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Benefits of fish oil for your dog

Beneficios del aceite de pescado para tu perro

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Fish oil has an important value in your dog's diet because it contains essential nutrients that can only be acquired through food, such as polyunsaturated fatty acids. Here we tell you how it specifically benefits your pet, as well as some recommendations for its proper incorporation into the diet.

Why fish oil is beneficial for dogs

Let's start by remembering that there are three main types of fats, saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated ; However, the latter are not synthesized on their own within mammals, so it is important to acquire them through diet. Elements such as fish oil are highly rich in polyunsaturated fats such as omega 3 and omega 6 , which perform essential functions in the body, and not only their presence but also their balance is important. Within omega 3 there are also several types, and particularly some that are a great contribution for dogs are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) , which are not found in some of the plant sources available. Omega 3; That is why, since fish oil is a source of animal origin, and also has the highest proportion of this type of fat , it is of great help for the development of dogs. But before you go looking for a supplement or bottle of fish oil, also remember that it's important to consider your pet's natural characteristics; That is to say, these types of oils were not part of the daily diet of dogs or wolves, and therefore their direct intake is inappropriate and can generate various adverse effects, which is why the most recommended thing is to try to offer this contribution. through their foods , such as Lobo Azul's premium feed . This is also important, because in the preparation of this type of premium dog food , strict temperature control measures are applied, in order to preserve the value of the nutrients, which is another important factor to take into account, so that In fact, the dog can synthesize EPA and DHA from food. SALMON BLUE WOLF

How fish oil benefits dogs

Below are some of the main contributions:

Improves digestive function

Fish oil is easy for dogs to digest, but it also helps lubricate and improve intestinal transit , which also helps cleanse the kidneys. The fact that intestinal inflammation is reduced also allows us to avoid not only constipation problems, but also overweight.

Power source

Due to its high fat content, fish oil helps provide an energy supply that not only gives your pet greater vigor and vitality, but also improves its mood.

For brain activity

Likewise, this type of fat helps improve the brain function of mammals, including dogs, which is helpful at any stage of their life, but is particularly almost necessary in older dogs. For this reason, it is also usually recommended to increase intake in situations such as dogs during pregnancy, due to the importance it has in the correct and healthy brain formation in fetuses.

Regulates biological functions

Through this type of oil it is possible to help regulate cholesterol levels , which has multiple health implications for your pet; although it also neutralizes blood pressure , which also helps reduce the risks of cardiovascular conditions .

as a source of life

Recent studies have also documented the relationship between omega 3 and fertility , which is why nutrition with sufficient salmon oil can help encourage your pet's reproduction.

To strengthen its structure

Through fish oils in dogs, the production of collagen is also encouraged, which in addition to being essential for the formation and nutrition of the bone system, also contributes to strengthening claws and teeth. This same reason is helpful in avoiding joint inflammation, which is an important element in reducing the risk of suffering from arthritis or some other joint or bone condition. Beneficial fish oil for dogs

Improves the immune system

In addition to the nutritional contribution that polyunsaturated fats represent, salmon or fish oil also contributes to strengthening the dog's defenses , reducing the risks of acquiring not only various infections but also reducing the propensity for allergies . Although evidence has also been collected that these types of compounds reduce the risk of developing chronic degenerative diseases in dogs.

External health

This production of collagen also means that both your skin and your coat are equally benefited by the properties of fish oil, which has implications not only for your image, but also for your health. Variants such as salmon oil also improve the elasticity of the skin, providing an image of greater vitality, in addition to also increasing the shine and thickness of the coat, also providing a radiant and healthy image.

Important recommendations

It should be remembered that omega 3 and omega 6 fulfill complementary functions , so it is important that they are neutralized and consumed in the correct proportions, which is not easy to control with oils or natural products, but it is possible through feed. for premium dogs like those of Lobo Azul, specially designed. Likewise, you should never confuse fish oil for dogs with cod liver oil, which is not a recommended alternative for dogs. If you use oil instead of feed that includes fish oils in its ingredients, you will also be more likely to generate a kind of overdose of omega 3 or omega 6 fatty acids, which is why various symptoms may occur such as diarrhea, pain in the area. abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, bad breath or overweight, in which case it will be important to consult the veterinarian to verify the causes and be able to define an appropriate route for recovery.
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