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The Boston Terrier, a small American gentleman

El Boston Terrier, un pequeño caballero americano

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There are many breeds and sizes of dogs, but if you want a dog that can be both in a house and in an apartment, whose size is neither too big nor too small, the Boston Terrier is the one for you.
  • Small size
  • Weight : Between 4.5 and 11kg.
  • Hair type : Short and fine
  • Character : Friendly and intelligent
  • Health : Tendency to suffer from certain diseases
  • Life expectancy : Between 13 and 15 years.
The Boston Terrier is a breed that was born in the United States , it comes from the crossing of the Terrier and the Bulldog , with the characteristics of the bulldog being the ones that predominated in the mix. The Boston terrier or Bull terrier as it is also known, is a short-haired dog. They are usually black with white, although there are also brown, brindle and gray, all combined with white. In fact, the way their spots are located gives the idea that they are wearing a gala dress, which makes them look very cute. His nose will always be black.

History of the Boston Terrier

The history of the Boston Terrier began in the area of ​​New England, it is said that approximately in the mid-nineteenth century, when the first crossing was made between the breeds: White English Terrier and the English Bulldog. The result was a large dog, weighing approximately 15 kilos, a dog very different from the current Boston Terrier, whose maximum weight is 10 kilos. As time went by, a breeder named William O'Brien bought a copy of this Boston Terrier in 1865 and took it to Massachusetts . That Boston Terrier was crossed with another breed and from this crossing a Boston Terrier of shorter height and less weight was produced.
Its legs were shorter, its snout was flat, its head was square, its eyes were bulging, and its build was more massive. The crossings continued until we reached a dog with the physical characteristics that we know now. In 1983, the American Kennel Club recognized the Boston Terrier breed. This little dog became very famous in the United States of America, everyone wanted to have one. They even used to appear in black and white film productions, and many renowned actresses of the time wandered with their pet everywhere they went.

Boston Terrier Characteristics

This is a dog with a robust build, they usually weigh between 6.5 and 10 kilograms. It has a brachycephalic skull, which is what is called the shape of the head of some dog breeds with a small face and short snout, quite close to the face. However, folds are not observed like the Pug or the French Bulldog. Occasionally, this characteristic can make them prone to diseases, however these are dogs that are in good health, as long as they have the necessary care .
American Boston Terrier


Their ears usually stay erect naturally, however some specimens undergo surgery to make them look this way. Especially in the United States. This makes them appear to be very attentive to what is happening around them; which is true, although more out of curiosity than out of protective instinct.


Their tail is short by nature, it can grow straight or curled, which sometimes causes problems. For this reason it is common to see specimens with their tails cut off.

Physical activity

Boston Terriers do not need to exercise too much, you can take walks and enjoy their company, but they are not a breed that should burn energy daily. It has a lifespan of around 12 and 14 years.

Boston Terrier puppies

When they are puppies they are very small and defenseless so care must be greater. They should not be bathed during the first 3 months of life, it is best to clean them with damp cloths. It is important that they are in a warm and very well sheltered place; they must sleep in a dry and protected area. In fact, even in their adult stage, it is not advisable for them to be exposed to the cold, so they should be kept indoors.
It will always be necessary to take him to the vet regularly. In their first weeks, the specialist will tell you which vaccines you should give them, as well as the details about their diet . It can also give you instructions on the doses required for deworming. As puppies it is the time when we give them more affection, but you should not spoil them too much because they will become spoiled. From an early age he tries to teach him vital things like respecting the objects in the house and recognizing the area where he should relieve himself. Boston Terrier puppies are excessively curious, for this reason be careful of the objects you leave within their reach. Make sure you buy enough toys for them to entertain themselves and not look for other types of objects. Although they are very sociable dogs, and in fact it is advisable to raise them with other dogs, even other breeds. When they are small, they must be protected from being mistreated by other animals, especially their eyes, as they are very exposed.

Boston Terrier Feeding

Like all dog breeds, the Boston Terrier should consume special dog food, especially for small breeds. The veterinarian will advise you on the appropriate amount and frequency according to their age and size.
Something vital for the health of the Boston Terrier is that it never lacks water. These dogs tend to become dehydrated easily, so avoid letting them go for a long time without drinking water . Even when they go for a walk you should bring them hydration.

