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Boerboel - an ideal guard dog

Boerboel - un perro guardián ideal

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For those who think that large breed dogs are not suitable for children, the Boerboel breed is the obvious exception to the rule. Well, despite being a large dog, it is the ideal pet for sharing family time, especially with the little ones in the house.
  • Size: Large / Giant.
  • Weight: Between 55 and 79kg.
  • Hair type: Very short and straight.
  • Character: Obedient, Dominant, Territorial, Intelligent, Loyal, Confident
  • Health: Healthy
  • Life expectancy: Between 10 and 12 years.
When it comes to protection and loyalty, this imposing breed knows how to provide both to its owners, which is why it has become one of the favorites for the care of any home, given that it combines its size with a loving and happy attitude. Coming from South Africa, these dogs were bred for life in the countryside, so they are adapted to the outdoors and adventures. However, there is some care that must be provided, without hesitation, to Boerboels if they want to maintain good health and extend their life expectancy. Next, we will detail the most relevant aspects of the breed: the care it requires, its character and origin. This way, you will have all the information to know if these canines are the most suitable for your home.

Origin of the Boerboel

The 1660s is the period in which this breed had its first signs, on the African continent. It is a dog belonging to the family of molossers or bulldogs . Closely related to Bullmastiff , Great Dane and Bullenbeisser breeds (now extinct), which were brought to this territory with the purpose of protecting the settlers' farms. For this reason, it is recognized as a farm and guard dog . The different crosses have resulted in the specimen that is currently known, however, the Boerboel breed itself has not yet been recognized by the International Cynological Federation (FCI) , or any other world-class organization.
South African Boerboel
Only local organizations such as the South African Boerboel Breeders Association (SABT) and the Elite South African Boerboel Association (EBBASA) have validated this breed within the country. Currently it is not only used as a guard dog, but also as an excellent companion, especially in homes with children, due to its friendly and loving character that grants it the favoritism of people, despite being a great dog. size and weight.

Body characteristics

An obviously strong and imposing dog is the image that this breed projects, due to its physical appearance. It is a muscular, robust animal with a well-formed body. Let's learn more about the physical appearance of this great friend below:

Weight and size

One of the most striking aspects of this breed of dog is its height and weight. Both males and females can exceed 100 kilograms, appearing quite muscular. In relation to height, specimens of this breed reach an average size of up to 70 centimeters at the withers. Given its weight and height, the Boerboel requires an owner capable of controlling its movements and training it properly because, although it is a very sociable animal, an unexpected attack can cause injuries to other people.
Boerboel breed


As we have mentioned, this dog is quite muscular . His body has a robust and pronounced build. Both its chest and back stand out noticeably, providing an imposing and intimidating image to other animals and even people. Its legs are thick and firm, they perfectly support the body, allowing it stable mobility and great agility to move despite its weight.


The skull of this breed is distinguished by being wide and flat, proportionally large, in line with its body. Its face offers a deceptive image, as it makes it appear that it is an aggressive dog when in reality it is quite the opposite. Their round eyes can be chocolate, hazelnut or yellow, a very distinctive characteristic of them. The nose is black and medium in size. And their ears are medium-sized, hanging and separated from each other.


The Boerboel is characterized by having a short and dense coat. The colors so far accepted for the breed are dark red, brown, yellow and brindle, very similar to the color of its eyes. In some specimens there may be a black mask on the face, however, not all of them have this characteristic.

Boerboel Behavior

In general, we are talking about an obedient, educated, balanced, loyal and loving dog with its adoptive family. It is a protective dog , so it can be distrustful in the presence of strangers. However, upon noticing the acceptance of these people by their owners, they will remain calm but always alert. This is a noble and very affectionate dog that he considers his family, and will care for his loved ones above all else. That is why if you are in danger, the Boerboel will not hesitate to help you, even having to attack other people. This issue is a bit delicate, since giving these dogs the impression that they are in danger, when they are not, can awaken their protective instinct and attack the person they consider to be harming you. Socialization is very important if you want to reinforce education and behavior towards people close to the family environment.


