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Brazilian Terrier - characteristics, origin and behavior of this breed

Terrier Brasileño - características, origen y comportamiento de esta raza

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A small, adorable, playful breed full of so much energy that it exhausts its masters. This is how the Brazilian Terrier , Brazilian Terrier or Paulistinha Fox breed is usually recognized. Although not widely recognized worldwide, these dogs are quite common in Brazil, where they are valued as excellent family companions. They are used for activities such as hunting small prey and vermin, since they are a very hard-working dog . Knowing everything about this beautiful breed will help it be raised properly to extend its life expectancy and enjoy its valuable company and collaboration for a long time. That is why below we will detail in depth everything related to the appearance, origin and behavior of the Brazilian Terrier.
  • Size : Small.
  • Weight : Between 6 and 10kg.
  • Hair type : Very short and straight.
  • Character : Enthusiastic, Friendly, Alert, Active, Gentle
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Up to 15 years or more.

History of the Brazilian Terrier

The Brazilian Terrier breed, as its name indicates, is native to Brazil . However, the ancestors of this species were transferred from Europe. It is presumed that their arrival in the 16th century was on the Portuguese boats, who used this dog breed as rat catchers inside the boat. Hence, the development of their hunting ability. The breed was also expanded to Germany and the United States. In the first of these, he was the protagonist in fox hunting, an activity that is quite popular. And it was even more so after the arrival of the Terrier to these lands.

Terriers in Brazil

Although it is not very curious, the Brazilian Terrier breed is skillfully adapted to life in the country where it comes from. It is a hard-working species that can easily hunt vermin and pests that invade crops in that country. In addition, it is resistant to many of the diseases native to the area. These virtues gave even more value to his personality, which led to his favorable introduction into Brazilian society.
brazilian terrier

Excellent home companion

Some time later it was realized that the Brazilian Terrier not only had innate abilities for hunting and pest eradication, but was also a very acceptable alternative as a companion in the home. Even more so if they are small spaces such as buildings or apartments, since they do not require much space to develop healthily.


Despite its notable abilities, this dog did not receive full recognition from the International Cynological Federation (FCI) until 2017 . Being the third in Brazil with this privilege and only the fifth in South America. Its basic standard was published in 2018 . And although it is not very popular around the world, in Brazil there are more and more dog competitions that receive participants of this breed.

Physical appearance of the Brazilian Terrier

In every aspect that can be mentioned, this dog is without a doubt belonging to the Terrier family. However, some aspects tend to differentiate it from them. Like, for example, its size. This Terrier is a little bigger than the others. Next, we are going to see some physical characteristics that distinguish the Brazilian Terrier.

Height and weight

This aspect is the one that most often separates our Brazilian Terrier from its group, since it is considered to be of a different height than what a Terrier commonly is. The Brazilian breed can reach an average size of 40 centimeters. On the other hand, its weight ranges between 6 and 10 kilograms. In some cases it is observed that females have smaller size and height measurements, but the difference is not usually notable.


His build can be deceptive. Although it looks like an elegant dog due to its stylized figure, it has an athletic, muscular and agile body. Very consistent with your work capacity. It is a strong animal , although its body shape usually appears otherwise.

head and face

The head is smaller than its body. It is triangular in shape and has a slightly indivisible connection with the snout. While their eyes are round, staring straight ahead and usually in a variety of bluish-gray, green or blue colors. Their ears, on the other hand, are pointed in a triangular shape, which gives an appearance of always being attentive to any call. These aspects denote that this breed is usually very curious in any situation.


The tail of these dogs is moderately short, thick and always pointing upward, reflecting their loving and active character .


Straight and short are the characteristics that define the coat of this breed. In areas such as the face, ears and lower internal parts it is shorter and thinner than in the rest of its body, where it is generally thick. The tricolor coat is exclusive to this breed. It comes in variations where white predominates by nature. White with blue and brown spots, white with black and brown spots, or white with two-tone brown spots.


