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Russian Black Terrier - Everything you need to know about this breed

Terrier Negro Ruso -Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre esta raza

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If you like large, dynamic dogs that protect you, the Black Russian Terrier breed will surely be an alternative that will catch your attention. A happy and pretty species but, also, with a charming character, fully adapted to outdoor activities, sports and company.
  • Big size.
  • Weight: Between 36 and 65kg.
  • Hair type: Curly and long.
  • Character: Stable, Strong, Energetic, Vivacious, Confident, Brave
  • Health: Healthy
  • Life expectancy: Between 10 and 12 years.
If you want to make this dog your best friend, the best thing to do is to know every aspect of its life. Origin, characteristics, behavior, how to educate it properly and, even more importantly, the care it needs. For this reason, on this occasion we have prepared an article in which we will describe in the most detailed way everything you need to know about the Black Russian Terrier. Be sure to read this information, which will surely bring you great benefits and help you decide if this breed of dog can become your new adventure companion.

Origin of the Black Russian Terrier

Most aspects of the Russian Black Terrier, Sobaka Stalina , are very interesting, and its history is no exception. It is a cross between the Rottweiler, Airedale terrier and Schnauzer breeds. Carried out by members of the Russian armed forces approximately in the 1940s. This is because the troops required a strong, large and brave animal that will help them in their defense work and other variety of jobs.
black dog of russia
Some time later, specifically in 1957, the Black Russian Terrier breed was known by society . Eleven years later, the breed was presented to the International Cynological Federation, at which time the physical characteristics of the breed were made known more accurately. However, it was not until 84 when it was recognized as the breed is currently called. Although it is a little-known breed today, it has its followers and continues to remain one of the favorites among athletes or people who love outdoor activities.


Due to its name “Terrier” it is mistakenly related to this breed with great frequency. But, on the contrary, it is a tall dog with characteristics closer to the Giant Schnauzer breed. Let's look at some of its most striking features.


It is a dog of enormous size . Their height in males is usually between 66 and 72 centimeters, even exceeding this measurement. While females generally do not exceed 60 centimeters. As for weight, regardless of their sex, these dogs can easily weigh 65 kilos or a little more. Their robust, muscular build and proportionally notable shape give them a rustic appearance. Which denotes that they are dogs prepared for adventures.
russian black terrier

head and face

According to their body, these dogs have a large, elongated head with a flat forehead. On the other hand, his eyes are dark and small. Their ears are also small and triangular in shape, hanging on both sides of their head. A peculiar aspect of the black Russian terrier is that it has a type of beard that gives the face a more square shape.

Tail and legs

The tail, like the legs of this animal, is noticeably thick. It is elongated, and most of the time it remains raised, which indicates that it is a constantly attentive dog.


A thick, rough and often very dense coat usually covers the black Russian terriers, generally black or black with gray, are the variations that can be found. Something particular is that, due to its color and the amount of hair on its head, distinguishing its features with the naked eye can be a bit complicated. In general, the characteristics of the Black Russian Terrier seem to make it an unattractive animal. However, it is quite the opposite, because he emanates an imposing presence according to every aspect of his personality.

Black Russian Terrier Behavior

Overall, this is an incredible dog. Intelligent, well-behaved... Ideal companion who will offer you protection and who also loves outdoor activities. However, due to the profession it originally developed, it is a somewhat distrustful dog, which can react aggressively to unknown people and places, as a way of staying alert. Loyalty is another great virtue of these animals . With their family circle, these dogs are totally affectionate and playful, even with children. Coexistence with other pets occurs easily in these animals. However, in the first instance, they are dominant and appear as a strong race.
Black Russian Terrier
In addition, they are dogs that like life in open spaces. That is to say, an apartment or a building is not ideal for this breed. Poor mobility in a reduced area can generate stress and negative behaviors in the dog. Ideally, those who adopt these animals have basic knowledge regarding training and living with defense or protective dogs. Otherwise it may be a bit difficult to adapt it to an inactive life, and this can cause the dog to become aggressive.


Since these are dogs prepared for defense and work on military bases, in addition to great intelligence they have extensive skill. Learning quickly is a virtue of the Black Russian Terrier, so training these animals will not be a problem. In the beginning, you can teach him basic activities such as socialization, not biting and where to relieve himself. Later, as your behavior develops, new practices will be generated in which more advanced aspects such as tricks or activities related to your safety can undoubtedly be included. Once you have advanced with these learnings, you can also educate him to carry out tasks such as, for example, those that take place in the field, activities that he will enjoy because they are outdoors. Something that should not be forgotten is that, although it is a dog designed to receive strict orders , violence or abuse during training is not recommended, since it is an imposing dog and can become aggressive if it feels threatened or attacked. Patience, tolerance and good spirit in the education of this breed will achieve excellent results.


It is a breed with a great state of health. However, diseases may appear that affect this well-being. Among them: hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, progressive eye damage and even obesity. It may also present basic illnesses, such as allergies or stomach problems, but only in rare cases. As stated, these animals are generally in good health. To a large extent, this well-being will remain in accordance with the care we provide at home.
black terrier

Care of the Black Russian Terrier

Like any dog ​​breed, or other animals, dogs of this species require basic care to ensure that their life expectancy is prolonged enough to enjoy your company. Some of them are:


One of the essential care that the Black Terrier breed must undergo is frequent brushing of its hair . This process should be carried out at least three times a week. Otherwise, significant loss will occur. Like fur cuts, they should be done at least every three months.

Bath and hygiene

Hygiene is of great importance. However, it is not recommended to overdo it in baths. For this reason, it is suggested to take a good bath monthly only if necessary. If not, it may be delayed up to a month and a half.


As we have mentioned, they are dogs that love outdoor activities and are also very dynamic, so it is very necessary to exercise frequently, always taking care not to overdo it. Walking him at least three times a day and dedicating some time to games and training will be enough to keep him in good health.
Russian Black Terrier breed

Attention and affection

Although they are large and brave dogs, they greatly value the company and moments with their families. Therefore, it demands attention and displays of affection, otherwise anxiety or depression problems may be triggered.


Although these are large dogs, excessive feeding can lead to obesity and even stomach diseases. That is why it is suggested to feed it with feed appropriately two or maximum three times a day in small quantities . And combine this aspect with exercises and walks, so that you stay in good shape.

To sum up

Black Russian Terrier dogs are exceptional pets . Although they are not widely recognized today, connoisseurs of this breed value their bravery and dynamism in sports and outdoor activities.
russian black terrier puppies
It is recommended that these animals be raised in open places, especially in the countryside, as the constant movement of the city can cause stress or aggressive behavior. These are distrustful dogs by nature, so training from puppies is ideal to manage their behavior, identify those close to them and control their impulses to attack in any situation. Living in homes with children is not a problem for these animals, as they adapt easily, in addition to being playful and very affectionate with them. It is also necessary to offer quality time to this dog breed, because if they feel alone for a long time, they can suffer from depression or anxiety. Finally, like any other pet, vaccination checks and visits to the veterinarian will help them maintain good health and be well cared for to do their favorite activities and enjoy your company. Learn more about dogs:
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