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5 tips to protect your dog from the heat

5 consejos para proteger a tu perro del calor

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The arrival of summer is one of the best seasons to enjoy outdoor activities with our pets. Walks through parks, beaches or any space under a radiant sun may seem like a perfect plan to share with your best canine friend. But these excessively hot and sunny days can also cause certain alterations in the well-being of dogs if the necessary precautions are not taken to avoid harming their health. While it is true that sunny days are the ones that your dog wants to be out of the house, you must consider certain criteria so that the ultraviolet rays and the suffocating heat of some days do not affect him directly.
protect dog from the sun
How to protect your dog from the heat ? This is a very recurring question, because on some occasions, it is mistakenly believed that keeping your dog in the sun for many hours is not harmful, when in reality the opposite is true. With the intention of changing this idea, and ensuring that both you and your dog enjoy hot days without problems, we give you 5 tips to protect your dog from the heat . This information will be very useful to keep your dog healthy even on days with higher temperatures. Don't stop reading it and then enjoy the sunny days to the fullest with your best canine friend.

What does heat cause to your pet?

Before providing advice, it is important to know how excess sun affects our pets . As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, sunny days are excellent for walks and other outdoor activities in the company of our canine friends.
heatstroke in dogs
But, to do this, it is important to take precautions when exposing the dog to the sun, especially if it is going to be for several hours in a row. The first thing to know is that dogs do not have the ability to regulate their temperature like humans. In fact, a curious aspect is that only the pads of these animals, located under the paws, sweat. That is, constant exposure to cold or heat can greatly affect them. Some conditions that heat can cause in dogs are:


High temperatures can dehydrate our dogs very quickly , even more so if they are not provided with enough water. A symptom of this may be constant panting and fatigue. If you notice these episodes during a walk under harsh sun, the dog may be dehydrated.


In most cases, the dog appears tired from walking in the sun, weak and apathetic because the heat makes it lose strength .
Causes of excess sun exposure in dogs

Sunstroke and burns

In the most extreme cases, when they are affected by heat stroke for example, dogs, especially those with very short fur, can be affected by heatstroke and even sunburn on the skin and pads. This can be a complication and a veterinarian must intervene to provide treatment to help heal wounds caused by excessive heat and sun rays.

How to protect your dog from the heat?

If you are wondering how you can protect your dog from the heat and at the same time enjoy the sunny days to do things with him, in this part we have the answer. After knowing some of the conditions that excess heat can cause, we will present five guidelines that will help you guarantee the well-being of your pet during those days.

1. Hydration and rest

As expected, frequent moisturizing is one of the highlights. Always keeping fresh water available for your dog is essential when going for a walk on a hot day. Make sure you carry a bottle of water with you at all times that will last at least the entire ride, especially if it is more than an hour. Every twenty minutes our companion must be provided with enough water to continue the walk.
give water to your dog
On the other hand, whenever you go for a walk on a hot and sunny day, it is important to ensure that the place where you go has trees or spaces where there is shade and the dog can rest comfortably from the sun for a while. As long as he has this rest in the shade and we take the opportunity to hydrate him, the canine will remain calm and happy during the walk. Now, if you are indoors, it is necessary to ensure that the dog always has fresh, clean water available that it can consume whenever it needs it.

2. Moderate walking schedules

During the day there are hours when the sun is much stronger, therefore, the heat becomes more noticeable and less tolerant for the dog. For this reason, controlling the hours of walking will help protect the canine from being exposed to high temperatures. It is already known that dogs are not very tolerant of high temperatures. That is to say, taking him for a walk during “heavy” hours will represent an extra effort for him, because he may suffer from heat conditions, such as burns on his pads (due to the heat of the asphalt, sand or stones) and skin irritations. .
Moderate walk schedules
It is not advisable to take walks between 12pm and 4pm, as these are the hours with the highest levels of heat. Organizing activities with the canine after this time slot will make the outings much more pleasant for him and you.

3. Do not cut your fur excessively

The fur provides heat to the dog, so in summer, for example, it is believed that it is a good option to cut it flush with the skin, thinking that this will help it cool down, but this is not really the case. Cutting the dog's coat in this way leaves it more unprotected from the sun's rays , so when the sun is stronger, the dog can even suffer serious burns, heatstroke and irritation, due to not having a coat that adequately protects it.
heat stroke in dogs
That is why before cutting the dog's coat inappropriately and leaving it exposed to diseases, it is recommended to go to a dog groomer, where they can work on the dog's "shedding" correctly. In extreme cases in which dogs completely lack fur, as is the case with the Xoloitzcuintle or Peruvian Dog breeds, they should not leave the house for a walk in the sun without applying a good sun protection cream.

4. Do not leave it in closed places

Excess heat can cause hot flashes, overexertion and other difficulties in dogs. That is why on hot days, they need to be in open spaces where they can enjoy fresh air. There is no reason for dogs to be left locked in a car with the windows closed, as this could mean a severe problem for the pet , who, by not being able to regulate its temperature, would begin to decompensate, presenting with dehydration and even difficulty breathing.

5. Protect the most vulnerable

Although all pets require the same care in this regard, special attention must be paid to puppies and older dogs.
This is because, due to their early or advanced age, they become more vulnerable: their skin is more delicate and their immune system is more susceptible to alterations caused by the sun and excessive heat. That is why these pets need a little more attention and rigor in following these tips for their well-being.


We hope that these tips are useful for protecting and caring for your pet during hot days and that you can share pleasant times with him once you take the necessary precautions. Learn more about dogs:
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