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Flanders Mountain Dog: a huge and versatile breed

Boyero de Flandes: una raza enorme y versátil

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In the group of large dogs with notable abilities, the Flanders Mountain Dog stands out, a breed of prominent size, recognized for its livestock herding work, which is why it is commonly seen growing on farms and outdoor spaces.
  • Size : Large-Giant.
  • Weight : Between 27 and 40kg.
  • Hair type : Thick and abundant.
  • Character : Intelligent, docile and friendly
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 10 and 12 years.
A robust animal, with a remarkable appearance, to a certain extent intimidating, with loyal and overprotective behavior, with numerous qualities that make it an exceptional companion. Do you want to know more about the Bouvier of Flanders? In the following article, we will develop the basic aspects about this breed. History, physical characteristics, behavior, education, health and care. Be sure to read the information we have prepared and discover if this canine is the companion you need.

Origin of the Flanders Mountain Dog

There is, until now, no specific documentation related to the history of the Bouvier of Flanders. The theories are diverse, what is quite clear is the influence of breeds such as the Mastiff, the Barbet and the Picardo in the creation of this canine species. Among the different theories surrounding the beginnings of this breed, two are the most recognized. Firstly, the offspring of these dogs is directly associated with the peat bog dog, a wild animal that managed to be domesticated by humans.
bouvier of flanders
Secondly, and until now the most accepted theory, is the transfer of these dogs to Flanders, Belgium , by the Spanish during the 16th century. However, the breed as it is known today, resulted from a crossing carried out by the owners of herds in said city in order to gather the necessary characteristics for the protection of their livestock in a single animal. Hence these dogs were used mainly for this purpose: herding flocks. However, his skills grew. He became an excellent shooting dog, also a high-caliber tracker, and currently his role as a guard dog is also well recognized in his hometown. The first breed standard was published in 1912, accepting different colors and sizes. Later, around 1922, the characteristics of this great friend, also known as " Bouvier ", were defined in more detail. Although its popularity has not been so great, this breed is highly valued by dog ​​breeders and dog breeders. the Agriculture . Its physical characteristics greatly facilitate the fulfillment of its functions and have also made it an easy-care dog that prefers a quiet life in the countryside rather than in the city.

Characteristics of the Flanders Mountain Dog

The Bouvier is undoubtedly characterized by its imposing and robust body build, and by being slightly longer than tall. A dog that also stands out for the abundant thick fur that covers its body, especially on its face. He is of prominent height and weight, adding, in addition to presence, a strong image in accordance with his role as guardian and shepherd.
belgian mountain dog
Let's look at some of the most striking characteristics of this dog breed:

Weight and height

As mentioned, this breed is large, regardless of its sex. Regarding size, it can reach between 62 and 68 centimeters. While the weight is around 30 to 45 kilograms.

head and face

The head of this breed of cattle dog is large, proportional to its body. It has a rounded and thick appearance. A distinctive aspect of it is that its face is covered by dense fur, a kind of beard. Their eyes are oval, usually light in color, unlike their dark-colored nose, which is medium and protruding. It has an unremarkable medium snout, as it is covered by fur that disguises a strong bite. Its ears are located on the top of its head. Normally, these fall slightly to their cheeks. However, in some countries they are cut into a high insertion and triangular shape, a situation that is unpleasant. However, fortunately, this practice has now been limited.


Typically, the tail of this breed is docked at an early age. Although in some cases, these dogs have the peculiarity of being born without a tail, an aspect that makes them even more different from the rest of the breeds.

Coat of the Flanders Mountain Dog

Thick, dense and medium long, this is the outer coat of this furry companion, which predominates in areas such as the face where it is excessively evident. However, they also have an inner layer, which is more like a kind of soft and silky wool, whose function is to protect you from very cold temperatures. The accepted colors for this breed can vary from black to gray, through colorations such as brindle or tan.

