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Caucasian Shepherd - One of the largest and most popular breeds

Pastor del Cáucaso - Una de las razas más grandes y populares

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The Caucasian Shepherd is a large dog that in recent years has become popular , especially as a guard animal, since among the characteristics of this shepherd dog is being very territorial, which does not make it suitable for everything. the world.

  • Weight : between 50 and 70 kilos
  • Hair type : abundant and straight, forming a large coat that can be a little rough
  • Character : obedient and faithful. Very territorial
  • Health : Excellent, no known genetic diseases
  • Life expectancy : ten to twelve years


The origins of the Caucasian Shepherd, the name by which it is also known, are in the Caucasus mountain range, which is located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, in what are today the territories that belong to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Russia.

Right now it is considered a Russian breed , although the truth is that if we see the specimens that exist today we realize that there are many different constitutions and heights, as well as various colors.

This means, especially when the territory covered by the breed is so extensive, that the breed was not established in Russia, but is typical of a larger area and that there is an enormous variety of dogs that have been called Caucasian shepherds. .

Yes, it is certain that it is a shepherd dog, but as with large dogs, it is not a hunting dog, but rather it guarded livestock from attacks by animals such as wolves or thieves.

Regarding antiquity, it is said to be around six centuries old , but as always happens, this is almost impossible to verify, especially when the territory where the breed originated is so dispersed.

Main characteristics of the Caucasian Shepherd

One of the main characteristics of the Caucasian Shepherd is its large size, since it is a huge animal that can reach 70 cm in height and exceeds 70 kilos in the case of males .

This gives them a rather fierce appearance, especially in the varieties with longer coats, since there are two others, one with short hair and one with intermediate hair, that are accepted in the standard, which is quite permissive in this regard.

Regarding its morphology, we also find differences between the Caucasian Shepherd of the steppe and the mountain one, the first being more graceful and lighter, while the second is a more square and robust animal.

The coat is accepted in white, straw, black or brown, although the one most seen now is straw with black areas such as the snout.

Its head is very characteristic, since in these Caucasian shepherds it is very large and powerful, with very strong jaws that can exert great force.

As a curiosity, it is one of the breeds in which sexual dimorphism is most marked , so that the females are much smaller than the males.

Caucasian Shepherd Characteristics


When talking about the character of the Caucasian Shepherd, controversy immediately begins, since an image of him has been given that does not correspond to reality. In fact, if we look for photos of this breed of dog, we will see that there are several in which it has an unfriendly attitude.

What is said about him is that he is unpredictable and that he has excessive and uncontrollable aggression, something that is not true, although what is true is that this is not a breed for a first-time owner .

Yes, you can expect a quick and very violent reaction when this animal sees that there is a threat to its home or family, since this is how it has acted for centuries, hiding among sheep so as not to be seen and attacking wolves by surprise.

Needs good training

A Caucasian Shepherd can be a good companion dog, as long as we know the breed of dog we have in hand and it receives adequate training from a very young age, starting right away.

He will thus become a polite and more or less obedient dog, since there are times when he can disobey his owner, something that we must ensure does not happen when he is loose and out of our control.

Although it may sometimes seem like it, it is not a teddy bear, so we cannot expect the submission of other more familiar breeds from it . Thus, he does not like to be petted very much and if he is petted he will take a step back as long as he is a specimen with a balanced character.

The relationship with children is excellent, whom he does not consider his owners, obeying above all one of the family members, whoever manages to dominate him without using violence at any time.

It is advisable to expose him to many people and other dogs from a young age , always with the idea of ​​socializing him and controlling his dominant character, although perhaps it is best to go to a trainer to help us in this regard.


We must begin by talking about hair care, which is the most obvious, since if we have a specimen with a long coat (they are the ones that are seen the most) we will have to comb it regularly, better if it is daily.

With good brushing every day we avoid knots and keep their coat clean , silky and shiny, a frequency that may have to be increased during shedding periods, when they shed enormous amounts of hair.

You should always use a specific comb for long-haired breeds, and given how big the Caucasian Shepherd is and how much hair it has, you will have to invest in a quality brush.

Exercise is another of the pillars of caring for this animal, which under no circumstances should live in an apartment, where it would feel confined and could become dangerous.

It will require several daily walks, long ones if possible . Leaving your house and burning energy will be very good for you, because then you will be calmer.

You don't have to bathe him often, especially if he lives away from home, but it will have to be done at least once every two or three months, depending on how dirty he is. We will use a quality shampoo and let it dry in the sun after removing excess water.

Since it has so much hair, it is advisable that we check it daily for parasites, since they can hide in a very simple way, infecting the dog without us realizing it.

Caucasian Shepherd Feeding

Food is essential in any breed of dog, but it is crucial when we talk about large animals like this one, which belongs to the giant breeds with its 70 kilos.

It is advisable to establish a feeding plan with the veterinarian, giving it an appropriate feed for this type of breed at each of the stages of its life, the most important being that of a puppy.

Here, we are always going to buy food for puppies of large and giant breeds, since they are the ones that have all the nutrients that the dog needs when developing a huge body.

When this stage has passed, it is crucial that we opt for a grain-free feed, all with the idea that the dog does not gain weight, which can cause many health problems by adding more weight to what its legs already support.

We can say that the more we spend on food, the more we will save at the vet, so their food always has to be of the highest quality, avoiding the feed sold in supermarkets.

The Caucasian Shepherd does not eat as much as it seems, they are austere dogs, but it is a good idea to divide the portions in order to prevent stomach torsion , a serious problem that affects large breed dogs.

It seems that eating too much at once can trigger it, so we will talk to the vet to advise us when to give him his food and what amounts to put in his bowl.

Caucasian shepherd feeding


We are facing one of the breeds with the best health of all those that exist, since due to its genetic variability and the way in which it has been bred for centuries, there are no known hereditary diseases.

Yes, there are several that can suffer, but they are due to their size and not their race. Specifically, the two most common are hip dysplasia and stomach torsion .

Hip dysplasia is prevented by avoiding buying dogs whose ancestors have had this problem, which is achieved by going to a responsible breeder and asking for x-rays of the parents, grandparents, etc.

It can also be caused by environmental factors such as obesity , which is why it is so important to feed these animals well when they are puppies and not force them to exercise too much until they grow.

Another disease, which we have already talked about, is stomach torsion. Here the stomach rotates on itself, which can cause death if immediate intervention is not performed with an emergency operation.

Its origins are not clear, but we do know that it can be prevented by dividing the food into several meals and preventing the Caucasian Shepherd from feeding before going out for a walk or upon arriving home .

Giving him a natural diet like BARF can also be good, as it seems to strengthen his stomach muscles.

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