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Finnish Spitz - We tell you what this active breed is like

Spitz finlandés - Te lo contamos cómo es esta activa raza

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Although it is not a currently recognized breed worldwide, one of the most loving and energetic dogs is the Finnish Spitz . This particular dog breed is widely accepted in homes where it comes as a pet, thanks to its truly special character.
  • Medium size .
  • Weight : Between 7 and 13kg.
  • Hair type : Long, straight and dense.
  • Character : Intelligent, Cheerful, Independent, Loyal, Playful
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 12 and 14 years.
It is a loving, attentive, but above all, energetic dog. It has a large number of skills that, in addition to making it an ideal canine as a companion , make it special for hunting, and it has remained that way for years. This dog, like any pet, requires care, attention and, above all, adequate training to channel the dynamism that characterizes it. Do you want to know more about him? Be sure to read the following information. Next, we will talk about these adorable canines. Health, education, history and everything you need to know before considering adopting this very special breed.

History of the Finnish Spitz

The origin of this breed is one of the oldest in the canine world. It is a dog that from its beginnings was used as a hunter in northern European countries such as Sweden. However, in addition to these skills, they were appreciated for their loyalty and level of care. The acceptance of this breed became more and more notable little by little. Because they have a great sense of smell and precision when capturing their prey, usually birds, it spread throughout the rest of the continent. Although the dogs that served as the basis for the beginning of the breed are unknown, these dogs were associated with wild wolves due to certain genetic traits. However, the development of a more docile character led to these theories being discarded.


It was not until 1982 that these canines were recognized as an official breed. In their place of origin, Finland, these dogs have been highly appreciated, to the point of being considered the country's national dog. This has been by decree since 1979. Currently, although outside the country of origin it is not so popular, it continues to be a canine that is truly appreciated for its hunting skills and a pleasant temperament that characterizes it.

Physical appearance of this breed

These dogs are robust in appearance, medium in size, and have physical characteristics very typical of the breed. One of them is its muscular body, which shows a dog with a formidable build. Standing out above all in its strong legs, which give it great mobility when hunting. Let's look at some of the most notable ones below:

Weight and height of the Finnish Spitz

As mentioned, these are medium-sized dogs. Typically, male spitz reach a height at the withers of 43 to 41 centimeters. While females do not exceed 45 centimeters. With reference to weight, these canines are influenced in this regard by their gender. Thus, males reach a weight of between 14 and up to 16 kilograms. While females can be between 11 and 13 kilograms.


Regarding the head of this breed, it can be established that it has an oval skull. The part of the nose is narrow, while areas such as the cheeks and the upper part, where the ears are located, are a little wider. As for the features of the face, the eyes also have an oval shape. Its ears are set high, they remain constantly erect, which gives this dog an appearance of always being alert. They are small, protruding in the shape of a triangle. The nose of this breed is black and larger in size. It is outstanding.


A special feature of this animal is its fur. This, in principle, comes in two layers. That is to say, it is a temperate canine, ideal for resisting both very low temperatures and the strong rays of the sun. The inner layer of hair of these canines is soft, woolly, quite dense and inconspicuous. On the other hand, the outer layer looks a little more rustic and long. Especially in places like the shoulders. In relation to color, its fur can be red, in two presentations: golden and shiny. In some cases, these dogs can be distinguished by small white spots on their paws. Only this detail is allowed in the official breed standard.

Finnish Spitz Temperament

In addition to its hunting skills, if there is one aspect to highlight about the Finnish Spitz, it is, without a doubt, its character. It is a canine that is constantly pleasant , playful, balanced and attentive. Even when faced with strange people, these dogs do not adopt a negative attitude, although they tend to appear a little distant. However, if he does not perceive any danger, he will be affectionate and attentive. This aspect of the Spitz is favorable for coexistence. With other people, they tend to be very receptive, and at some point, when they generate greater trust, they become seen as playful and very loving dogs. With other pets, this issue can be a bit delicate, because they are hunting animals by nature, which can lead to awakening their instinct in the presence of possible prey.

