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Tips to strengthen your dog's defenses

Consejos para fortalecer las defensas de tu perro

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Just like humans, or any other living being, when dogs are in good health they are less likely to contract diseases such as infections or parasites . To keep it healthy, your dog's immune system must be the protagonist and our duty is to keep it strong through a series of care that strengthens its defenses and its health is not threatened. Dogs have a natural defense mechanism that allows them to fight diseases; This is known as the immune system and it works in the same way as it does in humans. Over the years, and with the advancement of technology, man has developed ways to provide an external defense to the dog, which contributes to the functions of its immune system, helps the dog fight these diseases, strengthening its defenses. .

How to strengthen the dog's immune system?

It is through vaccines, and the timely placement of the corresponding doses, that we can help our dog improve its immune system. However, there are other types of measures that we can implement to help improve and strengthen the dog's natural defenses. strengthen your dog's defenses
  • Food : it is the first enriching source of the dog's health. This should consist of a balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals through a high-quality feed that covers all the dog's nutritional needs. You must be careful that it does not contain ingredients that may be harmful to your health. Fresh fruits and vegetables supply a high amount of vitamins, as do barley grass and fresh wheat. Food should always be washed correctly to prevent the dog from ingesting any pesticide residue that could be toxic to its health.
  • Hydration : it is important that your dog is always well hydrated, and in addition, the water you provide for consumption must be clean and fresh. It is also necessary to ensure the constant cleaning of the container where you regularly drink water, with metal containers being the most recommended, since they do not have a porous surface where bacteria can lodge.
  • Exercise : It is essential that your pet stay active. Exercise turns out to be a vital point, although not all races need it in the same way. The appropriate thing is to create a routine that contains walks that allow them to stimulate their muscles. Keep in mind that both the walker and the dog benefit since they both exercise and take advantage of the physical activity. Including toys in this routine is a good option, you motivate the dog to walk and have fun. After playing, be sure to wash their toys frequently with soap and hot water to eliminate bacteria.
  • Hygiene : This aspect is very important. Groom the dog as frequently as indicated by your veterinarian according to its breed and coat. In this way we can ensure that it does not have parasites or insects on its body, and it is also important to brush them regularly. Also take care of your eyes, nose, mouth and ears carefully to avoid diseases. Regular grooming of the dog will allow its health to benefit.
  • Deworming : the dog is in constant contact with the floor and with the polluting agents found therein, so it is not difficult for it to contract some type of internal parasite that could harm its health. This is why it is essential to keep the dog's deworming up to date, through different medications, including natural ones.
  • Responsibility : we must be especially careful when we use personal hygiene products, air fresheners or insecticides, it is necessary to make sure that our dog is not nearby, since the toxins contained in these products can adhere to the dog's paws and/or fur and When he cleans himself, he can collect these toxic residues with his tongue and ingest them, which is highly harmful to his health.
dog's natural defense mechanism

Food supplements

There are various nutritional supplements on the market that help strengthen the dog's defenses, at any stage of life. For example, there are products that contain high amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals that help the dog prevent infections and diseases at different stages of development. This type of food is recommended that strengthens your digestive system, through the elimination of harmful bacteria contained in your intestines, strengthening the immune system and the absorption of nutrients from your diet. However, before giving this type of product to your dog, at Lobo Azul we consider that it is advisable to consult with your veterinarian . foods to strengthen dog defenses

Pay attention to the signs

That the dog is healthy and happy will always be the priorities of its owner, so we must pay close attention to the changes in mood and body that our dogs may present. It is important to keep in mind that when it comes to puppies or elderly dogs, they require more care and attention to the signals they may give us since their health is more delicate, making them more vulnerable. If the dog is depressed, it may get sick more frequently. Changes at home, such as a pregnancy or even a move, can affect the dog's mood, since the level of stress they present affects them, even compromising their health. You must pay close attention when the dog begins to have ear infections, conjunctivitis, allergies or skin problems. If these appear frequently, they may be a sign that our dog has low defenses and his immune system is compromised. strengthen the dog's immune system A nutritional deficit, very strong temperature changes and even the level of pollution in the environment can significantly weaken our dog's defenses, so we must take these factors into account when diseases in the dog begin to be frequent. and we do not understand what is happening given the frequency of their discomfort. However, the best recommendation we can give you to strengthen your dog's defenses is to take him to the vet regularly and follow his recommendations to the letter. These actions and a lot of love will make your pet a healthy and happy dog.
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