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Australian Kelpie - One of the favorite breeds

Kelpie Australiano - Una de las razas favoritas

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The Australian Kelpie , in its country of origin and in many other places, is a widely recognized dog. Its physical qualities and wonderful temperament are a special combination that make this canine very attractive in the eyes of potential owners.
  • Medium size .
  • Weight : Between 10 and 25kg.
  • Hair type : Short and straight.
  • Character : Intelligent, Friendly, Energetic, Loyal, Alert, Enthusiastic
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : About 12 years.
The Australian Kelpie is happy, faithful, affectionate and very docile are some of the main attributes of this little friend's temperament. To which is added a fine, athletic and slender appearance that makes him very good looking. These dogs are considered excellent companions for both children and adults. Families enjoy a playful and obedient animal, as well as sociable. However, like all existing dog breeds, this one requires some important care to maintain its well-being. That is why in the following article we will develop all the details related to this special dog breed. Discover all the aspects associated with it and consider if this pet is the right one for you.

Origin of the Australian Kelpie

Very little is known about the beginnings of the Australian Kelpie. Its history is not widely recorded. However, it is known that their descent is attributed to Scottish dogs, that is, they are closely related to the different types of Collie. The ancestors of these dogs were brought to Australia for herding activities. At that time, the numerous herds required dogs with outstanding skills in this profession. The Collie, of course, excelled in this. However, the quest to improve canine skills resulted in English collies being crossed with other breeds. In one of these attempts, a small dog called Kelpie was born, which was the first of this dog breed.

As they expanded throughout Australia, their popularity grew. Mainly because of his excellent skills as a herding dog , which never ceased to surprise. And secondly, for the excellent temperament that characterizes them. These dogs earned the preference of the inhabitants of this country, especially in the fields, where they were in great demand. Thus they were also transferred to other countries such as Europe where they were also widely accepted, although to a lesser extent.

Physical appearance

Although these are dogs of average height, that is, medium-sized, the physical appearance reveals an athletic, muscular dog with a well-proportioned body. Characteristic of herding dogs that generally have great physical dexterity. Australian Kelpies are strong, robust dogs, but at the same time elegant in appearance. Among the physical characteristics of these dogs, what stands out most is the difference in height between males and females. The latter are generally smaller. Let's look at these aspects in more detail below:

Weight and height

The weight of these dogs can average between 11 and 20 kilos for both females and males. Meanwhile, in height, the difference is notable. Males can measure between 46 and 51 centimeters. The females, for their part, are between 43 and do not exceed 50 centimeters in height at the withers. That is, they are visibly shorter than the males.

head and face

A formidable and wide head, with a slightly rounded shape. His eyes are dark, almond-shaped and medium in size. A particular aspect of these dogs is their medium-sized nose, its color varies depending on its coat.

The ears, on the other hand, stand well erect. High set and medium size. They have a triangular shape that is displayed in a pointed finish.


These dogs have the quality of being air-conditioned. Well, its fur divided into two layers, one external and one internal, allows it to adapt very easily to low temperatures. And also to the sun's rays. Its fur is visibly dense, hard and bushy. It can measure between two or 3 centimeters. The colors allowed are black, fawn, chocolate, red, and also combinations ranging from black and tan to red and tan.

Character of the Australian Kelpie

The main reason why Australian Kelpies are one of the most sought after breeds in countries like Australia and other areas is their wonderful temperament , which makes them an exceptional pet . They are quite energetic dogs, full of dynamism, as well as collaborators, so they will carry out the tasks ordered to them immediately. Their intelligence is another admirable quality in them . For this reason, training will not be a matter of excessive concern. They are docile, obedient, affectionate and very happy, that is, an ideal pet in homes where there are children, with whom they will surely get along very well and always remain playful.

They are also protective and loyal dogs to their human family, meaning that love and company will not be lacking in homes where one of these specimens exists. His temperament helps him feel comfortable in different spaces. It can live peacefully both in apartments, closed spaces, and in fields with large plots of land. However, it must be taken into account that because they are very dynamic animals, they greatly require walks and time outdoors in which they can release all the accumulated energy. Also accompanied by a considerable amount of exercise . In this way, the dog will remain happy and in a completely healthy state of well-being. Coexistence with other pets is also a favorable point with these dogs. He generally gets along very well with other races. However, constant and adequate socialization will ensure that this dog maintains the special character that characterizes it.


