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Maltipoo – Everything you need to know about the adorable one

Maltipoo - Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el adorable

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Throughout canine history, it is the search for animals with particular qualities such as strength, resistance or protection, which results in crosses that have led to specific breeds such as the German Shepherd or Bloodhound. However, there are hybrid breeds that, although they are known, their origin is unknown. This is the case of the Maltipoo .

  • Small size .
  • Weight : Between 2 and 7kg.
  • Hair type : Abundant.
  • Character : Intelligent, attentive and active.
  • Health : Healthy.
  • Life expectancy : Up to 14 years.

An adorable dog breed from the United States, whose birth occurred as a result of the cross between the Maltese and the Poodle . This particular mix makes this animal an adorable, intelligent and above all attentive pet.

The characteristics of both breeds did not go unnoticed in the Maltipoo, but it also has its own qualities that make it an unmatched pet . Although its origin is recent, it has become very popular and is a highly desired pet.

Do you want to know more details about this tiny friend? In this article we will describe in more depth the characteristics of this pet: health, care, history and everything you need to know before adopting a specimen.


The story of the Maltipoo's beginnings is quite simple. They are dogs that date back to 1990 in the United States, although the exact date and place where they were first seen is unknown.

Its name is made up of the breeds on which the crossbreeding that gave rise to its existence was focused. Maltipoo, comes from Maltese ( Malti ) and Poodle ( Poo ), specifically.

This breed falls into the group of hybrid or mixed breed dogs . Characterized as a group of animals from crosses between pure breeds, with the purpose of creating more attractive dogs or more suitable for the health of people.

Maltipoo breed

In the case of the Maltipoo, it was for the second reason, since it is a hypoallergenic dog . Both the Maltese and the Poodle have this characteristic in their coat, therefore it is ideal for anyone.

The adorable personality of this little dog made it very easy for him to quickly become popular in society, shortly after his birth. Becoming one of the favorite pets.

However, at the level of cynological associations, these canines are not considered an official breed, because they are classified as a hybrid or crossbreed. Therefore, there is no official standard for this adorable breed.

Physical characteristics

Defining the Maltipoo as an adorable ball of fur is one of the most accurate descriptions. It is a small, compact animal with a light appearance, which stands out for its abundant fur.

To date, there is no official breed standard that identifies detailed aspects such as weight, height and other physical characteristics. However, within what is known, it is important to highlight the existence of three types:

Maltipoo teacup

It can reach a weight between approximately 2 and 4 kilograms.

Maltipoo toy mini

Its weight varies between 2.5 and 5 kilograms.

Maltipoo toy

It can weigh up to 7 kilograms maximum.

The difference in weight is what distinguishes the Maltipoo species among themselves. However, there are no major distinguishing characteristics, since their coat and physical appearance in general are very similar to each other.


A worthy descendant of its crossbreeds, this dog has a long, fine and dense coat very similar to that of the Maltese, in very varied colors, as is the case of the Poodle. The best of all is that it inherited its hypoallergenic characteristic from both dogs, so it is an ideal dog for all types of people .

The most common colors of these mixed canines are white and cream. However, it is common to get black, gray, beige, blue and even brown specimens.

Maltipoo puppies

As puppies they are adorable canines, both in appearance and behavior. They are excessively hairy and also exaggeratedly sweet. They require great attention and affection on a permanent basis.

maltipoo puppy

As they grow, they appear more mature, but they still need the company of their loved ones. They are also developing a playful and very active personality that will require a high level of exercise and walks to stay balanced.


If you have read about the characteristics of the Maltese and the Poodle, then the temperament of the Maltipoo will be very familiar to you, because, as in other aspects, it honors its breeds of origin.

It is an intelligent and very attentive canine species . It depends totally on its owners, in the sense that it does not tolerate excessive loneliness.

You must consider this aspect if you decide to adopt him, because if you do not have the time to spend accompanying him, playing and showing him affection, this dog can fall into a strong depressive state, which will even affect his health.

They are also very active and playful dogs, so they require a frequent exercise routine and long walks in which they can discharge their energy and stay balanced.

They are pets that adapt to any place, be it the countryside or the city. As long as they are accompanied by their families, they will not have any problems.