Temperament of these dogs

Due to its size and the function it performs as a herding and guard dog, it is believed that the Flanders Mountain Dog is a dog with a difficult character. The reality is that it is a really intelligent, docile and friendly breed, but also very energetic, which always remains active. Loyalty towards their loved ones is an aspect that stands out in these dogs, they are on most occasions loving towards them and enjoy spending time with their loved ones, in addition to the displays of affection and attention they give them.
Bouvier des Flandres
Coexistence with the Flanders Mountain Dog is a very simple issue, since they love to be outdoors, which is why they prefer life in the countryside, where they have enough space to get all their energy out on walks and exercises. With strangers he is distant at first. However, he adapts easily, as well as in the presence of other dogs. It is important to educate them in this aspect, so that they grow as an emotionally balanced animal and can share their space. With the little ones in the house, these dogs are patient, playful and an inexhaustible source of energy, so they will get along very well. However, it is important to teach children how to treat the canine to ensure that there are no actions that the dog may consider as abuse. These dogs love the company of their families, they do not tolerate being alone for a long time, therefore, it is necessary to have time daily to dedicate enough attention to them so that they are emotionally stable.

Bouvier Education

As we have detailed, this is a very intelligent breed , so training it is not a complicated issue. However, in these dogs, maturity is a really slow process. In fact, they are considered to have reached maturity at least until they are three years old. Therefore, education is essential to build your character. As in many breeds, the main aspect that must be taken into account from an early age in the training of the Flanders Mountain Dog is socialization. Starting from its first weeks of life will ensure that it is a friendly, balanced animal and prepared to live with other people and animals.
Flanders Mountain Dog breed
On the other hand, training about the rules that must be followed inside and outside the home are really important because, being a very active animal, it can cause different damage if it is not properly guided. His learning may be slow, but he will enjoy every aspect of his education as long as it is carried out in a positive and constant way, avoiding shouting and abuse that can trigger negative behaviors such as aggression. On the contrary, training these dogs with motivation strategies, games, and rewards will guarantee a comfortable and trusting relationship between the tutor and the canine, which will undoubtedly give very good results, evidenced in its behavior.


The Flanders Mountain Dog has been characterized as a truly healthy breed . Their life expectancy is between 10 and 12 years, enjoying high well-being, however, this will largely depend on the care that their owners provide in relation to food, hygiene, among others that we will talk about later. Although their health is, in most cases, very good, these canines can be affected by hereditary diseases such as elbow or hip dysplasia, in which cases medications should be consulted with the veterinarian to make the discomfort caused by them milder. . Some digestive disorders, such as stomach torsion, are another pathology that can affect the Bouvier of Flanders, although its appearance only occurs on some occasions, it is not common. However, it is important to avoid the aspects that may cause it to occur. In the case of females of this breed, the appearance of cysts in the ovaries can be a common health problem. It is necessary for the veterinarian to constantly evaluate their condition to determine the steps to follow in these cases, so as to avoid conditions. of greater severity.

Care of the Flanders Mountain Dog

Although, as mentioned above, it is a very healthy breed, care for the Flanders Mountain Dog is as important for its well-being as for any other animal. That is why knowing the aspects that need to be paid the most attention is really necessary.
Flanders Mountain Dog puppy
Let's see what care this dog needs for its well-being:

Physical activity

First of all, we must mention outdoor exercise as a priority in the care of this breed . It has been detailed that it is a very energetic and active animal, which is why it needs a large amount of daily exercise to stay mentally and physically balanced. At least three daily walks, 30 minutes each, will be necessary. Furthermore, it should be noted that these dogs need constant space. They are fully accustomed to life in the countryside, although they adapt easily to other spaces; it is important to have a large garden where they can move freely.


Although it is not an issue that requires great rigor, it is important to take care of the eating habits of this pet, as it can cause stomach disorders and even suffer from obesity if the quantity and quality of the food is not carefully controlled.


Although it is a rustic pet, accustomed to life in the countryside, hygiene, especially brushing these dogs, is very important to maintain their coat. Carrying out this process several times a week and a bath at least every fifteen days will be enough care for these canines.


The Flanders Mountain Dogs, despite their size, demand a considerable amount of time and company, otherwise they could suffer from anxiety due to depression. That is why these aspects must be taken care of and have the appropriate time to dedicate to these dogs.


Although it is an animal that became popular as an excellent herding dog and for its guarding skills. The Flanders Mountain Dog is much more than that. Its noble, friendly, intelligent and energetic behavior makes it worthy of recognition as a great pet. He is a cooperative dog, full of temperance and very self-confident, but with a temperament as sweet as his enormous body. Ideal for outdoor activities and country life, as they prefer open spaces. These dogs will not fail to fill you with affection and help in the tasks that you can assign to them, as far as possible. More dog breeds that may interest you:
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