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The best dog breeds for children

Las mejores razas de perros para niños

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Choosing a dog as a pet involves taking into account different important aspects. According to the tastes of each individual, there are an innumerable number of dog breeds that, in some cases, make selecting the perfect four-legged companion more difficult. In the case of a home with children, the decision seems to become more delicate, because, in general, a dog is sought that has skills such as patience or energy, so that in this way it can adapt properly to the smallest of the family. home. What are the best dog breeds for children ? This question is common when choosing a furry friend for our children, which is why below we will present a brief description of the breeds popularly described as ideal for living with children.

Benefits of coexistence between children and dogs

Before showing the list of the most common dogs in homes with children , it is important to clarify that there is no specific breed of dog for children as such. However, some have qualities that make them more inclined to be a playmate and adventure companion for little ones. It is important to remember that the formation of behavior and character of dogs is influenced entirely by the breed or lineage to which it belongs and the training it has received. Therefore, education plays a transcendental role in the lives of canines. This means that there are no bad pets for children, it's just that some breeds, usually large in size and known for their strong and not very patient temperaments such as the Bulldog or Rottweiler, are sometimes not suggested for homes with children. However, any pet can bring great benefits to children's lives . First of all, dogs are characterized by being loyal by nature. This, without a doubt, will be a value that from the first days the little one will see reflected in the canine, and will learn it progressively. Some pets are also patient, obedient and protective. Each of these qualities will be reflected daily in living with the little ones, providing important lessons for children's behavior. In addition, responsibility is encouraged, because a pet requires daily care, which if left in the care of the child, must learn to perform it properly to guarantee its well-being. As observed, the cognitive, emotional, social benefits and the acquisition of fundamental values ​​for the behavioral development of the child are some of the positive aspects that come with the presence of a pet in the home.

What are the most suitable breeds?

As we have mentioned, there is no specific breed intended for children. However, there are a few dogs that, due to their innate qualities, have been more recommended to be companions for the little ones in the home. Next let's see which are the best dogs for children:


The qualities of the Poodle are numerous, among them their intelligence stands out. It is characterized by being the second most intelligent dog in the world , so teaching tricks will not be a problem. They also have the ability to sense when their owner is sad or discouraged and use pampering and pranks to cheer them up.
the poodle
He is a loving, loyal and very friendly dog. Plus, its compact size makes it ideal for homes with little space. They have a lot of energy, they love to walk, run and play. With proper education, these dogs will be the ideal companion for the little ones in the house.


If what you are looking for is a slightly larger breed, the Beagle is also a very pleasant option for the company of the little ones . A fairly active, friendly dog ​​with a temperament that children will love. He loves games, fun and is always energetic, so he can spend much of the day entertaining the little ones. Although they adapt to any space, they require a lot of outdoor activity, so you must take constant walks and do exercises that you will surely enjoy with children.

border collie

If what you are looking for is a protective, balanced, patient and also intelligent dog to share with children, the Border Collie may be the ideal pet. This breed is the most intelligent in the world, so training will not be a problem . He is able to adapt to different spaces and is very good at coexistence, especially with children, to whom he will offer his unconditional loyalty and protection. You will enjoy their company and be patient with them.

yorkshire terrier

A dog of tiny stature but with a great personality, who will become the dynamic and playful friend of any little one. Yorkies can enjoy the tranquility of the countryside and outdoor activities or be in urban life with great comfort.
the yorkie
They love to play, run and jump for hours, so they will be great entertainment for children . They are faithful, affectionate and kind. The best thing is that they are hypoallergenic, which adds a very big point in their favor. They require a considerable amount of exercise and fun to stay balanced.


If we combine strength, intelligence and protection with their playful, friendly and faithful personality, the Boxer is one of the most suitable dogs to share with children . Eliminating the belief that a large breed is not suitable, these dogs are splendid companions, as they love to play and are patient and fun with the little ones. They also need a lot of exercise and walks, so they will thoroughly enjoy their routines in parks or places where they can run and have non-stop fun with the infants.

Labrador and Golden Retriever

Although they require more care and maintenance, both Labradors and Golden Retrievers have very good character. Ideal for sharing moments with the family and above all to be companions for the little ones since they are intelligent, balanced, patient and loyal.
labrador and golden retriever
They love walks and outdoor exercises, they really enjoy the company of children and are protective when necessary. Although they are large in size, these dogs are a valuable companion for children.


Regardless of the breed you choose, it is important to consider that it is a dog that receives the necessary education and care, in this way they will be able to provide valuable company to the whole family, especially to the little ones in the house, who will enjoy and gain valuable learnings in the company of your best canine friend. In case you have any doubts:
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