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Czechoslovakian Wolfdog - All the information about this incredible breed

Perro Lobo Checoslovaco - Toda la información sobre esta increíble raza

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A breed with little history under its belt has been making its way among canine lovers. Thanks to its qualities and appearance, the Czechoslovakian wolfdog is becoming an increasingly sought-after specimen.
  • Big size .
  • Weight : Between 27 and 34kg.
  • Hair type : Straight, short and dense.
  • Character : Fearless, Sociable, Vivacious, Active, Fast, Brave
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 13 and 16 years.
If you are a wolf lover , you will love the Czechoslovakian wolfdog , since it closely resembles the Carpathian Wolf , which is originally from Europe (Romania, Slovenia), so it has a very attractive appearance. In addition, they are highly intelligent, active, brave and faithful. They love company and tend to be very calm if given the right attention. Czechoslovakian wolfdog price The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is a breed that resulted from the crossing of the German Shepherd and, of course, the Carpathian Wolf, not long ago, in the now extinct Czechoslovakia. But before falling at the feet of this beautiful animal, it is necessary that we know it in depth in order to understand it correctly, since, being a relatively new breed and a direct descendant of the Carpathian Wolf, it needs its caretaker to have the knowledge necessary for the dog to develop properly .

History and origin of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

This breed is of recent date, its mixture began to be induced in 1955. Being a mixture of wolf and dog , the Czechoslovak wolfdog has around 30/40% of genetic load coming from the Carpathian Wolf, which is why which are quite similar. However, in terms of personality, it is more similar to the German Shepherd, being a faithful dog with a character that makes it good for training . Czechoslovakian Wolfdog The reason why they sought to give life to this new breed was because the Czechoslovak army, at that time immersed in the cold war, wanted a dog that would help guard the borders of its republic and work alongside its soldiers to protect the nation. This is where the fact that some call the Czechoslovakian wolfdog a “ working dog ” comes from. At that time, the aim was to obtain the best qualities of the German Shepherd such as its predisposition to dog training, its cunning and intelligence, among others, and also some qualities of the wolf such as its loyalty, its good health, its endurance at temperatures. low and unfavorable weather conditions. By 1982 the breed had already established itself and had occupied the position of the national flagship breed of the then still existing Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia, and shortly after it was accepted by the International Canine Federation (FDI) in 1999 . Currently, Carpathian Wolves are no longer mixed with German Shepherds to obtain this breed. In our times the descent of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs is continued by mating with each other to ensure their greatest qualities for many generations.

Physical characteristics of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

These canines are quite large, in a way the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog has dimensions that resemble a square, which means that they are as long as they are tall. This is because it has thin, elongated and very strong front legs, which can be very close to each other, the truth is that they are not usually very muscular compared to the hind legs, which are equally long but with greater muscle and fur. czechoslovakwolfdog Normally the Czechoslovakian wolfdog is gray in color , ranging between yellow and silver tones. His facial mask, regardless of the shades, is a light color, and his eyes are normally yellow. Its tail is high and bushy and its hair, in general, is smooth, thick and straight, which changes depending on the season of the year. In the winter it covers the neck of the Czechoslovakian wolfdog, leaving it free in the summer, which is why it is very common for it to shed a lot of hair when it is moving from one season to another. As for its height, it is usually:
  • Males: Between 65 and 67 centimeters.
  • Females: Between 60 and 63 centimeters.
And its weight ranges between:
  • Males: approximately 26 kilos.
  • Females: approximately 20 kilos.
All this depending, of course, on the diet you follow.

Temperament of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

The Czechoslovakian wolfdog is a dog that has a pleasant temperament , as long as it is well educated and constantly stimulated both physically and mentally. They are energetic dogs , they are usually very devoted to their owner and see him as the leader of their pack. He is not very aggressive, unless pushed to do so, as he is a brave dog. They don't usually bark much and rather prefer silence. For this reason, they are not very prone to socializing with other dogs that are very boisterous. Check our blog if you want to discover why some dogs howl. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog breed They really enjoy going on long walks, especially when they have space to run and roam freely, since the Czechoslovakian wolfdog especially enjoys freedom and normally there is no need to worry about them escaping, as they are very faithful dogs that value their master greatly and never They would dare to go too far (unless their life is threatened). It is important to emphasize that the Czechoslovakian wolfdog really needs to be mentally stimulated, since it is important for him to feel that he is useful in the pack. That is why it can be used to work as a watchman , tracker, shepherd on a farm, etc. As love and concern for their master is part of their character, they are dogs that do not get along well with abandonment, change of owner and even prolonged separations. They immensely value the company and especially that of their owner, so, If they were to go through something like this, it is very likely that they would change their temperament, becoming aggressive and solitary. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog training The Czechoslovakian wolfdog generally has a very strong hunting instinct , so it is important that, if you want it to live with other dogs, cats or any other animal, and especially if it is small, it is introduced to it from the time it is born. puppy. Apart from this, the character of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is shy, and it is important to strengthen its social skills from a puppy, not only with other dogs and animals, but also with other people outside its family circle.

