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Learn about the 10 best guard dog breeds to guard your home

Conoce las 10 mejores razas de perros guardianes para cuidar tu hogar

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Adopting a guard dog for our home may be one of the best ideas that can cross our mind, since in him or her we will find a faithful and affectionate companion who also knows how to take care of us and our loved ones if necessary. Here are ten of the best guard dog breeds:

Neapolitan mastiff

A truly impressive dog. Its size and ferocious appearance give it a huge advantage among all guard dogs. Originally, its breeders considered that its size and ferocity would keep away intruders trying to enter their properties. The result was good, the muscles and bones of almost 100 kilograms that is the Neapolitan Mastiff became a beloved member of the Italian families of the time and even today, it acts as a guard dog and family dog ​​around the world.


Having a boxer is synonymous with having a faithful friend in the family . These brachiocephalic dogs overflow with intelligence and skill . His company will be friendly, as long as he meets people close to him. On the other hand, when it comes to intruders or people other than the dog, Boxers can be ferocious creatures that will not hesitate for a second to protect their family. The Boxer's bite is one of the most powerful due to its strong jaw, and while it is an excellent companion dog, its excellence undoubtedly extends to its skills as a guard dog.


These beauties of Chinese origin may seem like the cutest dogs in the world, however, behind those faces of infinite tenderness hides a fierce enemy for snoops . What makes the Shar-Pei an excellent guard dog is that it was originally used as a defense dog (about two thousand years ago). As is well known, some attitudes and instincts have always lived intrinsically with animals. The Shar-Pei is a very independent dog and, although it is loyal and very loving with the family, it is also a great candidate for a guard dog.


The Doberman is not only recognized for its stylized figure and delicate agility, this dog is also one of the most intelligent breeds we can find . It has a past as a guard dog, as it was used by the police and the army for a long time, it is an extremely familiar and faithful dog. Dobermans have a considerable learning capacity and have been trained for a large number of jobs, their curriculum includes: guard dog and attack dog.

pit bull terrier

Unfortunately, Pitbulls have a very bad reputation; some believe them to be aggressive and even dangerous dogs. The truth is that Pitbulls are not violent towards human beings, this is not part of their nature, unless of course they feel under threat. Instead, these dogs are extremely active and playful. However, its owner must be someone of great character who can subdue the dominant character of the Pitbull Terrier . It is important to teach them to socialize from a young age, as well as teach them manners from an early age, because when they are adults it will be impossible to manage their temperament.

Great Dane

The Great Dane is a guard dog by nature , its large size leaves no doubt how fierce it can be to protect its loved ones. It is one of the best options if you are looking for a guardian for the home , they are affectionate, playful, kind and have a lot of patience with children. If you are looking for a Great Dane to become your guard dog, you better have a big house.

German shepherd

German Shepherds are the favorites of many for their great fidelity , leadership and skill. German Shepherds have been in everything. They are often seen at airports or with police officers as anti-narcotics dogs. They are excellent guide dogs, performing other functions either with police or military , or as their name indicates: herding sheep. These dogs have a great capacity for learning and are brave and loyal like no other, if trained as a guard dog, it is almost certain that there will be no better one than him.


This breed originally from Japan is commonly known as territorial and quite distrustful of strangers. Do not be fooled by their beautiful appearance, like all the aforementioned breeds, Akitas are good pets and loyal to their owner (as is the case with Hachiko , the Akita dog famous for its undying loyalty to its owner), however When it comes to other dogs, they are somewhat intolerant. They are large, territorial dogs of great ferocity, they will not hesitate for a moment to defend what was entrusted to them . Still, it is not advisable for an inexperienced handler to raise one of these puppies, as their haughty temperament makes them difficult to train, and training is precisely what they need to become the best guard dogs.


These canine friends have a reputation for being the bullies of the doggy world . The Rottweiler is a capable and intelligent dog , its large size and fierceness have placed it as one of the best guard dogs. These dogs have their origin in Germany, where they made a great contribution in the First World War. With the family he is affectionate and patient with children, although due to his great intelligence and prudence he prefers to be in a secluded place, rather than being the family lapdog. If you have small children, the most important thing is to give your Rottweiler the best training possible, since its size and strength is such that accidents could occur. This dog is loyal and reliable and is usually the best choice when it comes to guard dogs.

chow chow

Perhaps the cutest breed on the entire list, this dog exudes tenderness wherever he goes. Among the physical characteristics that stand out the most are their lion's mane and their tongue pigmented between blue and black, they are what we would call teddy bears . Beyond the cute facade, Chow Chows are a very reckless breed of dog. They are overprotective of their own, their families and their territory, which is why they do not accept strangers or other animals getting too close to what they consider "their area." Their protective personality makes them the perfect guardians , they will always alert their owner if an intruder arrives unexpectedly and will protect each member of the family until their last effort. They are always alert and only need good training from a young age to become the best caregivers in the family .
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