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Polish Plains Shepherd: Meet this playful furry friend

Pastor Polaco de las Llanuras: conoce a este juguetón amigo peludo

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The extensive list of dog breeds that exists makes selecting one a complicated process. Furthermore, the characteristics of each one may vary. In this long list, hunting, herding, playful and energetic dogs are the ones that work the most, one of them, the Polish Plains Shepherd .

  • Medium size .
  • Weight : Between 14 and 23kg.
  • Hair type : Straight and very long.
  • Character : Intelligent, Self-confidence, Gentle, Vivacious, Agile
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 12 and 15 years.

This canine, as its name indicates, is used as a herding dog and also as a companion canine, as it has, among other abilities, an energetic, pleasant and very playful temperament, which makes it very attractive.

Do you want a copy of this shepherd as a pet? So it is important that you know the most basic care that this breed will need in your care. Also, characteristics, origin, health and the education he must receive to maintain his pleasant temperament. In the following article you will learn about each of those details.

Origin of the Polish Plains Shepherd

Like other dogs of ancient breeds, the origin of the Polish Shepherd Valée Shepherd (as it is also called) is difficult to pin down. According to some records about these dogs, their origin dates back to the Middle Ages , where they stood out from the beginning as a dog with precise herding skills.

The plains of Poland were the first place where this canine began his work as a shepherd. According to these abilities, it is presumed that this dog arose from a cross between Tibetan and Hungarian dogs, which would explain the structure of its coat.


Like many other breeds, these canines were harmed by the devastating effects of World War II, where they were endangered. However, the insistence of breeders who love the breed made it possible for them to be maintained and survive to the present day.

Today, although it is a little-known canine outside of Europe, it has many followers of the breed. Well, his physical characteristics, skills and temperaments have made him worthy of admiration and popularity.

Physical appearance of the Polish Shepherd

If there is something that characterizes this shepherd, it is his abundant coat, which makes him look robust. Although it is a muscular, strong canine with a deep and formidable chest, its characteristics are slightly pronounced.

These are dogs with a rectangular body, slightly longer than they are tall, although this detail cannot be clearly distinguished because it is not so pronounced.

Weight and height

The height of the Polish Shepherd is medium. At the cross, males average their height between 45 and centimeters, while females are smaller, between 42 and 47 centimeters.

Unlike height, the weight of these dogs is standard for both sexes. Thus, these dogs can weigh up to 15 kilograms in their adult stage.

Head and features

These canines have a pronounced skull, although smaller than the coat makes it appear. Its head is medium-sized, but large, strong and robust, in line with the size of its body.

His facial features are pronounced. The nose is dark, medium-sized, as are its eyes, which are oval-shaped and cinnamon-colored. They transmit innocence, but at the same time energy, an aspect that characterizes them.

The ears of this specimen are pendulous, giving a characteristic appearance and a touch of grace. They have a remarkably high insertion, thin and elongated, with a peculiar heart shape.


The tail is another detail that characterizes this shepherd. In general, it is common to see these dogs born with or without a short tail. On some occasions, it can be medium or long.


As can be seen just by looking at it, the fur of these shepherds is considerably abundant, thick, dense and long. That is, your entire body is covered by it. In addition, they have a softer layer that allows them to stay warm in the cold and also in excessive heat.

Color is an unimportant aspect, because they can be any color.

Character of the Polish Shepherd

If there is something favorable about the adoption of the Polish Shepherd, it is his character. These are characterized by having different qualities that make them a very attractive pet . From a high level of intelligence to a balanced and very patient behavior is its main characteristic.

They are also very energetic and attentive animals. It will remain vigilant at all times, which is why it is highly recommended as a guard dog, as well as a shepherd. This number of qualities, therefore, also make it a loyal and protective canine.

Affection is another characteristic that stands out in these dogs, since they require a great deal of attention. They love to play with their family, so the time spent caring for these dogs must be considerable.

The issue of coexistence is a bit limited, because although these dogs are very loving with their own, with unknown people they tend to be reserved and unfriendly, although without acting aggressively.

In relation to other pets, they have no problems coexisting with other animals. However, they like to enjoy their own space freely. In these cases, socialization is essential. Only in this way will the dog adapt to the presence of other pets and we will not have to worry about it being aggressive or shy.

