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What should I do if my dog ​​eats too fast?

¿Qué hacer si mi perro come muy rápido?

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It is very common to see puppies and adult dogs eat quickly , it seems natural to them and, although it is not the healthiest behavior , veterinarians and experts have not issued a very harsh judgment regarding it. Let us remember that as animals, they were at one time wild, dogs had to fight for their survival, and even if they are the most spoiled member of the family, for them surviving continues to be a primary task. Cubs are often born as part of a pack and have to compete with the rest of their siblings for their mother's milk and, later, for the food they need to grow and be healthy. This competition for food also lies in the fact that, among carnivorous animals, the one who eats the most is the one who survives , and is also the one who has the greatest chance of reproducing. why does my dog ​​eat fast We can also associate it with greedy behavior , if the dog is eating to prevent others from also getting their share. Generally this behavior could also make him aggressive towards people who approach him while he is eating. It is almost never related to a nutritional problem and, at first glance, it may not seem like a very serious problem. However, there are several options that we can take and put into practice to prevent our puppies from eating too quickly .

How can we make them eat slower?

Some dogs eat so quickly that they don't even taste the taste of their food . In addition to not enjoying it, these bad manners could cause other problems such as: vomiting, bloating due to gas or even choking with so much food passing through their throat. There are some tricks that we can implement to improve our pet's eating behavior and you don't need to go too far to find the solution, with a little imagination you can appease that greedy behavior. Here are some tricks: pet eats quickly
  • There are bowls specially designed to prevent our pets from eating too quickly . The way they work is based on the fact that they do not have a conventional shape. This means that it is not the typical deep bowl, but rather like those special cups we bring for lunch, which have compartments. This way, instead of having all the space to bury its head in the food and devour it, the dog will have to work harder to reach the food between the dividers. The aim is for you to realize the flavor it has and learn to enjoy it more. Not all pet stores have these special containers so your dog doesn't eat so quickly . Let's say it's not something that many consider a problem. However, if you can't get it, something that could also help you slow down the speed at which your puppy eats is a cookie cutter, as these have several containers so the dog will have to work to get all the food.
special bowl dogs eat fast
  • Another effective way to help your dog eat more calmly is through games and activities. It is well known that dogs love to play, and many of them live for tricks and, of course, to share with their owner. If you have a garden or patio at home, a good option is to hide small amounts of food in strategic places so that the dog can look for food on its own. With the help of your sense of smell, your senses will develop more as you train, you will exercise and receive rewards for your effort. By hiding small amounts of food we ensure that the dog does not eat everything in one bite but, instead, notices how he receives rewards with every effort he makes. At the end of this, we can always spoil them even more with some of their favorite snacks, which will ensure that they feel even more confident and the next time you feed them this way they will do it automatically, as they already know that their effort will be very well rewarded.
  • Finally, if it is not a problem for everyone in the house, you can take turns feeding the puppy several times a day, always in small portions each time.
dog eats fast

To take into account

No matter how small or how insignificant a repetitive behavior may seem to us, there is always room for doubt. How do we know if this behavior is normal or harmful for our pet? It is best to keep ourselves informed and take care of them in such a way that these behaviors do not have major consequences. In the case of dogs, it is well known that most of them eat excessively quickly. This type of behavior can have serious consequences for our pet , so it is best to put into practice the techniques you have just learned so that your puppy can have healthier eating habits that in the long run will help him stay in shape. and in good condition. sweet dog Our pets are the great darlings of the family, they do not have a way of communicating in our language, but they do communicate in many other ways. Pay attention to the signals they leave you whether at meal time, when sharing with family or other animals and, on a day-to-day basis, your pet will surely give you signals about how well they feel or if they don't. It is in the best of condition. It's all about paying attention and giving them the best care we have available. Without forgetting visits to the vet, if something worries you, no matter how small. Consult your veterinarian and he or she will surely give you the answers and tools to improve it.
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