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Fila Brazilian - A keeper for the family

Fila Brasileño - Un guardián para la familia

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One of the best family companies you can imagine is Fila Brasileño . This is a breed of dog that stands out for being extremely loyal to the family and for being protective of those around him. Once a Fila Brazilian comes into the family, you will completely forget what life was like before having one in the home.
  • Size : Large / Giant.
  • Weight : Between 57 and 82kg.
  • Hair type : Very short and straight.
  • Character : Docile, Determined, Obedient, Loyal, Brave
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 9 and 11 years.
Do you know anything about these wonderful dogs? If you have heard of them you will surely know that they are born guardians, and if they are raised well they are excellent life companions; However, there are many more facts about the Brazilian Fila to know, some of them below.

Origin of the Brazilian Fila

As its name indicates, the Fila Brasileño has its origins in the Latin American country. Although its origin is not well known , the most accepted theory is that it was created from a mix between the English Mastiff , the hunting bulldog and the Bloodhound dogs. This particular mix of breeds also gave the Fila another very popular name; the Brazilian Mastiff. This breed was created to take care of the farms of the settlers of that time. Their tasks ranged from tending the plantations, or guarding the flock, to hunting and tracking. The Brazilian Fila inherited its good tracking skills from the houndblood and this was how it could keep its prey in its sights (or rather, on the scent) until receiving orders from its owners. From the English Mastiff he inherited a large and strong body, with great muscular and skeletal capacity that allowed him to protect whatever was assigned to his care.
Brazilian Fila
Due to its size and aggressiveness, the Brazilian Fila is not well regarded in some countries and some have even banned its breeding and adoption, such as Israel, Denmark, Australia, among others. In countries like Spain, the Brazilian Fila is considered a potentially dangerous breed due to its low tolerance for strangers, and certain legal requirements are necessary for the adoption of the dog.

Physical characteristics of the Brazilian Fila

Fila or Brazilian mastiffs are large dogs. The males of this breed can measure up to 80 cm in height and their weight ranges from 60 kg to 80 kg . As you can see, this breed of dog is really large, which gives them that intimidating appearance the first time they meet. you see them. For females the story does not vary much, they can measure up to 70 cm and their weight ranges from 40 kg to 60 kg . In both cases, the female and the male are large enough to carry out their job as guardians of the home. With great muscle tone, Fila dogs have short, smooth and soft fur. Its skin is thick and the characteristic that stands out the most to the eye is the skin that hangs from its neck and snout (a feature inherited from the houndblood). Its ears are drooping and wide in the shape of a V. The nose is black. And the colors of their fur range from black to reddish brown, brindle fur and yellow, they may have white spots on their chest and their snout is commonly darker than the rest of their body.

Behavior of the Brazilian Fila

The Brazilian Fila is not a recommended dog for those people who have little or no experience in breeding large dogs , they are a difficult breed and although they become very faithful with their family members, they can also become very aggressive with people. unknown. It is important to keep in mind that this is a strong-willed dog and will not always obey its owner's commands. Like all dogs defined as mastiffs, Fila dogs or Brazilian mastiffs are dogs that need great care to stay happy and healthy. Just as great strength, vigor, and protective aggressiveness prevail in them in the presence of strangers and possible threats, we can also find in them enormous courage, nobility, kindness, and an unquestionable devotion to their family.
Fila Brazilian dog breed
The Brazilian Mastiff needs to spend a lot of time with his family . Leaving the dog alone for a long time in the yard or in another place, in addition to being cruel, will only cause aggressive behavior both with the family and with strangers. The Brazilian Fila is not usually a noisy dog, its temperament when it does not perceive any danger around it or its family is rather calm and friendly. Although he is not known for being a playful dog, he has a good tolerance for the presence of children, as long as he is familiar with them. However, all this changes when the mastiff perceives that someone unknown is entering its territory or feels that in some way they are violating the people in its care. Its bark is powerful and it is not advisable to walk it without a muzzle. In some places it is even prohibited to walk the Brazilian Fila in public areas due to its bad temperament in front of individuals it does not know, this being a trait ingrained in its way of being since its creation. , since this was made thinking about looking for a reckless and guard dog that would take care of animals, farms, crops and families. We can say that his temperament varies depending on who he is with. When it feels threatened it is very difficult, even for its owner, to control this behavior. For this reason, one of the best things that the owner of a Brazilian Fila can do is teach him to socialize from a very young age, offer good education and character so that the dog becomes loyal and obedient, however, this last characteristic is not very easy to get in this type of mastiff.

