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English Mastiff -We tell you everything about this great dog

Mastín Inglés -Te contamos todo sobre este gran perro

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When it comes to large dogs , the English Mastiff is considered one of the largest breeds in the world. Not only because of its size, but also because of its surprising weight, up to 100 kilograms, which it can easily reach.
  • Size : Giant.
  • Weight : Between 80 and 100kg.
  • Hair type : Short, coarse and straight.
  • Character : Tender, peaceful and balanced
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 12 and 15 years.
But appearance is not the only thing that this canine stands out for, in addition to being a very old and recognized breed, it has a personality that leaves you amazed.
A calm, docile, tender dog, and above all a lover of his family, is what characterizes this beautiful breed. His company and loyalty will not be lacking at any time if you decide to have him as a pet. It is also considered an excellent protector. Are you looking for a huge dog with a unique personality? This breed can be the perfect option to be the new member of the family. But before adopting him, it is necessary to know some aspects of your life. That is why, in this article, we tell you everything you need to know about the breed. Care, health, characteristics and even its origin. Find out if the English Mastiff is the ideal companion for you!

Origin of the English Mastiff

As mentioned at the beginning, the history of the English Mastiff shows that it is one of the oldest breeds in the world. It is presumed that its descent is closely related to the Tibetan Mastiff , existing in the 6th century, in the United Kingdom, where Phoenician traders brought it. By then, the function of these animals was combat due to their prominent size and incomparable strength, having to face ferocious animals such as bears, bulls and lions in the Roman circus. In addition to use in fighting, the Romans used this canine as a protector of flocks and other goods, bodyguards and later they were used as companions, gaining greater acceptance and popularity in the homes of Great Britain.
Although it was gaining recognition, it was one of the breeds that was in serious danger of extinction after the Second World War. The remaining specimens were almost on the verge of disappearance. However, the transfer of these dogs to Canada and the United States prevented the total disappearance of the breed. The first specimen was brought to North America in 1620 , but its official recognition took place in the 19th century. This allowed the breed to gain greater preference in society. Today, although it is not a common dog, it is a well-known breed, especially for its size and personality, which have made it an exceptional companion if what you are looking for is the company and tranquility that they can offer.

Physical characteristics

When it comes to presence, the physical appearance of the English Mastiff makes it very imposing, which is why it is considered one of the largest breeds in the world. We are talking about a dog of formidable size and weight, with a well-proportioned build that denotes the great strength that characterizes it. Its voluminous body is usually rectangular, appearing longer than wide. It has well-formed limbs. Let's see more physical characteristics that define this dog:

Weight and size

If there is one aspect that stands out in these canines, it is, without a doubt, their weight. The English Mastiff can reach up to 100 kilograms , more common in the case of males. While females are usually between 80 and 90 kilos. This allows him to be a formidable dog with great strength.
Their height is another issue to highlight, since males are on average 70 or 80 centimeters tall . Meanwhile, the females of this breed can subtract a few centimeters, but not many, from their height. These dimensions allow us to demonstrate the type of specimens that this type of breed offers, since due to this, it has great strength, becoming the dog with the greatest amount of body mass that has existed until now.

head and face

Like the rest of its body, the head of the English Mastiff is also prominent. Square in appearance and noticeably wide, the skull of these dogs is notable. It has a slightly protruding snout, but enough to show its well-formed jaw, which denotes a bite with great force. It has a medium-sized, black nose. Like his eyes, small in size and rounded in shape, which present a touching look . Their ears, on the other hand, are set low, long and hanging down to their mouth. Another characteristic detail of the breed is the presence of a black spot that covers a large part of its face.


It has an elongated tail, set high. It is characterized by being notable, thickened at the origin and progressively narrowing until it reaches the tip.


A short coat , practically close to the body, rough, smooth and fine is what defines the appearance of these dogs. Therefore, the care they require is not excessive in this regard. In relation to colors, specimens can be presented as peach , beige , cinnamon , brown , fawn and, in some cases, with spots on some parts of their body.