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and children

It has never been highly recommended to leave very young children alone with dogs, no matter how friendly they may be, you never know when something may happen that the dog does not know how to handle, simply because they do not have the manners and understanding that a human being does. This does not mean that it is wrong to leave children in the presence of a dog, on the contrary, they can be great friends and very good caregivers , but it is important to supervise them at all times. As for the Czechoslovakian wolfdog, it is necessary to be more aware of your children when you are together, not for fear that it could become aggressive, but because it is a large dog that can hurt a small child unintentionally.

Necessary care of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

It is very common for the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog to shed a lot of hair , so it is not recommended for people who suffer from allergies or dislike this type of thing. However, if there is no problem with it, he is a truly wonderful dog . Care consists of giving the dog a daily brushing if it is winter and, if it is summer, it will need to be brushed at least twice a week. The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog does not require continuous baths, in fact, it is recommended that you only bathe him when he gets significantly dirty. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog puppy On the other hand, it is not recommended that the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog be confined to the garden, patio or any room. It is a social dog and, considering its family as part of its pack, it is vitally important for the animal to always be close to them. He can be very calm, silent and obedient depending on his upbringing, and thanks to this he has no problems being in flats, apartments or small houses. But this can only happen if the Czechoslovakian wolfdog is constantly exercised outside, if not done and not educated correctly it can become destructive. As for food, no particular food is strictly necessary, but many experts suggest that they be provided with raw meat, since they have a particular intestine that needs a bacteria present in raw meat and that would help them always present optimal health. .

Life expectancy of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog has excellent health , normally it does not have hereditary conditions except for the dislocation of the hip, which surely must come from the German Shepherd. But the truth is that the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, as long as it is constantly exercised, both mentally and physically and is in the company of its family, should have an estimated lifespan of between 13 and 15 years of age, normally.

Education and training of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

The type of education of the Czechoslovakian wolfdog must be based on a kind of positive training in which an attempt is made to explain its place in the pack and the hierarchy it has, far removed from deep-rooted domination, which can trigger a power struggle that It is not recommended at all. It is advisable to use clicket training to help shape their behavior without generating inconveniences of any kind and, if possible, the use of professional canine education . But it is especially recommended that the owner has experience with other dogs, so that it is not very difficult for him to understand the majestic Czechoslovakian wolfdog. You can also consult the article on how to train a puppy on our blog for more information.

Usual prices of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

As is the case with any canine, its price will depend on the country where you are located or looking to breed the Czechoslovakian wolfdog puppy . Furthermore, it is important to know if this breed, which is still new, has caregivers in the country where the potential owner of a Czechoslovakian wolfdog is located, since being a very young breed, it is likely that it will not have a presence there. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog puppy care In general, being a modern and special breed, it usually has a price between 800 and 1,300 euros / 900 and 1,000 dollars, if they come from a professional caretaker. And if it is from an individual, they usually range between 400 and 1,000 euros/500 and 1,100 dollars. The Czechoslovakian wolfdog is an excellent wolfdog, perhaps one of the most similar to wolves among all existing breeds. It is majestic, huge and very faithful. It is, without a doubt, one of the most sought after dogs among wolf lovers , since it also has all the charm of the German Shepherd. The truth is that it is a special breed and its owners must have experience with other canines and possess physical and mental strength to understand and be able to handle a dog of this magnitude. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog temperament Also, it is important that the person has time to be in the company of this beautiful animal, it is vital that they always feel part of the family. Often, many owners of a Czechoslovakian wolfdog tend to have more than one dog (it is recommended that it be another specimen of this breed), in order to allow themselves more freedoms. After having weighed all this, it is important that you analyze if you are really willing and aware of what it means to have a dog like this, since it is a dog that will be with you for life and will love you forever, since it cannot stand the abandonment If after thinking it through you want to move forward, congratulations on your decision. This is a wonderful dog with whom you will form emotional bonds that will transcend both of your lives.
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