Coexistence with the Boerboel does not represent a problem, since it is a dog that is very easy to adapt . Although it is a large dog and requires enough space to move, run and exercise, its emotional state will be related to the quality of life and the training provided. In a home with children, this breed fits perfectly. They are friendly, patient and protective, so they will take proper care of the little ones. However, the child must be carefully instructed in how to treat the dog, since when faced with abuse or blows, they usually react negatively. Now, coexistence with other animals is not usually so positive in the first instance. Let's not forget that this is a breed that takes excessive care of its space, which is why it may, in principle, show some misgivings in front of other dogs. However, this will also depend on education, because if he is taught to socialize with other pets at an early age, it will not be difficult for him to adapt to new canine friends later. Always keeping an eye on training is a beneficial way to build the character of the Boerboel.

Education and training of the Boerboel

This breed is of great intelligence and obedience, so it will not take long to learn the orders that are given to it within its training time. However, it is necessary that the person in charge of this process has knowledge about the breed and its management, since the dog is aware of its size and what this represents for people. It is necessary to show determination and security, but without yelling at him or treating him aggressively, as he will react negatively. The ideal is to make him feel that he is collaborating with the training, so it will be more bearable for both of you.
train Boerboel
Positive reinforcement is very important, in this way a correct interaction and relationship of trust will be achieved between the dog and the trainer, which will result in correct education. Starting training around the third week of the puppy's life will allow progress to be seen in a short time, and as it grows, it will become a balanced and educated animal. If, on the other hand, training is not given importance, it is possible that these animals grow up with aggressive and rebellious behavior.


These dogs are generally healthy. They have a life expectancy that increases from 12 to 14 years. However, it will depend largely on the care that its owners offer it to maintain its health and quality of life. There are some diseases that can directly affect the breed . Among them, those related to weight and height stand out: hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and obesity. The first two can be for hereditary reasons or caused by bad movements. Also, excessive exercise carried out by the animal can contribute to the appearance of these. On the other hand, obesity is very common if not fed properly. Let's remember that he is a large dog, so he requires a good amount of food to stay satisfied daily. In addition, eye and hearing diseases are another of the evils that can affect this breed. However, if proper care is maintained, these animals will manage to live in optimal health, offering joy and protection to their family environment.


Although it is a large and robust breed that does not require much care, the Boerboel needs some attention from its owners to stay strong and healthy. Emphasizing that it is a large dog highlights the importance of considering aspects such as physical activity, essential for its well-being.
Boerboel character
Let's see below the care that this breed needs:


As we have said before, we are talking about a large and heavy breed, so daily exercise and long walks are essential if you want to keep the dog active and with a balanced weight. Taking at least two walks a day accompanied by a pleasant exercise routine for the animal will help maintain its health. It is necessary to pay attention to what the pet wants to communicate to you. When you appear tired from the exercises, it is an indication that it was enough, the time has come to stop and rest. Otherwise, excess can cause alterations in your health.


Another important point in the life and maintenance of this dog is feeding. This breed needs around 800 grams of feed per day to stay satiated. That is, it needs a large amount of food, so it is necessary to complement it with exercise to prevent it from developing overweight. An aspect that should not be overlooked is that your diet must necessarily be intended to provide nutrients, especially calcium, so that it strengthens your bones and can continue to support the weight of your body.


Unlike other breeds, the Boerboel is not so demanding when it comes to the care of its coat. Brushing at least once or twice a month, and a bath every four weeks, will be enough for this breed to stay sufficiently groomed.
Boerboel puppy

Veterinary checks

Vaccination control, deworming and visits to the veterinarian are necessary if you want to keep the breed away from diseases. Prevention is a great ally in the well-being of this and other dogs that may be affected by a pathology such as those mentioned in previous paragraphs.

To sum up

The Boerboel is a very special dog, because its presence and physical appearance can be intimidating for those who do not know it, not knowing that behind that robust body is an animal full of love, loyalty and protection towards its own. It is a large animal, so it requires training from a puppy to achieve socialization and positive behavior. The person who trains him must be a person who knows about the breed and is able to control his actions. Ideal for living with children, as it easily adapts to the little ones, being patient and affectionate. And above all, protector in situations that he considers dangerous. Without a doubt, this breed not only guarantees family care, but also fun and loyalty in every shared moment. Get to know other breeds like:
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