As mentioned, their level of obedience and intelligence mean that training is not a matter of great concern. However, in some cases it is often difficult to handle a dog with an excessive amount of energy, as in this case. For inexperienced tutors, this can be frustrating, and they mistakenly end up using conventional methods for their training. Abuse, yelling, or punishment will never be an efficient alternative for training any pet. On the contrary, the use of these methods can encourage a negative, even aggressive, attitude in the canine that is not favorable for anyone close to it. The appropriate thing is to use positive reinforcement, motivation and reward when the dog pays attention to the instructions given to them. Starting the education process of these dogs with socialization as the first topic, and then addressing the basic obedience commands (sit, walk, come, lie down...) is essential to reinforce the canine's communication and good behavior. Once these aspects are covered, the canine will be ready to practice more complex commands, tricks and games that it will surely love and will be very useful to improve its energetic behavior. [embed][/embed]

Australian Kelpie Health

If the character of the Australian Kelpie is impressive to you, its health is another of its strong points. It has a life expectancy of approximately 12 to 14 years. In which you will enjoy a canine companion, healthy, strong and resistant. On rare occasions, these dogs may suffer from visual problems such as alterations in the retina, but this rarely affects their well-being. However, their impressive strength makes them feel more energetic when they are sick, so it can be difficult to determine the presence of any discomfort in these dogs. Periodic medical check-ups are one of the most appropriate ways to maintain the Kelpie's health.


Although we have mentioned that this is a strong, resistant and healthy canine, they require, like other pets, care to maintain their good physical and emotional conditions . Let's look at some of the most basic ones below:

Australian Kelpie Feeding

Adequate nutrition is key to ensuring good health. It is important to consider feeding it with a quality feed that provides the necessary nutrients so that the dog grows stronger and, in addition, its coat remains dense and shiny.


If there is one aspect that should not be neglected, it is the constant practice of exercises, walks outdoors and games. It is important that the Australian Kelpie maintain an active exercise routine , play dog ​​sports or take long walks daily. The energy that these dogs have is impressive and must be controlled. Otherwise, they may adopt destructive or depressive behaviors at home due to the lack of space in which to function. Up to 4 daily walks are necessary in the life of these canines. Therefore, dedication to this aspect must be rigorously fulfilled. This is a nice detail to consider when adopting a Kelpie as a pet.


Due to the structure of their coat, care is not as demanding as other pets. However, it is important to consider at least weekly brushing, in order to maintain its shine and cleanliness. Bathing these dogs should only be done when they are really dirty. That is, when they really need a deep clean. Otherwise, they can lose the natural oil that gives shine to their coat and protects their skin.

Medical checks

As mentioned, visits to the veterinarian are very necessary to maintain the well-being of the canine. At least a check-up every 6 months will be indicated for this to be a healthy dog. Vaccination and deworming on the indicated date is also an aspect that needs to be strictly followed. Only then will it be a really healthy and strong dog to entertain the whole family.


When it comes to good pets, without a doubt this wonderful dog occupies one of the first places in people's favoritism. And its attractive character, combined with a strong and athletic physical appearance, make this specimen ideal for all people. As a sports companion, to go running, walking, playing, or simply filling their human family members with love, these dogs will adapt very easily to any space and context . They are docile, intelligent and very loyal. That is, their owners will enjoy not only their company but also their protection and attention at all times. Despite this, they are also very independent dogs so, outside of exercise, they do not demand that their owners always be by their side. These dogs will fill your entire home with joy, fun and love. However, it is important to consider the exercise demand they need, because if you do not have the time to dedicate to this aspect, the breed may present a destructive or anxious character that will not do it any good. Consider whether you have the time to devote to Australian Kelpie physical activity and enjoy the love and fun that this beautiful pet has to offer.
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