They are balanced and very loving, just like Poodles, they sense if their owner is sad and will try to cheer him up by showing him affection at all times.

In addition, they are ideal for homes with children , as their energy and sweetness will catch the attention of the little ones. However, before leaving it near a child, we must teach it to play in moderation and the treatment that children should give to canines, since they are vulnerable and can get hurt.

maltese and poodle cross

They are not very suitable dogs for surveillance activities, because although they are attentive, they are friendly with everyone and this puts them at a certain disadvantage.

Living with other pets is also positive, they adapt easily to the presence of other animals and enjoy playing games in the company of other dogs.

For older adults, this breed also makes an excellent companion. He will enjoy walks or simply being next to his owner for long hours.

Maltipoo Education

Combining the intelligence and attention of the Maltese and the Poodle , the Maltipoo is a very easy breed to train . Training these canines will be simple and very fun, as they are also witty and it will be fun to guide them through training.

However, it must be taken into account that socialization must begin from an early age, in this way it will be guaranteed that the canine is formed with balanced behavior and does not lose its natural sweetness and the characteristic personality it possesses.

It is also important to consider that this is a docile and obedient pet, which not only makes training easier, but also facilitates the use of positive reinforcement in the training process.

This is very accurate because, like any other pet, this one does not respond favorably to shouting or abuse. On the contrary, training based on motivation and reward will yield better results.

Also try to be consistent in training. Because, although it is an intelligent and obedient dog, it is important to maintain consistency and, above all, discipline. You must teach your dog to identify when it is time to train and play, this way, he will concentrate on training and learn each of the lessons, commands and tricks that you have prepared to teach him.

Start continuously with basic commands, this will determine your canine's behavior and will make it easier for him to coexist with other pets and people.

Subsequently, complement this teaching with tricks and more advanced commands. When he reaches adulthood he will be a balanced and educated pet, but also fun and witty.

It is also essential to highlight that training should not be excessive. The best way to obtain favorable results is to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to training. Exceeding this time will be exhausting for the dog, who will not follow commands after appearing tired.

Consistency, dedication and moderation will be key for the canine to acquire the knowledge necessary for successful training.


If there is a counterproductive effect of crossing canines, it is that there is the possibility of inheriting diseases characteristic of both breeds.

Maltipoo mix

In this case, although it is a fairly healthy breed with a life expectancy of up to 14 years, it has the typical diseases of both the Maltese and the Poodle. Among them are:

progressive retinal atrophy

It is one of the most common disorders among both races. It must be diagnosed early, as the progressive condition can cause permanent vision loss.

Gastric disorders

Abdominal distension, which is usually more common in Poodles, is another of the diseases present in them.


Respiratory conditions, dental problems, or hip and elbow dysplasia are some of the traumas that can affect the Maltipoo.

The most important thing is to take care of the health of the canines. Maintain an adequate regimen of visits to the doctor and, in addition, take care of compliance with deworming and vaccination of this breed if you want to keep it healthy.

Maltipoo Care

This is one of the most dependent dog breeds that exists . It requires affection in large quantities and permanent company. Otherwise, you could fall into depression or separation anxiety.

Among the most notable care that you need we have:

Attention and affection

As we have pointed out, attention and affection are essential aspects in the well-being and health of this canine. This little one undoubtedly requires ownership of the canine's attention, because he can suffer from separation anxiety if he is left alone for many hours.

maltese poodle hybrid breed


This is characterized by being a breed with great energy and can be hyperactive. The most important thing is to ensure that you have a frequent exercise routine tailored to your physical activity needs, this way you will remain balanced.


Bathing once a month and brushing twice a week will be necessary to keep our little friend impeccable. Let us remember that this is a dog with hypoallergenic fur, so it does not shed hair at all, which makes it much more hygienic.

Vaccines and deworming

Frequent medical checkups, vaccination compliance, and deworming schedule will help keep this canine in good health and well-being.


Without a doubt, this is one of the most suitable dogs for any family. Sweet, healthy, energetic and friendly, are the main characteristics of these beautiful little friends.

Before adopting these popular canines, it is necessary to consider whether you have enough time and availability to provide love and attention to this breed. Well, it requires a lot of care .

What is certain is that he is an unparalleled companion, easily adaptable to any place and will make you laugh with his witticisms and intelligence.

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