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Why does my dog ​​sleep so much?

¿Por qué mi perro duerme tanto?

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A dog's sleeping hours have constantly been a situation that draws attention to its owners. Well, in many cases, the fact that a dog sleeps so much draws the attention of the owners . However, different studies have determined that dogs spend around 90% of the day sleeping, that is, most of the time, and it is totally normal.
how much does a dog sleep
However, this fact is conditioned by different factors that can influence the sleep and rest time that each dog breed has. In addition, there are cases in which the dream can be motivated by other reasons, such as an illness, or an indication that something is not right, so it is important to know how to identify these situations. If you have a pet and you are worried that it sleeps too much, in this article you will discover the reasons associated with this and how to know if it is normal for it to always rest.

Does your dog sleep a lot?

As mentioned in the previous section, it is normal for a dog to spend most of its time asleep . However, this is also conditioned by different factors that, to a certain extent, influence the dog's sleep. Let's look at some of them:
Why does my dog ​​sleep so much?


One of the determining factors in dogs' sleep is their age. An adult dog will easily sleep around 13 hours during the day , although intermittently. While, at night, you can sleep for up to 8 hours. Instead, a puppy will probably sleep all day long . This, in principle, because it is essential for its proper growth and development and, furthermore, because it is part of its nature. As he grows, you will notice that his hours of sleep will decrease to those of an adult dog. If it is a fairly old pet with health problems, you will probably see it lying down all the time, but not necessarily because it is sleeping, it may simply be at rest.
sleeping puppies


A second factor that can influence your canine's sleep is if it is being affected by an illness. If you notice that your dog spends the entire day sleeping (at least more than 16 hours continuously), he seems lethargic and discouraged, it could be that he is sick, which is something that has nothing to do with sleep.
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The dog may even present a depressive or bored condition and go unnoticed because it is considered normal for it to sleep so much. In these cases, knowing how to identify when it is normal or not is of great importance. If you observe the above in your puppy, you should consult a veterinarian to help you determine what is happening with your pet.


The physical activity that a dog performs undoubtedly also influences its hours of sleep. There are dogs that, due to their breed, are very active, accustomed to walks, long walks, and intense exercises, which are essential so that they can get the necessary hours of sleep at night.
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On the other hand, there are other dog breeds that do not require more than a calm walk and this is enough to sleep pleasantly. In any case, the exercise routine you provide your dog will influence the stability of his sleep. Therefore, if you want him to sleep peacefully all night, one way to achieve this is to take him for a walk and play with him. This way you will be able to channel all your energy so that you can rest at night without interruptions.


Although it may seem strange, diet is another aspect to take into account if we want to ensure a restful sleep for our dog. Providing your dog with a balanced diet will not only guarantee good health, but will also significantly influence its sleep and rest.
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Feeding your canine properly will allow it to have adequate rest, both during the day and at night, and will provide great energy and well-being to its life.


In addition to the factors that influence dogs' sleep and rest , there are some aspects that must be taken into account so that our little friend can have an adequate sleeping process. First of all, do not forget that a dog can, intermittently, sleep around 13 or 14 hours a day without problem. This does not mean that there is a problem with it. Even more, if they are puppies, it is not surprising that they spend 90% of the day sleeping. However, if the dream is accompanied by discouragement, tiredness or apathy, your dog may be having an illness and it is necessary to consult the veterinarian.
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Something that should not be overlooked is to provide the dog with a quiet environment, a corner of the house where noise is as little perceptible as possible, warm and where it feels comfortable, this will ensure that it easily adapts to its space and resorts to him when you want to have a quiet rest. Do not get your dog used to sharing your bed because, if you do, you will not be able to make him go anywhere else to rest and this can disturb your rest as well as his. Finally, learn to identify when your dog sleeps normally or if it is an illness that is affecting him and you will be able to keep your dog healthy always. Recommended articles:
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