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The best family movies starring dogs

Las mejores películas familiares protagonizadas por perros

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Dogs are an important part of human life. They are considered man's best friend, they serve as help as police officers, rescuers, for the disabled and contribute with curative therapies. In addition, they are tender, affectionate, intelligent, faithful and endearing. People adopt a dog and it becomes another member of the family. Dogs can be trained and educated to have appropriate behavior, but also, thanks to their intelligence, they are trained to perform as actors. There are numerous films based on dog stories in which they are the protagonists of great feats that end up reminding us why they are so important in our lives.

Famous movies starring dogs

There are many dog ​​movies that have been brought to the big screen. Action, animation, humor, drama or any type, with real images or cartoons, we have all enjoyed one at some point. Below we remind you of some of the most famous that you should enjoy and that you will surely always remember:

Lassie Come Home

This cute dog is perhaps the most famous of all time when it comes to movies. The story of this loyal Rough Collie was filmed in 1943 and tells how Lassie struggles to reunite with her family , who were forced to sell her to a rich duke. From this film emerged the also famous television series “Lassie”.
Lassie Come Home


This famous family film starred an intelligent 15-year-old canine named Higgins . The story of this heroic dog is based on the rescue he achieved of two kidnapped children. This film served as the basis for the creation of the television series Petticoat Junction , which became a classic.

Partners and Hounds (Turner and Hooch)

This is one of the classic police and dog movies that allowed us to enjoy the renowned actor Tom Hanks in his role as an elegant detective alongside a French Mastiff named Hooch , a not so well-behaved dog. The animal helps him solve a crime but, at the same time, a sweet and fun relationship between the two characters is shown.
Partners and hounds

Hachiko: Always by your side (Hachi: A Dog's Tale)

This moving film is based on a true story from the 1920s. A Tokyo university professor, played by Richard Gere, encounters an adorable Akita dog at the train station that he names Hachiko . The professor decides to adopt him, from which a beautiful relationship is born that lasts more than ten years. During that time, the loyal animal waited for his owner every day at the station until he returned from work. After the professor's sudden death, Hachiko continues to go to the station every day to wait for him.
This is the remake of the Japanese film also called Hachiko. In the moving film you will be able to appreciate the honesty and loyalty of a dog towards a person. In fact, in Japan there is a monument in honor of Hachiko.


Who doesn't know this great success? The children, especially, were fascinated by this film. The protagonist is an adorable Saint Bernard who is chased by an evil veterinarian who tries to use him for experiments, but is finally saved by the father of the family who had adopted him.
BEETHOVEN one more of the family

A couple of three (Marley and Me)

The adorable Labrador Retriever dog named Marley comes into a couple's life to give them moments of excitement, mischief, sweetness and even sadness. It is based on the story of a book written by John Grogan.

The husband's fear of having a baby leads him to give his wife a cute puppy to distract her and postpone the moment of becoming parents, but this little friend ends up becoming his “adopted” son.

Below Zero (Eight Below)

It is also based on a true story and the famous Japanese film Antarctica . This feature film tells the story of the rescue of two Alaskan Malamutes and six Siberian Husky dogs, which their trainer unfortunately had to leave abandoned at a research station due to a strong storm. Between the beautiful scenery, the dogs' unique personalities, and Paul Walker's excellent performance, the film becomes a spectacle to behold.

101 Dalmatians

The Disney classic , filmed both in cartoons and in live action settings with real-life characters, is a must-see. This film shows the story of a couple of people who bring together their two Dalmatian dogs, Pongo and Perdita. After their canines increase their family with a litter of 99 puppies, they have to fight hard against an evil and obsessive designer, Cruella de Vil, who wants to trap the dogs to make her outfits and coats with their beautiful furs.
101 Dalmatians

K9 Super Agent

Another story about a police dog that you should include in your list of movies to watch. Here again a dog has a main role.
K9 Super Agent
This time, Agent Dooyle, played by James Belushi, is assigned a co-worker, a beautiful German Shepherd dog . This is a police dog, named Jerry Lee, an expert in detecting narcotics. It is a comedy that guarantees laughter, emotion, action and suspense. A beautiful friendship grows between the detective and the police canine, despite the fact that the dog causes compromising situations that generate stressful moments. The film was so successful that two sequels to the exciting film were filmed .

My dog ​​Skip, a puppy to grow (My Dog Skip)

This film was based on a novel by Willie Morris, one of his best-selling works. Optimistic and with a social message full of hope. The protagonist is a shy and lonely boy from Mississippi named Willie, who is given a Jack Russell Terrier puppy by his parents. The role of the dog is its important participation in the child's evolution, helping him to gain self-confidence and face his problems in socializing.
My dog ​​Skip
The film received excellent reviews and won a Critic's Choice Award for Best Family Film . This work shows the well-being that a pet can provide to the entire family and, mainly, to the little ones.
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