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My dog ​​bites everything, what can I do to prevent it?

Mi perro lo muerde todo, ¿qué puedo hacer para evitarlo?

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One of the most common behaviors of our furry friends is biting things, especially when they are puppies. In their early years they feel the need to bite , due to the eruption of their teeth. But it is also the case that dogs begin to bite some things, as a sign of protest for something that bothers them, for example, when they are left alone at home. In addition, puppies stimulate the sense of touch through their mouths and also do so due to boredom or hyperactivity.
need to bite
In any case, they must be educated so that they learn that this should not be done in certain situations. For this, there is a wide variety of products on the market designed for dogs to bite. From toys that relieve gum discomfort to sprays with bitter flavors to apply on furniture, shoes or anything they like to bite.

What to do if your dog bites everything?

If your pet has the bad habit of biting everything , first of all you must find out the cause that generates this behavior. Once you know the reasons that lead him to bite, you must find the solution to the problem.

Cause: Change of teeth

If you have a biting puppy, he may be looking to relieve the pain and discomfort that his changing teeth are causing.


Therefore, you must purchase some type of special toy so that it can alleviate its pain. There is a wide variety of this type of toys on the market. However, if you do not have the possibility of purchasing toys, you can resort to homemade solutions, such as preparing an ice lolly with water and something that the puppy likes to eat. On the one hand, ice relieves inflammation and pain, and on the other hand, you will be happy to discover the prize in the ice cream.
The dog's toys should be exclusive to him, and you should avoid them being similar to objects that you do not want him to chew. Furthermore, it is important that he feels that his belongings are exclusive and respected, this way you can teach him to respect what does not belong to him.

Cause: Anxiety

Another reason why dogs bite things is because of anxiety . If this is the situation, you should verify what is causing stress and find a solution to the problem.


Dogs usually get stressed if they are left alone, so you should make them understand that there are times when they should be left alone at home.
Try to leave him relaxed and tired , this way he will not try to damage things in the house. To do this, before you leave you can take him for a walk, run with him, train him a little so that he has mental activity or let him explore the environment. This way you will be a little tired and will not have the need to vent any type of anxiety. You can also leave him with an interactive toy.

Other solutions if the habit is strong

If the habit of biting furniture or accessories in the house is already strong, you can place some unpleasant substance so that when biting they experience a bad experience and do not do it again. Sprays for this purpose are for sale on the market, or you can opt for homemade solutions, such as lemon. Another way to prevent your furry friend from biting what he shouldn't is to exchange the wrong object for one of his toys , this way he will learn what he can bite and what he can't. Whatever the case, you must be aware that to train a dog, a lot of patience and firmness is required. On the other hand, if the family is made up of several members, everyone must consistently participate in the education and training of the dog. The rules must be enforced by everyone who is in contact with the dog.

What not to do to stimulate the dog's biting behavior?

According to specialists in dog behavior, education and training , there are certain things and methods that should not be applied to dogs, to avoid unwanted attitudes on the part of our beloved companions:
  • You should not give things that your dog should not chew on to play with. For example, old shoes, socks or children's toys, since the puppy does not know how to distinguish if they are new or old things and at any time he can bite something that looks like it.
  • Another important aspect is to prevent the dog from biting your hands, this further stimulates its need to bite, and also creates confusion regarding who the leader is, which can lead to disobedience.
  • Just because he is a sweet and pretty puppy, you shouldn't let him do whatever he wants. From a young age you must teach him rules, because if you don't, the animal will grow up with bad habits that will be very difficult to correct when he is a large dog.
  • You must be careful with the type of games you share with the dog, for example, "tug-of-war" is not a good entertainment idea since it stimulates his "compulsive biting" behavior, in addition to becoming an unhealthy way of competition for the animal, inducing it to growl if it is opposed.
  • Under no circumstances should you resort to physical violence, as these behaviors can have negative consequences for the animal, from creating fear and insecurity to losing trust in its owner.

Some important tips

If your dog is no longer a puppy and once again takes up the bad habit of biting everything, it may be due to boredom . In this case, you may not be expending enough energy, which can make you anxious. To improve the situation, you must be consistent with your walk times , the time must be longer and be careful with your meal times . You can also stimulate his mind , practicing exercises such as teaching him to look for his food, his leash and his toys. Leave them in accessible places that are not dangerous for the dog. Finally, if you can't get the dog to stop the habit of biting everything, you can go to a specialist to help calm his anxiety. And, don't forget that you should always give love, cuddles and attention to your dear friend. You can also consult:
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