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Miniature Pinscher - A breed with a special character

Pinscher en miniatura - Una raza con un caracter especial

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The Miniature Pinscher is a dog that does not leave anyone indifferent, since it has a very special character that distances it from the typical “lap dog” , a nickname that is given to many companion dogs and that does not suit this animal well.

  • Size: 25 to 30 cm
  • Weight: between 4 and 6 kilos
  • Hair type: very short and straight. It is very bright
  • Character: active, nervous and prone to barking
  • Health: very strong. We will have to go to the vet shortly
  • Life expectancy: 12 to 16 years

Origins of the Miniature Pinscher

It is not a very old dog, since the first news we have about it comes from the 19th century, although the testimonies are already very numerous at this time in Germany, its country of origin.

It is from the same family as the schnauzer , and in fact at the beginning of the 20th century these and the pinscher were considered a single breed, differentiated only by their hair, but that changed at that time.

A breeder named Josef Berta was the one who considered the two dogs as different breeds. The breeding of the pinscher began by separating it from the larger schnauzers, which made the miniature pinscher highly appreciated in homes.

It accompanied high society women a lot in the first quarter of the 20th century , but they soon realized that it was not a typical lap dog, as it had a very different character from other companion dogs.

Origins of the Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher Characteristics

When we see the miniature pinscher it seems like a small Doberman, something that is normal because this guard and defense breed is a pinscher, although larger.

It weighs four to six kilos and was obtained by crossing with the German pinscher, an animal that weighs about ten kilos more.

If we see it from the side we realize that its body forms a square, since its length and height are very similar, measuring 25 to 30 cm, which makes it a very manageable dog that fits anywhere .

Despite its small size, we should not be fooled, since it is not a delicate dog. In fact, thanks to the fact that he has short and straight hair, when he moves, we appreciate very powerful muscles .

This coat is one of its main characteristics, since the sunlight makes it shine intensely, and it can have various colors such as red and tan (the most common), although there are also monocolor dogs in brown with various shades.

Character of the Miniature Pinscher

One of the distinctive features of the miniature pinscher is its character, since it is not one of those dogs that spends the day sleeping on the couch or in its bed, having an innate curiosity about everything around it.

He is very fearless and brave , which means that you have to be careful with him, since he does not hesitate to confront large dogs if they provoke him, which can end in disaster.

You also have to be careful with small animals such as pets, and here it is best not to come into contact with them, since the pinscher is still a terrier, which is what its name means in German.

If we are going to have it in an apartment we must know that it is a dog that usually barks a lot , and that it will do so as soon as it hears a noise as it has a very pronounced guarding instinct, so that although it is small it is a magnificent guardian.

He is very attached to people and if he lives in a family he will choose one of its members as his favorite, who will become his owner from that moment on. He will listen to all of them, but he will have a special predilection for one of them.

Miniature Pinscher Care

Education of the Miniature Pinscher

As soon as the vaccination period ends, we must begin with its education, and the first thing is to socialize it with people, but above all, do the same with dogs of various sizes and even with cats if possible.

This will avoid many problems in the future, and the same will happen if we take it to a professional trainer, especially if we are new to the world of dogs and have not educated any before.

Here they will help us control his temperament, which is not the calmest, so we must set clear limits for him from when he is a puppy, so that when he is an adult, living with him will be easier.

Miniature Pinscher Health

We are already seeing that this pinscher bears little resemblance to other small breed dogs, and health is another factor that differentiates it.

When we see a miniature pinscher we realize that it exudes strength and is well proportioned, in addition to having muscles that are impressive in such a small animal.

This means that it does not have its own diseases , which must be thanked to the breeders who achieved miniaturization from the German pinscher, as they took great care in the process.

You just have to be careful with patella dislocations , a pathology that can occur, although it is not normal in the pinscher. Furthermore, if it occurs, it is often cured with rest as it is so light.

For the rest, we will only have to worry about vaccinating him when necessary and deworming him as his veterinarian tells us.

Miniature Pinscher Health

Miniature Pinscher Care

Being such a robust dog, maintenance is very simple, but you do have to be careful with some aspects, as is the case with all breeds.

One of them is the cold. It is a very small animal with straight hair, so it is not a friend of very low temperatures . This means that if we live in a cold area for part of the year, as happens in central Spain, with winter frosts, we will have to dress warmly when going outside.

Here you have to be very careful with the ears, which are very thin and can get colder than they should, so it is a good idea to wait for the thermometers to rise before going out for a walk.

Since we are talking about hair, this will give us little work. Weekly brushing is enough, for which you can use a comb or rubber mitt, and we can space out baths a lot because it barely accumulates dirt.

He must exercise every day to burn off energy , so he has to go outside at least three times a day, to an area where he can run freely and let off steam, which will make it easier for us to live with him at home.

In order to feed him, we will choose a quality, premium, and specific food for mini-sized dogs, something that will help him chew it and also digest it, since he has a very small stomach.

Adopt a Miniature Pinscher

In Spain it is not a dog that is seen much on the streets, but with the help of Google we can see some miniature pinschers up for adoption, although sometimes they are crosses just as they say in the advertisements.

Taking into account its character, before adopting one it is better that we see it and even spend an hour with it , in addition to talking to the shelter staff so that they can tell us everything they know about that specimen.

If we have cats we should know that it is not the best idea to bring an adult Pinscher home, although we can adopt a puppy as long as we are willing to work with it, something that the felines will help us with, which will put the little one in their site from day one.

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