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Long-haired collie - Know all the details of this breed

Collie de pelo largo - Conoce todos los detalles de esta raza

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Most dog breeds make exceptional pets if they are well trained. But there are some whose ability to improve their master's mood, or provide tranquility, is even greater than the rest, an example of this is the Long-haired Collie .

  • Big size .
  • Weight : Between 18 and 29kg.
  • Hair type : Very long and straight.
  • Character : Intelligent, Friendly, Loyal, Active, Protective, Gentle
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 14 and 16 years.

Among the many qualities that these canines possess, one of the most notable is their tranquility, the peace and harmony that they can transmit within a home, which is why they have become one of the most attractive dogs as pets .

Rough Collie

However, there are other reasons why these canines have become popular inside and outside their country of origin. Her great intelligence, beauty, good character among others. All this makes the Long-Haired Collie seem like an exceptional companion, as long as it is provided with the proper care and education it needs.

Do you want to know all the details of this breed? Below we will show you the information necessary for you to become a Long-Haired Collie expert. If you want to adopt this dog as a pet, make sure you know every aspect of its maintenance. Be sure to read the following information.

Origin of the Long-haired Collie

The history of the Rough Collie, as it is also known, takes us back to the 19th century, a time when the dog breed was not as stylized or recognized as it is now. At that time it was a smaller and less graceful dog than the current one.

Although the breed standard already existed in 1886, it was later when it was discovered by Queen Victoria and some dog show followers, that the crossing process was carried out to reach the canine as it is currently known.

However, the main origin of this breed is Scotland , where from its beginning it was used as a herding dog. Some time later his fame transcended borders and he was recognized in other countries.

In part, this was due to the creation of a television appearance of a dog named Lassie, whose breed was one of these Collies. The popularity of these dogs skyrocketed due to the dissemination of this character in different communication spaces of the time.

Later, although Lassie did not appear on screens yet, the Collie retained its recognition as a highly recommended companion canine, due to its exceptional personality.

Currently, associations such as the American Kennel Club include the long-haired and short-haired Collies in the same typology. While the International Cynological Federation places them as two different breeds.

Physical characteristics

If there is something that stands out about the long-haired Collie, it is, without a doubt, its appearance. Its physical appearance expresses the beauty and delicacy of the breed. Its body is slightly longer than it is tall, giving it a slender figure, covered by its abundant fur.

Although it is a well-formed, muscular dog with strong legs and muscles, this Collie is really a delicate and harmonious dog . Without ever losing its agility and firmness when moving, like a good herding dog.

Dimensions of the Long-Haired Collie

Regarding their weight, males usually weigh a little more than females, reaching up to 34 kilograms, unlike the latter, whose approximate weight does not exceed 29 kg.

Now, in terms of height, the males of this breed can reach 61 centimeters in height at the withers, while the females are around 56 centimeters.


With a small skull and a shape pointed forward. Although it tapers from the ears towards the snout, it does not end in a pointed or protruding shape. Although it denotes delicacy due to the smooth contour of its head, it has a hard and strong skull.

His nose is black and medium in size. Usually their eye color is dark brown. However, this may be different in some dogs, whose coloring in one or both eyes appears light in color.

The ears of these dogs are small, set high, when at rest, they remain backwards. While when in a state of alert, they remain slightly straight.


This dog's tail is quite long, although thin. It is covered by extensive fur like the rest of its body. When the dog is alert, its tail is held erect. While at rest it appears pendulous, but with a slight upward curve at the tip.


A characteristic aspect of this breed is its coat . It has two layers, making it a dog capable of resisting the cold season, remaining warm.

Its inner layer is quite dense, although very soft. However, its structure does not allow the skin of the canine to be visible. While the outer layer appears much rougher and smoother.

Regarding the colors of this breed, there are three varieties: sable with white, a kind of degradation from golden to dark mahogany, with white parts. Tricolor, a mix of black, tan and white. And finally, blackbird, a combination in which silver blue and black stand out.

Long-haired Collie Temperament

In addition to its beauty, the character of this specimen is another aspect that has earned it the favoritism of many people. It is an intelligent and docile dog , whose gaze conveys the tenderness and peace that it truly gives to those it considers its family.

It is a sensitive dog, so it does not respond to abuse or verbal attacks. If trained properly, these dogs are excellent companions for the entire family. They will give tenderness and moments of fun, because they love to share with their loved ones.