However, the education of these animals will directly affect their behavior. On the other hand, in a home with children, this pet can be an unbeatable company. Their playful nature, in addition to their strength, can be a favorable aspect for the little ones. Furthermore, it is a very energetic dog. That is, he will know how to keep up with the children. However, they are dogs not recommended to be in closed spaces, since they require a high level of exercise, they will need a lot of space to move and stay balanced, controlling their energy level appropriately. It is important to consider this detail when adopting it, because if you do not have the time necessary to take these canines for a walk, they could adopt negative behavior and become destructive, although this is unlikely to happen.

Finnish Spitz Education

Although the Finnish Spitz is a loving, patient and compassionate dog, we are also talking about a strong, determined and above all very agile animal. These virtues could also become obstacles to the Finnish Spitz education process. Generally, this temperament makes it difficult for the canine to follow the commands given by its guardian. Even more so when the latter presents himself with an imposing attitude. However, there is a solution to this situation. Training based on positive reinforcement is ideal for maintaining a balance between the dog and the guardian. It is important to base your relationship on respect. Therefore, yelling, violence, and other methods used in aggressive training will have no effect on these dogs.

On the other hand, a recommendation that tends to offer very good results is to provide commands and exercises to the dog as if they were games . In an active, friendly and simple way that is easy to understand and that the canine does not feel attacked when listening to its master. It is also necessary not to carry out very prolonged training activities. This will not only limit the dog's learning, but will also cause great fatigue, which will lead it to have an apathetic attitude and reject teaching techniques. Sessions of 15 to 20 minutes will be enough time for the dog to adequately adapt to the lessons you want to teach it. It should not be forgotten that socialization is one of the most basic aspects that must be constantly practiced with this breed.


The life expectancy of the Finnish Spitz is usually 12 to 14 years. That is to say, it is a dog that, if properly cared for and cared for, can live fully and become an excellent companion and grow healthily. However, these dogs are susceptible to diseases associated with their skin. They may suffer from allergies, fungi and skin infections that can significantly alter their well-being. This issue must be rigorously controlled because, in some cases, these infections do not usually present symptoms until they are very advanced. It is then necessary that the necessary considerations be taken into account so that this canine can remain healthy and full of energy at all times. The health of the Finnish Spitz will depend entirely on the care that the owner provides it. We indicate below the most basic ones.

Finnish Spitz Care

As mentioned above, this is a healthy and strong breed. But this does not mean that it does not require important care to continue with this favorable health condition. On the contrary, the care that this breed requires is necessary if you want to prevent them from contracting any disease.

Skin and fur

Without a doubt one of the most basic care in maintaining a dog of this breed is its coat and skin. As we mentioned previously, this is a breed prone to diseases associated with this issue. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of some important aspects:
  • First of all, it is necessary to brush the coat rigorously every three days. This is necessary to remove dirt and avoid the presence of infections that dirt can cause in the canine's coat.
  • Likewise, it is important to verify that there are no fleas, ticks or other elements that may affect their health within their fur or attached to their skin.
  • Skin care is essential, therefore, it is necessary to go to the doctor if you see any signs of irritation on it.


If it is about physical and emotional well-being, exercise is a key factor in achieving these goals. These canines require a wide level of exercise, both walks and routines that help reduce anxiety levels and control the energy released by their body. Long walks are needed, at least twice a day, combined with games, exercises, and even the practice of dog sports, if you want our furry friend to stay healthy. Agility is an appropriate recommendation for canines like this, since it will help them not only physically but will also teach them basic and advanced behavioral commands. On the other hand, it will establish a closer connection with its guardian or owner.


It is important to comply with the dietary recommendations that the veterinarian provides for this dog, since in some cases, these dogs can suffer from obesity if they are not fed properly.

Medical checks

It is necessary to adequately comply with veterinary control, scheduled visits every six months and the proper order of vaccination and deworming schedules. In this way, these canines will be kept in excellent health.

In summary

If what you are looking for is a happy, affectionate but strong and robust canine at the same time, with indisputable hunting skills, then the Finnish Spitz is the ideal dog . A dog full of energy, vitality and strength that has such a happy demeanor that it will be impossible for you to ignore it. They are very energetic animals. That is, they require exercises, company, attention and, above all, adequate education to adequately strengthen their behavior. But remember that they have a lot of strength, so it is necessary to have basic knowledge of dog training so that it can have good results. It is important to give this dog breed the necessary attention and care if you want to enjoy its particular and pleasant behavior, as well as the company of an excellent canine friend. Don't miss out on checking out other articles on our blog:
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