In addition to its abilities and skills, highlighting the character of the Brazilian Terrier is highlighting its sweetness and loyalty. It is a friendly, loving, intelligent and, above all, very playful dog. This dog breed loves to stay active so you will enjoy their company to the fullest, because whenever they meet their owners they will use up their energy playing. Although he appears sweet, he is also a brave and fearless dog, which is why he can be more restless than normal at times. It is a very good company that easily adapts to small spaces . However, it is necessary for its owners to educate it properly and impose rules of coexistence. Well, otherwise, it can cause disasters within the home.
brazil terrier
It is a working dog, so it is used to receiving orders and obeying. One aspect that must be taken care of is that, due to their hunting instinct, they usually like to chase things, so they can suddenly run after a car or another person. It is necessary to pay attention because you run the risk of suffering an accident on the street if you escape unexpectedly.

Coexistence with the Brazilian Terrier

The issue of coexistence is not at all a problem with these dogs, they are very friendly and adapt perfectly to a home, whether with other pets or the presence of children. He will play with small children without problem and without any risk, because he is full of energy. It will become an ideal distraction for them. Regarding coexistence with other animals, it must be remembered that it is an agile hunter of smaller prey, so it is necessary to take care of the first encounters between this breed and other smaller animals. Once adapted to its new company, the Brazilian Terrier will coexist without problems with them.


The issue of the education of this breed is modernly simple. It is a species with great intelligence and attention span , therefore, training it is not very complicated. However, important aspects must be taken care of, such as, for example, that he sees his owner as a leader, otherwise he will not obey his instructions. Making him see that the ideas come from him is also another teaching technique that is very useful. Involve him in his own training, but with guidelines defined by his coach. One of the first things to teach these dogs is to limit themselves when it comes to digging. Let's remember that, due to his hunting experience, digging is one of his favorite activities . So these scenarios must be moderated. Also specify within the training the importance of not carrying out surprise chases or suddenly escaping from your home after a car, otherwise you will have to stay locked up, which is not ideal. It is best that training is based on basic tasks such as sitting, lying down, and common practices inside and outside the home. As well as awareness, especially with other animals.

Brazilian Terrier Health

The longevity of Brazilian Terriers averages between 10 and up to 15 years. Generally it is a very healthy dog ​​physically, although it can be affected by some diseases that can be prevented. However, the biggest problem with this breed is usually psychological and originates from inadequate training. Rebellion, depression, anxiety and even aggression can arise if Terriers are not given the correct education. Establishing emotional bonds with the dog is not bad, on the contrary. But you cannot excessively try to humanize the dog with aspects such as, for example, putting clothes on it and that type of things, as this can generate confusion in it and its personality. In general, diseases that can affect this breed are: hip and elbow dysplasia, ear infections that can cause deafness, epilepsy, dislocation of the kneecap and some skin allergies. Frequent veterinary check-ups can prevent most of these pathologies in dogs.


These are dogs with very low maintenance and care requirements.
brazil terrier breed

Bathing and brushing

They usually require a bath when they are really dirty. A monthly bath will be enough to keep them clean. As for brushing, once a week will be good to prevent hair loss and maintain its shine. It does not require professional assistance in this regard, having a good brush and a quality shampoo will be enough to preserve these details.


200 to 250 grams of feed several times a day will be enough to keep our friend satisfied and with a good nutritional balance.


This is an athletic dog, so combining 30-minute walks at least twice a day and some exercises will be good for him to maintain his shape and activity level.

Affection and attention

The Brazilian Terrier is a loving and balanced dog that will spend most of its time with its owners playing games. Sharing with him a couple of hours a day and paying attention to him at any time will be enough for his happiness.

Medical checks

Visiting the veterinarian periodically is essential for these animals to remain in optimal health conditions. Controlling the condition of their eyes, ears and deworming and vaccination will guarantee a reduction in the possibility of suffering from some pathologies.

Ear cleaning

If there is something that requires periodic cleaning, it is ear cleaning to avoid infections. Learning how to do it is ideal for you to take care of your health.


Getting a Brazilian Terrier means guaranteeing the presence of a loving, energetic, loyal and, above all, disciplined companion if properly trained and educated. Although they are not common in the rest of the world, in Brazil it is very easy to acquire these breeds for adoption. Although in some places in Europe there are few specimens of this beautiful species. With good education and simple care, the life expectancy of these animals will be more than guaranteed. You will be able to enjoy their jokes, walks together and training that is not complicated due to their great intelligence. Ideal dogs for family life that will wear out the little ones with so much energy they have accumulated. Without a doubt, an excellent option to consider as an adorable pet. Learn about other types of small dog breeds:
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