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How to choose the best dog food, meat or fish

Cómo elegir el mejor pienso para perros, de carne o de pescado

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Scientific advances regarding pet nutrition have generated a kind of boom in different products of animal origin, which is why there is usually some confusion about which food we should choose, whether I eat meat or fish , although this is actually true. It depends on the characteristics of our dog. Below we present 13 things you should know to choose the best food for your dog .

Both are nutritious

The first thing you should keep in mind is that both options are nutritious because they contain a rich proportion of protein , which is one of the most important elements that must be present in a dog's diet. 13 things you should know about meat and fish feed This applies to both meat and fish dog food . Both options are an excellent source of energy and, in addition, due to their particular smell, they are usually very attractive to dogs.

I eat fish, but not just any fish

In relation to fish, there are important reserves to take into account, even more so in these times, because due to marine pollution, a wide variety of species have a high concentration of heavy metals. In this sense, salmon dog food is one of the best alternatives to minimize risks, in addition to also being an excellent contribution of highly valuable nutrients such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 .

Various types of meat

Something that is also important to keep in mind is the fact that there are several types of meat . For example, some variants such as chicken are easily digestible, although if your dog is an adult and has a lot of activity each day, the vigor that beef feed can provide is very useful. I think meat vs fish

Fish alone does not provide all the nutrition, Lobo Azul's Super Premium feed does.

It should be noted that fish feed, when it is composed only of this type of meat, does not represent a food that can cover all the nutritional needs of the dog, even more so in the early stages of life, for this reason it is best to use it as a complementary food, or that is part of a nutritional regime that also includes other types of meat, which represents a more complete diet. However, Lobo Azu l Super Premium fish food contains all the necessary elements for a complete (and correct) diet for the dog. Blue Wolf feed meat and fish

Feed for cases of illness

Due to the milder characteristics of fish feed, this type of food is also especially beneficial for various digestive disorders , as well as in cases of liver or kidney diseases and ailments .

In case of sensitivity

If you notice your dog has diarrhea or other symptoms of discomfort in his digestive system, he may have a high susceptibility or meat intolerance towards certain types of foods. In this case, some types of feed, such as chicken meat, are an affordable and easy-to-digest alternative, although fish feed can also be a good option since they have a high proportion of Omega 3. This helps to strengthen the immune system, thus reducing the incidence of food intolerance . I prefer fish or meat

I feed low in saturated fats

Another factor to take into account is the fact that fish feed is reduced in calories and saturated fats , although of course, this should only be taken into account in cases of liver diseases and other diseases, since dogs have a system that It allows this type of fat to be assimilated more easily and therefore is not as harmful to the cardiovascular system as it is to humans.

I think to improve your appearance

Among the advantages of feed high in Omega 3 is the fact that we can improve the condition of both their coat and skin, and although this is reflected in a brighter and more vital appearance, it is also a reflection of the health of our pet. What do I plan to choose for my dog?

Food for allergies

Many dogs at some stage in their lives can suffer the effects of allergies, which can begin to be explored by changing our pet's food. Consider that the fatty acids found in some foods, such as lamb or fish feed , will strengthen your dog's resistance to pollen and other types of common allergies.

I think for older dogs

Various specialists, such as Bianca Boulton-Major , also consider that fish food is a good alternative for older dogs , because over time the assimilation of red meat becomes more complicated. I feed fish or meat

Composition quality

It is not enough that it is a fish or meat feed, it is important to opt for quality products that explain in detail both the ingredients and the nutritional contribution . If they do not specify the percentage of meat ingredients, or if it is very low, it will actually be a low quality product and where the nutrition of the animal is not being prioritized. Product packaging factors, such as vacuum packaging, will also always be a better alternative compared to bulk foods, which also lack freshness and other important contributions.

Beware of harmful products

Research where it has been documented that various dyes and preservatives can be carcinogenic is reason enough to maintain that this is not just an exaggeration, but rather a factor for those who are truly interested in the health of their pet. Many types of meat feed include this type of artificial components, so it will always be an advantage to opt for alternatives that lack this type of toxic substances. Choose meat or fish feed

To give variety

And finally, an important reason to consider both fish feed and some type of meat is the variety , since pets can also get stressed or tired of the same food, in addition to the fact that a rotation also allows you to expand the sources. of nutrients. Just keep in mind that there is a recommended period of 2 to 3 weeks to make the changes, which is also the time to ensure that our pet does not have any adverse reaction to any type of feed. With a little observation, care and information, you can provide a more complete and healthy diet for your pet.
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