What is the best way to train a Brazilian Mastiff?

It is best to do it from a young age, their training will not be common, as we would see with other dogs. He will not be taught to fetch the ball or do tricks, rather, the training of a Brazilian fila consists of teaching him to socialize from an earlier age. This in order to avoid possible attacks on other people and other animals. This trait of aggressiveness will not be completely eradicated from our dog's behavior, however, training will help them combat those everyday moments where they must face an unknown person or some other animal, and instead of reacting violently or aggressively, I can get over it calmly. The Brazilian Fila needs an owner who acts as a trainer, and can teach him to socialize calmly and with great tact, thus preventing the dog from creating an environment where he is the master and not others. For this same reason, it is not recommended that someone without experience with dominant dogs adopt this type of dog. It is an option to seek the professional services of a trainer specialized in this breed of dog.

Feeding the Brazilian Fila

Because they are large dogs, it is necessary that the food for these specimens be of quality (with a high-end feed ) and in generous portions. It is equally important to pay close attention to what we feed. When dogs are puppies , it is most recommended to give them up to four cups of food a day, between eight and twelve weeks of age, as this is the stage in which they develop the most. As the months go by, the amount of food decreases, for example; Between three and six months of age, the ideal is to feed them three meals a day. And again this will decrease when they reach one year of age, where it is most recommended to feed them two high-quality meals a day. Fila Brazilians are prone to gaining weight, which is common in large breeds, and this can cause serious health problems such as hip dysplasia. Choosing high-quality food and giving them enough water to keep their enormous body hydrated are the necessary actions we must take to maintain the good health of our dog. In addition, Fila dogs can eat foods such as vegetables, fruits, boiled eggs, their food in the company of soup, all this in measured quantities to prevent them from gaining weight.

Brazilian fila offspring

Like all large breeds of dogs, the female Brazilian Mastiff has the ability to have many puppies in a single litter . It is advisable to stay with the dog throughout the birth process in case any complications arise or help is needed. The most common thing is for them to isolate themselves and look for a place to give birth and the best thing we can do is offer them a comfortable place to bring the puppies into the world. If she is a first-time dog she can have eight puppies, then in the next litters the number of puppies can increase. However, if we do not have much experience we can also use a veterinarian to help us throughout the delivery process. In this way we will guarantee that the puppies arrive in the safest way and our dog also has a safer and uncomplicated delivery. It will also be necessary to take the puppies for a veterinary evaluation. The corresponding vaccines must be applied, as well as a dewormer. As puppies, these dogs are as delicate as any other breed, so it is important to keep a close eye on them and make sure they are in a warm place.

What care does the Brazilian Fila need?

The Brazilian Mastiff has a soft, short coat that is very easy to care for. Brushing it once a week is usually enough to keep it clean and strong. When bathing him, it is best to use a hair conditioner to keep his coat soft, smooth and shiny. You should receive a bath every three months or sooner if you are very dirty, using a shampoo that does not harm your skin. We should also check their ears once a week and clean them if necessary, with cotton wool and baby oil, never with a cotton swab because we don't want to hurt them. Their nails should also be cared for, cut them once a month. Brushing your teeth is also an essential step to keep your teeth and mouth hygienic. It is important to do it with a soft-bristled brush and there is even a special toothpaste for dogs that will not cause any harm. As for their physical health, to keep their muscles and skeleton active and in good shape, one walk a day will be more than enough since they are not dogs that need excessive physical activity. Since they are such large dogs, having a large yard where they can play and move around freely from puppy to adulthood will help them a lot.
Brazilian Mastiff

To take into account

Fila Brasileiros are special dogs, in fact, this breed has been proclaimed as the national dog breed in Brazil . It is important to give it the importance it has and not underestimate it by letting ourselves be carried away by its reputation as aggressive dogs. Brazilian filas will not only be with you on those hot summer afternoons, they will stay with you in autumn, winter and spring. They are extremely loyal and affectionate dogs with their owners and their families. Although they are not a breed of dog recommended for all people, if you are looking for a guardian that is loyal, faithful and noble, this breed of dog is the one for you. Keep in mind that they have a strong character that is difficult to handle, but it's all about giving them the best education from when they are puppies so that once they are adults they will know how to behave in situations that make them bring out their oldest instincts. Having a Brazilian Fila in the family is having a loyal, loving, strong companion capable of ensuring the well-being of our family.
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