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10 of the best-known dog breeds

10 de las Razas de perros mas conocidas

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Today we are going to talk in this post about some of the best-known dog breeds :

American Pit Bull Terrier

american-pitbull-terrier When you hear Pit Bull, you may think that it is not the right breed of dog for families. In addition to believing that this is the ideal pet to care for. However, this has a touch of truth as well as a lie, because the American Pit Bull Terrier dog breed is ideal to care for but is also one of the best options for people who have families. This dog, in addition to being noble, is a great protector. The size of an American Pit Bull Terrier can reach 48 to 50 centimeters for males, while females only reach 45 centimeters at most. It should be noted that this breed of dog is very loyal and also active. So it is advisable to have a large garden or take our dog out constantly. This breed accumulates a lot of energy and this can be a trigger for our American Pit Bull to become stressed. The weight of an American Pit Bull Terrier ; It tends to vary but it is recommended that it be between 20 to 28 centimeters. The average lifespan of this breed is approximately 14 years. This breed will always be loyal and is perfect even for children.


beagle Considered as a sweet dog but also as a hunting canine, it is then that we present the Beagle dog breed . An ideal dog for anyone, because its way of being is very docile but it is also very brave as well as loyal. This type of Beagle dog has long been used for hunting hares and they have a great sense of smell. However, this does not mean that they are aggressive dogs, this is quite the opposite. So we take on the task of bringing the characteristics of the Beagle breed. The weight of the Beagle can be a maximum of 15 kilograms, in these cases it is similar with the female so there will be no problems if she has that weight. We cannot fail to mention that the average lifespan of this breed is 13 years. Its size can be up to 40 centimeters, making it perfect to be in any home. This dog always looks for a way to have fun, so if we have a family it is a perfect breed. It should be mentioned that it will be necessary to take it out for a daily run and if it stops being active for a long time it may become frustrated or upset. Being a very active dog, it is advisable to feed it with food for dogs with intense physical activity .


boxer For all those who have children or young siblings, they are always looking for a way for them to have their first dog. One of the dog breeds recommended for children is without a doubt the Boxer . A dog that, in addition to being faithful, will leave us pleasantly surprised with all the loyalty, firmness and affection that this great pet can show us. Speaking of the characteristics of the Boxer breed, we can say that it is perfect for any family. This dog is considered dominant with other animals, while with a human being this can be the most affectionate dog in the world. Speaking of the size of the Boxer we can say that it can reach 63 centimeters, with respect to females it can reach a maximum of 58 centimeters although they generally reach 56 centimeters. The ideal weight of a Boxer is 27 kilograms and if it reaches 30 this will be too acceptable. The average lifespan of the Boxer breed is 10 to 13 years; It can be mentioned that this dog, in addition to being affectionate, is overly protective of his family. Even with regard to educating the Boxer breed, they learn too quickly and are not considered rebellious dogs.

English bulldog

The Bulldog breed is one of the finest as well as the strongest. Although this type of dog usually has a strong character, we can also say that for a long time it has been considered a fighting dog but they are also too sweet. So they adapt to any type of family. One point to note is that these dogs are too hyperactive so it is necessary to take them for walks constantly. This breed is one of the favorites because the characteristics of the English Bulldog breed are perfect for the whole family . The size of the Bulldog is approximately 40 centimeters, this is also compared to that of females, although they can also reach a height of 38 centimeters. It must be said that this breed mates in different ways and is considered a loyal and fun dog. He can also be very serious and protective when required. Speaking of the weight of a Bulldog, it is recommended that it stay between 25 and 27 kilograms. In this case, if this breed exceeds this weight it will have too many heart problems. That is why it is recommended to keep it at your ideal weight.


chihuahua As you know, there are different breeds of dogs, but one of the most popular and also one of the most ideal for the whole family is without a doubt the Chihuahua dog breed . Although these dogs are small, we can also say that they are protective and loving, this makes many people want to have one. Regarding the characteristics of Chihuahua dogs, we can say that people looking for a loving dog that can be taken practically anywhere will be their best option. The size of a Chihuahua dog can reach 20 centimeters; Regarding females, they can reach 17 centimeters. Although there are proven cases of females that are a little larger, up to 20 or 21 centimeters. Speaking of their behavior with children, this is very good, but there are cases of dogs that are too spoiled and can be too possessive. Its maximum weight is 4 kilos; In the case of females this can be 2 to 3. The average lifespan of a Chihuahua dog can be up to 12 years. Therefore, it becomes a great option to buy or adopt Chihuahua dogs.