When seeing the breed for the first time, you may think that it is an aggressive animal or with a complicated character, when in reality it is quite the opposite. Although it may not seem to suit its heavy appearance, the English Mastiff is an enormously charming dog . Its temperament stands out for being tender, peaceful, balanced and above all loving , which makes it an excellent companion animal. Its strength is used to protect its own, as it will not hesitate for a second to defend if it perceives that its owner or his family is in danger.
He is a pleasant dog, although when faced with strangers he may feel a little distrustful at first, until his owner lets him know that he is someone he trusts. As for coexistence, these dogs have no problems in this aspect, they love spending time with their family. He greatly enjoys outdoor games and activities . With the little ones in the house he is a playful, friendly and very patient dog. However, supervision is always necessary, because it is a very strong and large specimen. On the other hand, they socialize very well with other animals, although this aspect must be strengthened from an early age. It should be noted that these dogs tend to be unintelligent, so they generally let themselves be carried away by their instincts to act. It is important to have the time and patience to train them, so that they can become balanced pets. Regarding behavioral problems, they generally do not have any . However, prolonged loneliness and confinement can affect them like other breeds, causing aggression and even destructive behavior. Due to their large size, they require a considerable amount of exercise and, above all, space . Although they adapt to any place to live, if it is an apartment, they require very frequent walks and a lot of exercise to maintain their physical and mental well-being.


The education of the English Mastiff must be based on patience and perseverance, since these are dogs that are guided by their instincts, as we mentioned before. It is for this reason that we consider it advisable to begin training, little by little, in the first weeks of life, in order to form their behavior as a puppy. First of all, socialization should be considered an elementary aspect of education; in this way, the dog will learn to behave with other people, especially children, and also with other animals.
Teaching commands should be a little slower than in other breeds, since they are canines that do not learn these aspects easily. It is important to repeatedly apply positive reinforcement, in this way more effective results can be achieved , making the dog feel comfortable, safe and trust its owner or the person who trains it. Although no experience is needed to train it, the education of these specimens is a progressive process and it is not surprising that it takes a little longer than usual. This does not mean, however, that he will not learn any commands, but rather that he will do so slowly, as he takes his time learning lessons. Once you have taught him basic things like sitting, walking together or lying down, among other things, you can start teaching him some tricks for family entertainment, especially for children.


The English Mastiff is considered a healthy breed . Their life expectancy is between approximately 12 and 15 years. But this will depend on the attention and care offered by its owner, which we will talk about below. However, like most large breeds, these dogs are prone to some diseases, such as obesity. Also, hip and elbow dysplasia are common in large breeds. In addition, deterioration of the paw pads is also common due to the weight they support. Added to the list are stomach and visual disorders such as gastric torsion and progressive retinal wear , respectively. Medical check-ups and appropriate care can prevent the appearance of some of these conditions in a timely manner and ensure the quality of life of our pet.


Although they are a large, strong and generally healthy breed, they require some special attention to remain in an adequate state of health. Although aspects such as hygiene do not require a great amount of effort on the part of their caregivers, specific details such as exercises or nutrition must have rigorous control. Let's look in more depth at what care this breed requires:

Exercises and nutrition

If there is one aspect in this dog's life that should not go unnoticed, it is feeding. It is necessary to properly control the food intake of these canines, since they can easily become obese.
According to its development, the veterinarian must indicate the amount of food it should eat and the frequency. What is necessary is a quality feed that provides the necessary nutrients for its well-being. In addition, diet must be complemented with exercise routines. Daily practice of some sport and long walks, among others, should be included in our dog's daily life. Walks of at least half an hour, twice a day, are very opportune and contribute to your health. Also, make sure you have a large space where he can move around calmly, remember that his size demands it.


Although it does not require excessive care when it comes to bathing, oral hygiene does require constant attention, since it is an animal with a tendency to drool frequently. Regular check-ups and brushing your teeth once a week will be enough to keep you well cared for. On the other hand, in relation to bathing, it is necessary to carry it out at least once a month or when the coat of this canine is really dirty.

Company and affection

They are large dogs, but they also require attention, affection and company from their owners. Otherwise they may suffer from abandonment anxiety and trigger negative behaviors. Consider if you have adequate time to fill him with love and enjoy his company for a good part of the day.

Medical checks

For correct deworming and vaccination, it is best to have a regular medical check-up by a veterinarian. In addition, this way you can avoid some of the diseases that can affect the breed. Remember that the veterinarian will be the one who best guides you on how to care for your pet.


As large in size as it is tender and loyal, the English Mastiff is a pet without equal. A dog with a noble and adorable attitude, but also protective and playful, its personality is the greatest attribute of this breed. An unmatched life companion who will give you moments of fun and entertainment, but who will also enjoy your presence and attention on all occasions. Willing to receive your care, you must consider every aspect before adopting it and, if necessary, seek the guidance of specialists to ensure that you offer the best life to your furry friend and that they can grow up happy, full of love and with a quality of life. appropriate. If you know how to take care of him, you will be able to extend his life expectancy and count on his love for a long time. Meet other giant dog breeds:
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