


The Dogo Argentino is a dog breed that has a lot to offer its owner : company, loyalty, protection and fun, it is a combination without equal in this breed.

However, placing emphasis on the education and training that these animals receive will make their presence in a home much healthier for everyone.

Remembering the positive reinforcement and care it requires will turn it into a friend with whom you can spend the most fun hours.

Knowing every aspect of a pet is what allows responsible ownership to maintain the friendly relationship between the pet and its owner for a long time.

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