They are very active, so they require a considerable amount of exercise, walks and sports to stay active and balanced. Also, they require a large space inside the house where they can move easily.

The issue of coexistence is not usually a problem with these dogs, as has been mentioned, they are quite friendly. However, it is important to offer adequate training to strengthen their friendly character.

If so, he will get along wonderfully with close people and also with other animals. Although he has a poorly developed protective instinct, he remains alert in situations that he considers risky for him or his loved ones.

All of these qualities have led to this dog being rated as one of the best companion dogs that exist. So if you are looking for a pet, this may be a good option.

long haired collie puppy


Due to its intelligence and docility, training will not represent a problem. For this reason, it is best to focus your education on key tools such as positive reinforcement.

In these cases, recognizing the good actions that the canine performs will provide it with more confidence and encourage it to continue obeying, which will be very beneficial for daily coexistence.

It is important, however, to consider socialization as the starting point of this Collie's education, so that as it grows, it is more adapted to its environment and close people.

Subsequently, carry out the teaching of basic commands, in order to strengthen the harmonious behavior that the canines of this breed possess par excellence. As long as the person who adopts it has the necessary strength and willingness to keep up with these canines, they will be excellent companions.

Although they do not usually present behavioral problems, excessive barking may appear in some cases, especially if the dog does not receive an appropriate amount of exercise or walks to help control its energy.


Typically, this is a healthy canine . Of course, this will depend on the care offered, as is the case with any pet. However, if maintained properly, we can enjoy their company for between 12 and 14 years, which is their longevity.

However, the genetic factor can influence the health status of some canines of this breed. To which diseases are attributed, such as:

choroidal hypoplasia

Also known as Collie eye anomaly . This is a disorder in which the choroids are not well developed. This disorder is clearly hereditary, the cure for which is not possible. However, care will be aimed at preventing its progression.

gastric torsion

Stomach disorder that occurs in canines, with a greater tendency in large breeds. This occurs due to the accumulation of liquids and gases in the animal's stomach.


Pathology associated with the growth of eyelashes into the eye.


Very common in these dogs, it usually occurs due to hereditary causes or serious ear infections.

Long-haired Collie Care

Due to their abundant fur, one might think that adopting these dogs will make us slaves to their hygiene, and the opposite turns out to be the case. These are dogs that do not need excess care. However, it is necessary to follow some recommendations to keep you healthy.

Bath and hygiene

As already said, although it is not a very demanding issue, it is necessary to consider that the Collie's long hair requires brushing at least three times a week, this will help remove knots and will also help prevent it from shedding as much hair, especially in shedding times.

In relation to bathing, it is not advisable to carry it out too frequently, as it causes the natural oils that give shine to the hair of these dogs to be lost. When it really deserves it, because they are noticeably dirty, every month for example, you can give the Collie a bath.


Without a doubt, if there is something that these dogs rigorously need, it is exercise. At least three walks a day, complemented with some sports practice, such as agility, or, if possible, herding, will help this dog keep its energy under control. And it will also help you avoid diseases such as obesity.

Let's remember that they need space very frequently to move around and be comfortable. So if they live in small spaces, it is important to carry out walking and exercise routines frequently.

These dogs also cannot stand prolonged loneliness, so it is good to have a good number of hours a day to dedicate to our long-haired Collie.

Vaccines and deworming

Although most of the diseases that these dogs can suffer are hereditary, and almost impossible to avoid. It is advisable to comply with your vaccination, deworming schedules and, above all, periodic visits to the veterinarian.

This topic will help maintain a strengthened immune system and also detect any anomaly that could compromise the health of our pet. In addition, the doctor's advice will be appropriate to overcome any hereditary disease that the dog suffers from.


If it comes to looking for an ideal pet, the Long-haired Collie may be the perfect candidate. An exceptional character, combined with its remarkable beauty and energy make this a dog that anyone could fall in love with.

These dogs enchant with their sweetness, peace and good socialization, and they are ideal for spending days with the family or simply going out to do activities such as running or walking for long hours.

In many cases, the development of these dogs will depend on the care and socialization they receive. However, by nature, we are talking about a dog with a positive behavior and a particular beauty that make it quite attractive.

Consider whether you have the time necessary to dedicate this pet and enjoy its company before making the decision to adopt it, because just as it provides love and happiness, it also requires attention and time from its owners.

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