Although their character tends to be quite balanced, excessive barking is one of the most common behavioral problems in this breed. This is due to their ability to graze. However, adequate training can minimize this situation.

They are generally an excellent company for homes with children , as they are playful and patient. However, it is necessary to guide children about the treatment they should give to animals. Well, otherwise, they may feel uncomfortable.

These canines do not tolerate confinement, although they can live peacefully in country houses or apartments, it is important that they have considerable space to move freely.

Education of the Polish Shepherd

As mentioned above, this dog breed is highly intelligent. This means that their training will not be a complicated issue. But his strong and determined character can limit this process a bit.

It is important, then, that the person in charge of training these dogs has patience and is able to handle the orders appropriately so that the animal feels comfortable with them and can comply with them without problems.

Without a doubt, positive training is very necessary to train these dogs . It is necessary to have basic knowledge about the most appropriate way to treat this breed in training. And, also, use aspects such as motivation, reward and consistency within training.

Violence or shouting does not work properly. In fact, they can attract a negative effect because the dog, not feeling comfortable, will demonstrate its rejection of commands that are given to it inappropriately.

Outdoor activities and dedicating at least 30 minutes a day to the training of these specimens is what is needed to ensure that the educational process is effective.

It is important to highlight that socialization and, later, basic commands, are the first aspects that should be highlighted within the training process. Once this knowledge is acquired, the canine will not hesitate to learn tricks and tricks as part of the game.


Polish Shepherds have a life expectancy that generally exceeds twelve years. And in this period, it is very rare for them to suffer from any disease characteristic of the breed. That is to say, they are largely strong and healthy dogs.

However, this does not mean that adequate care and attention is not necessary, since only in this way will they be prevented from being affected by any common disease that may affect them from birth.

The skin of these dogs should be a topic of attention. Well, due to its double layer of fur, it is possible that if it is not cleaned well it could suffer from irritation or infection. Likewise, you must remain constantly attentive to your ears and eyes.

Polish Shepherd Care

Although the Polish Shepherd is a breed with great health, strong and stable, care is as important as with any other pet . Your well-being and the preservation of your energetic and vigorous spirit will depend on them.

This care does not merit as much complaint as in other species. However, compliance with it will ensure that this animal is a strong and healthy pet during its life stage. Let's look at some of the most important aspects of your care:


A basic aspect in the life of this pastor is the recurring practice of physical activity. These dogs must receive at least 3 walks a day, accompanied by exercise routines, games, training or, if possible, the application of sports such as Agility.

In this way, not only will the canine remain active, but aspects related to obedience will be reinforced. It is important that the dog has enough space within its environment to move and feel free.

If this is not the case, they may become aggressive or depressed, due to not being able to enjoy a spacious place at ease. It is important to consider these details, since the acquisition of a destructive character due to this issue is a difficult process to endure.


Maintaining hygiene is essential. These dogs require rigorous daily brushing, because the density of the layers of their fur means that, in addition to losing a lot, dirt accumulates constantly. Even more so if they are outdoors, exposed to different external agents.

Bathing, for its part, is not as necessary as brushing. It should only be done when it is really dirty and needs a good thorough cleaning. Every two months these dogs may need a shower.


Another unquestionably necessary aspect in its care is attention. They are very affectionate, so sharing with their human relatives, spending time and playing with them is essential for them.

In this sense, it is important that you have adequate time to dedicate to it because, if they feel abandoned, they may suffer from anxiety or, failing that, become destructive.

Medical visits

Veterinary checks, deworming and vaccination are other important details. Rigorously complying with this schedule will guarantee that we enjoy a dog with excellent health and efficient strength to be a great companion for a long time.


Although it is a little-known dog in different countries around the world, the Valée Shepherd is a dog that has earned the appreciation and appreciation of many. His excellent temperament, strong physical build and skills for herding, guarding and being an ideal companion pet make him very easy to get attached to.

Taking care of your health and well-being is something that will take up a lot of your time. However, it is important that the attention and dedication to provide to the pastor is considered essential. Otherwise they could feel abandoned and suffer from anxiety or become a destructive canine.

In homes with children these dogs are great. That is, if you need a companion with very complete qualities and also intelligent and playful , this furry friend may be the option you are looking for.

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