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Whippet - Everything you need about this fast and intelligent

Whippet - Todo lo que necesitas sobre este veloz e inteligente

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From the sighthound family, the Whippet is a breed that enjoys great popularity and favoritism. Usually, their athletic yet elegant appearance makes this the main reason. The canines of this breed are characterized by a shy character but notable intelligence.

In addition to this, these dogs have a positive and very playful temperament. His energy is very attractive. That is why it requires great attention and a large number of exercises. If you are considering adopting a dog, it is important that you know everything this canine needs to stay balanced. Learn about its characteristics, physical appearance, health and the education that this particular dog should receive from its first months of life.
  • Medium size .
  • Weight : Between 6 and 19kg.
  • Hair type : Very short and straight.
  • Character : Affectionate, Quiet, Friendly, Intelligent, Vivacious, Gentle
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 12 and 15 years.

Origin of the Whippet

The history of these dogs dates back to approximately the 18th century. Time in which it was known as its own breed, although its resemblance to the Greyhound was undeniable. Even more so because the latter was used in the cross that originated the Whippet breed. Its beginnings are in Great Britain, where it was known as the poor man's race . This is because Greyhounds were characterized as dogs for the upper class. That is, only wealthy people had the power to acquire them. Meanwhile, the Whippet was a more accessible, lower-cost breed.

It was used as a hunting dog in the first instance, due to its tracking abilities and, above all, its admirable speed. The ancestors of these dogs also stood out in speed races. And this dog can exceed 60 kilometers per hour, a speed that is impressive for a dog. From there his popularity grew, becoming the favorite of British society . In addition, other qualities of the breed made it more attractive. However, it was around 1890 when these dogs were officially recognized as a breed, thanks to the intervention of the English Kennel Club .

Physical appearance

Its appearance reveals a canine with unsurpassed athletic gifts , specifically dedicated to racing. His strong, elegant, restless and well-composed appearance reveals each of his physical gifts. He has a marked and slender body, which combines very well with his energy and great dynamism. Its dimensions give it outstanding agility that allows it to excel at speed in a race.

Weight and height

Whippets do not have a standard regarding weight. However, for both sexes, the average weight can be between 9 and 20 kilos. In relation to height, this can vary between males and females. The first can reach between 47 and 51 centimeters. Females, for their part, measure between 44 to 47 centimeters. Both the weight and the height at the withers of these dogs are evidenced by a formidable and well-formed body structure.


The head is thin, elongated and looks flat at the top. Towards the muzzle, its face becomes narrower. The latter is also long and thin. He has eyes similar to two hazelnuts. Its oval shape combines perfectly with the energetic, but innocent expression that its eyes show. On the other hand, the nose of these dogs is medium, dark in color, usually black. Meanwhile, the ears of these animals appear small, set high, triangular in shape and slightly drooping forward.


Its tail is long and thin. However, at the base it can become a little thicker, ending up narrower at the tip.


What characterizes the Whippet's coat is that it is short, thick and dense. But it has a lot of shine. The color of these dogs can be varied: black, white or brown. Although the white remains, it has spots that can be black, tawny, brown, chocolate or a combination of all.

Whippet Character

In addition to its excellent appearance, its temperament is a very attractive attribute , especially if it is a dog intended for company. It is a dog with a truly docile, obedient, tender, sensitive and affectionate character . He also stands out for being intelligent and gentle. A true pet that will fill your days with love and entertainment. The Whippet is a dog that is protective and distrustful of strangers, especially if it perceives any danger. In other words, he will show suspicion if he does not feel comfortable in situations with people who are strangers to his environment.

As for coexistence, Whippets are very spontaneous, affectionate and playful. That is, they are perfect when it comes to companions for children. However, it is important to care for and avoid mistreatment of animals, as this can lead to aggressive behavior. In general, they do not tolerate rough play or abuse. It is important to consider these aspects to ensure the proper development and well-being of our pet. Especially in the case where there are very young children. In relation to coexistence with other pets, it is a little more delicate, since being a hunting dog, the presence of a smaller animal can awaken this instinct and provoke a chase. It is an ideal dog for outdoor activities, sports, walks, hunting or simply to provide quiet company within the home. In both scenarios it will adapt very easily.

Whippet Training

Despite being a somewhat shy dog, the Whippet has outstanding intelligence that will help make training easier for its guardian. It is important to start with socialization, an issue that will be handled without problem, since these dogs are very sociable. However, it is necessary that, from a young age, they live with other animals and people, this way the process will be much more bearable and they will feel at ease with their surroundings more easily. Whippet training, like that of any pet, should be based on positive reinforcement. This is a dog with a very sensitive temperament to respond to commands based on traditional training. It is also important to practice basic commands with these dogs. Mainly because this aspect will influence their behavior significantly. And secondly, because it will establish a strong link of communication with its owner.


Although it is generally a strong breed, these dogs can suffer from some diseases that affect the breed to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the care provided. Cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, heart problems, allergies, skin wounds or hypersensitivity to some chemicals are some of the illnesses that can influence your health. Their life expectancy is between 12 and 15 years. However, the pathologies mentioned above can be directly related to the longevity of the canine. It is important to establish a complete care plan , which includes vaccines, deworming, good nutrition, among other aspects; in order to maintain the well-being and health of this breed for as long as possible.

Whippet Care

The care that must be offered is not complicated. However, it is necessary to know them and comply with them appropriately if you want to extend the life expectancy of these canines and enjoy them for as long as possible. Aspects related to skin care, feeding, exercise and medical check-ups will be necessary to guarantee the dog's well-being at all times. In addition to preventing some of the diseases that commonly affect the breed. Let's see below some of the most important aspects of its care.


Feeding, as with most dogs, must be controlled periodically. Not only to avoid excess food, but also to offer quality feed that helps keep them healthy. The right food will provide the dog with the necessary nutrients to keep it strong and healthy at all times. Also combined with exercises, it will be a very good look to maintain your athletic figure.


Exercise practice is strictly necessary for these dogs. Daily walks, lasting 2 to 3 hours, cannot be missed. In addition, they should be alternated with exercises, sports and games. This will help you maintain balance and release the energy accumulated in your body. If they do not receive a daily dose of exercise, these dogs can suffer from anxiety and adopt destructive behaviors inside the home. It is important to have time to dedicate to walking, training and playing with these dogs, in this way their excess energy can be controlled and they can remain balanced.


Its fur, although hard and dense, is very fine. Without an undercoat, you are likely to be left unprotected in cold temperatures or at risk of frequent skin injuries. This is why protection must be very necessary. First of all, a dog coat to prevent him from getting cold in low temperatures. And, secondly, check their paws after each walk, to make sure that no injuries have been made to the pads.

Medical checks

A detail that cannot be avoided in the care of these little friends is the constant visit to the doctor. At least a checkup every four months will help keep these canines healthy.

In addition, deworming and vaccination will be ideal to strengthen your immune system and thus prevent the appearance of undesirable pathologies.


The Whippet will be an excellent playmate for children, an ideal friend for adults and a top athlete for athletes who want company on their walks or fun practices. This dog has the character and energy necessary to always stay active and enjoy any family weekend plan. He has an exemplary, loyal, docile and affectionate temperament that will not hesitate to protect his loved ones in any situation. But he is also tender and very attentive. So it is a perfect combination. This canine, like others, requires proper training to reinforce its behavior. And also that the necessary care is provided to guarantee their well-being from very early on. Only in this way can you enjoy for a long time the excellent qualities that this dog has to offer your human family. If you liked this post, we have more for you:
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