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Akita inu - Discover this breed native to Japan

Akita inu - Descubre esta raza originaria de Japón

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In this post, we want to talk to you about the Akita Inu dog breed, originally from Japan . This breed is known for its loyalty, protection and affection towards its family, as well as its beauty and physical strength. Akita Inu are very efficient guard dogs and they are also very intelligent and easy to train .

Throughout the post, we will further explore the characteristics and qualities of this wonderful breed of dog, and share some tips for those interested in having an Akita Inu as a companion. We hope you enjoy the post!

  • Size : from 61 to 67 cm
  • Weight : 35 to 55 kilos
  • Hair type : long, so needs work
  • Character : balanced, but somewhat shy
  • Health : strong, with diseases related to its size
  • Life expectancy : between 10 and 12 years

Origins of the Akita inu

There is talk that the Akita Inu may have existed as a breed for more than three thousand years, although the truth is that this will not be possible to verify, since Japan was a very isolated population until recently.

What we do know is that it comes from the Akita region , which gives it its name, and that there is evidence of its existence since 1603, when they were used for unnoble dog fighting, growing in size by crossing them with mastiffs. and coughs .

With this , larger and stronger dogs were obtained for fighting , but the Akita Inu lost its main characteristics, which it would not recover despite the fact that in 1908 fighting between dogs was prohibited in Japan.

The arrival of the 20th century was not the best for the breed, since with the end of World War II in 1945 there were hardly any specimens left. Additionally, there were three different lines.

One, the one that had crosses with mastiffs and German shepherds , ended up in the United States giving rise to the American Akita, while the Japanese preferred what they called Akita Matagi, which was used to hunt bears, thus giving rise to the Japanese line.

Currently the two lines coexist , although the one that is closest to the original breed is the one that came out of Japan.

characteristics of the akita inu

Akita inu characteristics

If there is one characteristic that stands out above the rest, it is an enormous feeling of strength , which is contributed by a wide head, a strong muzzle and a body that is clearly muscular despite the hair.

The neck accompanies the head and body, as does its chest, so that it is perceived that it is a dog that can run long distances without getting tired.

In addition to this musculature, there are two other things that attract attention, such as the tail that is always curled over the body and the ears, which are too small if we compare them with the size of the animal.

Their hair has two layers, characteristic of the s pitz type dogs that we see in the Japanese Akita, with the exterior very hard and smooth, while the undercoat is very soft and thick.

Only a few colors are accepted, such as sesame, brindle, white and gold. The chest and abdomen area are the same tone although a little lighter.

Character of the Akita inu

The Akita Inu has a very Japanese character, since it is shy and very reserved. In fact, it will be an ideal dog for those calm people who do not like noise or commotion and there are those who describe it as a serene dog.

He is always loyal to his caregiver and that is why he has even starred in a movie, this being a trait that defines his character very well, in addition to his docility with his loved ones, something that changes with strangers.

He does not usually attack other people, unless they give him a reason, but he does distrust anyone he does not know. This makes him an excellent watchdog, although he will be better off with his owner whom he adores.

Everything we have said changes when it comes to interacting with other dogs, with which he is dominant , and given the strength he has, he can give us more than a scare, so we will have to be careful when we go out with him.

He behaves very well with children and puts up with everything, as long as he considers them as members of his pack, at which point he will not hesitate to attack anyone who threatens them.

Akita inu education

This breed is never aggressive towards its owner, but it is very intelligent. This will make him not hesitate for a moment to try to impose himself on people who do not have a strong character, so when training these dogs you have to be very firm.

If you do not have experience with dogs, it is best to go to a trainer who will teach you basic commands , while explaining how to treat him.

It is highly advisable to work with him to go further, doing advanced obedience exercises or practicing sports like Agility in which he will not excel, but he will move and we will have fun together.

akita inu health

Akita inu health

Several of the breed's health problems have to do with its height. This is a dog of a good size and a lot of weight, so both elbow and hip dysplasia can appear .

Both are avoided with a good diet when they are puppies and buying the dog from a reliable breeder, who can show us that the ancestors are free of this dreaded disease.

There are other diseases that are rarer and that do have to do with race, such as thyroid problems and autoimmune diseases .

Hypothyroidism even affects the dog's behavior, while the latter usually attack the skin and eyes.

You also have to be careful with stomach torsion. Here the stomach literally turns over on itself, and it seems that the causes have to do with eating quickly or eating food before going out to do some exercise.

Akita inu care

Brushes will be our best companions if we have an Akita Inu at home, since it must be brushed daily , especially during the molting season, where it is even better to do it twice, since the undercoat loses a huge amount of hair.

Related to the coat, if we want it to look perfect , it will need to be fed with good feed , better if it is premium and natural, without dyes or preservatives, which are not necessary for the dog food to be good.

Exercising is essential, since the Akita Inu is not satisfied with a short walk in the park. In fact, it is advisable to walk him at least a couple of hours every day, better if they are places where he can run loose and where there are no dogs, or at least they are animals that he already knows.

If there are many dogs, perhaps it is best to take it out tied and muzzled with the idea of ​​seeing how it reacts, and if it behaves well, release it. Depending on his reaction, we can remove the muzzle so that he can enjoy himself as one more, always keeping an eye on him and preventing him from doing his thing with other males.

He can live in an apartment, even if it is not the best for him, but always if we have enough time with the idea of ​​him running and taking him to do activities such as agility to keep his mind occupied.

Akita inu care

Adopt an Akita inu

When adopting an Akita Inu, it is best to turn to the Internet, where from time to time one comes out to adopt.

Going to the shelters is very difficult, since it is not a dog that we find anywhere like a German shepherd, so we are going to see some (with a dropper) on social networks or on the web .

Before adopting him, you should spend some time with him and see how he behaves with other dogs, with which he is usually quite aggressive, something to keep in mind if he is going to live with canine companions at home.

Of course, we must not forget about their education, which can be complicated if they are already an adult, even more so if they do not have experience, in which case it is better to adopt another breed that is easier to deal with on a daily basis.

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