golden retriever

golden A hunting breed by nature and of Scottish origin is without a doubt the Golden Retriever; We must say that although this breed is considered to be of English origin, it should be mentioned that it is actually Scottish. This dog, although as mentioned, is considered a hunting dog as the years have passed, it has become one of the best dog breeds for families. That is why we can pay attention to the characteristics of the Golden Retriever breed. The size of these dogs can reach 61 centimeters; while in the case of females they can reach 51 centimeters. Although it is considered a medium-sized dog, we can say that maintaining this dog may be too expensive. Because the Golden Retriever's coat must be very careful and not everyone can cut it or even comb it. Speaking of the weight of a Golden Retriever, it is a maximum of 31 kilos ; Although this dog is too calm, he also likes to spend a lot of time playing, so it is necessary to constantly take him to run or play to lower his energy.

Great Dane

great-danes One of the most recognized and admired large dog breeds in the world is the Great Dane. This dog is often compared to a pony, due to the size they can reach, but we must say that this breed is ideal for the whole family. Although it is true to maintain a Great Dane it can be too expensive, because it is considered a dog for people with great purchasing power due to the large amount of food and also for all its care. Because this dog reaches unusual dimensions for a dog, it may require constant check-ups by your veterinarian, so it will be necessary to have knowledge of the characteristics of the Great Dane breed. The size of this dog can reach 82 centimeters, while in the case of female Great Danes their size can be at least 75 centimeters. It should be noted that this dog can consume more than 2 kilograms of food per day. The character of a Great Dane is usually very loyal and noble, and it can also be perfect for a family with small children. They tend to take care of their family and can also be overly active. The lifespan of the Great Dane is a maximum of 8 years, because due to their size they tend to suffer from heart problems. It is also worth noting that the Great Dane breed can be a great alternative as a noble but protective dog.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador This dog is of Canadian origin and is also considered one of the most popular breeds in the world for all its specimens. This dog is characterized by its intelligence, among many other qualities it possesses. Labradors are characterized by being an excellent companion for people of any age. They are also characterized by being very good workers and in some places in the world they are used as police dogs. For everything related to drugs and narcotics, they are also very obedient which makes them good dogs to have as pets. For Labrador Retrievers it is pleasant to spend a lot of time with people , which is why there are many people who decide to train them to pick up things from the floor or even to turn off the lights in the rooms. The function of this dog is not to be a guardian, it can only warn you that something is happening but it is not a violent dog. This dog is also used for hunting animals due to its agility in running, which is highly recommended for this breed since it They are very vulnerable to gaining weight. This dog exists in different colors, among them we can highlight black, yellow and chocolate.


Rottweiler One of the most criticized dog breeds and that has long caused an incorrect way of seeing them, are Rottweiler dogs . Surely you have ever seen this type of dog and you can notice that they always have a “unfriendly” face, in addition to being considered a very aggressive dog. Although this has its truths, we must also say that the characteristics of the Rottweiler breed can adapt to practically any type of person or family. With a strong character but at the same time a noble dog, we can say that Rottweiler dogs will always take care of us. They tend to be overly protective of their family and that is why anyone who approaches them will be vigilant about it. You may not believe it, but a Rottweiler can be too tolerant of children, so its relationship with them is considered good. The size of the Rottweiler is up to 68 centimeters; Speaking of females, their size can reach 64 or 65 centimeters. It is advisable to have a large garden to be able to have this type of dog and they are too active so they will need to de-stress. We cannot fail to mention that the weight of the Rottweiler dog can be up to a maximum of 60 kilos. Regarding females, their maximum weight should be 55 kilos.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard One of everyone's favorite dog breeds for children is the Saint Bernard; It must be said that this dog, in addition to being popular, has always been ideal to have as a pet and it will also be a great option to have in a home without children. Although his size is a point to highlight, we can say that he is too loyal and is also a very sweet dog. That is why we bring the characteristics of the Saint Bernard breed. This dog can measure 70 centimeters in the case of males, while females have a maximum of 66 centimeters. The Saint Bernard dog breed can be considered one of the most expensive. The weight of a Saint Bernard is approximately 60 to 95 kilograms. How can you tell its weight is too high. The average lifespan of a Saint Bernard is approximately 12 years ; It must be said that care for this breed must be constant and they can have different heart conditions or even the appearance of tumors.
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