Boston Terrier Care

When talking about the care of our Boston Terrier , we refer to all the details that you need to take into account:
  • Be sure to clean their ears and paws with disposable wet towels after going for a walk. This to avoid diseases.
  • You should also clean and be very attentive to the health of your pet's eyes. This breed is delicate precisely because of this part of the body. They can even suffer from cataracts.
  • Likewise, it is advisable to give him baths approximately every fifteen days. Bathe them with a special shampoo for their coat type so that it does not bother their eyes. Also ask the vet for recommendations on the frequency of their baths. Dry him very well after you bathe him.
  • Brush their coat at least once a week, this way you make sure it looks shiny.
  • Boston terriers are very prone to heart problems. Therefore, it is advisable to do their check-ups and not force them to do strong exercises or extreme heat. Situations where temperatures are very high can cause the so-called “heat stroke”.
  • Some are allergic, so it is recommended that their sleeping area is always clean and dry. So that in this way it does not affect your skin or your respiratory tract.
  • They are not good swimmers, so if you have a pool at your house or you take them to share a day at the beach with you, prevent them from entering both the pool and the sea, it can be very risky for them.
  • Take him to regular consultations with his veterinarian, he will tell you the vitamin and beef complexes that you should give him.

Character and personality of the Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a very friendly and docile breed , and is also characterized by being very intelligent. He is always aware of what is happening around him thanks to his innate curiosity. Although he is calm, he is quite playful and affectionate, requiring you to pay attention to him to play with him. Due to his personality, he is the best companion, both for children and adults. Well, it is a very loyal and faithful breed to its masters. Furthermore, it is not a dog that stands out for looking for problems, on the contrary it gets along very well with other breeds of dogs.
Try not to leave him alone at home for too long. Loneliness affects them and they may, as a sign of complaint, destroy some things in the house. Although it is not really a destructive dog. Also keep in mind that these dogs tend to drool a lot and it is also very common for you to hear their snoring, since they snore very loudly. However, these are things that we can tolerate because they are so loving and calm that there is no way we can complain about one of these specimens.

Boston Terrier Prices

Prices for a puppy of this breed can vary. Elements such as their degree of purity and whether or not they have a pedigree can influence.
Prices can range between 350 euros, 450 euros, 550 euros and up to 680 euros . The most expensive ones have a guarantee of their parents' family tree. Although the cheapest ones can offer the delivery of vaccinated, dewormed puppies with their respective documentation. It is important that you make sure that the breeder applies the necessary measures to ensure the health of the animals he handles. Most of the Boston Terriers that you can find in Spain are sold with a microchip, vaccines, dewormed and with their respective documentation.

Why have a Boston Terrier?

It is more than known that the dog is man's best friend, although some differ. Those of us who love being in the company of a canine often do so because we grew up with one, as a life and play companion. Therefore, it is not unusual for us as adults to want to add one to our home.
The Boston Terrier is a breed that is perfect for both house and apartment living. Among its characteristics that most attract those who decide to adopt one as a pet are:
  • They are quiet
  • They are not very large
  • They lose little hair
  • They are cute
  • His loyalty is incomparable
  • They have a very cute appearance
  • They don't need as much space to run
  • They are very playful and affectionate with children.
  • They learn very easily
  • They get along well with other dog breeds and even other animals.

As curious facts about the Boston Terrier

  • In 1979 in the state of Massachusetts, Governor King Edward proclaimed the Boston Terrier breed as the official mascot of the city.
  • The Boston Terrier has been the protagonist of a Disney animated short. Its title is Feast, or “Feast”, its protagonist, named Wiston, only appears eating. However, the animation manages to highlight the beautiful characteristics of the Boston Terrier, especially its tender gaze and friendly nature .
  • There are many celebrities who have had a Boston Terrier as pets or who have simply posed for famous photographs with this breed. From Marilyn Monroe, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Ben Stiller, Robin Williams and many more.


There are plenty of reasons to decide to buy a Boston Terrier, and adopt it as another member of our family. In him we will find that affectionate and tender companion, with a look that is impossible not to fall in love with.
Offer all the care your Boston Terrier deserves and you will have years of pleasant and sweet company in your home, for you and for each member of your family. And if you are single, what better roommate than a small breed dog like the Boston Terrier, to enjoy walks and games in dog parks or inside your home. So if you are looking for a faithful and tender breed, without a doubt, the elegant and fine Boston Terrier is the one.
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