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Jack Russell Terrier Do you know this English hunting dog?

Jack Russell Terrier ¿Conoces a este perrito de caza inglés?

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Sometimes there comes a time in a person's life, or in a family's routine, where the need is felt to have a being to care for and protect. Adopting a pet is a very important decision , and although each breed of dog has specific qualities, not all of them are recommended. It is necessary to know which breed of dog is right for us. Have you ever heard of the Jack Russell Terrier ? If the name doesn't sound familiar to you, you've probably seen it in a movie or television show, as this type of puppy belongs to that group of Hollywood darlings. If you have not yet heard of the Jack Russell Terrier, I invite you to read a little more about this playful and vibrant English dog breed.
  • Small size .
  • Weight : Between 6 and 8kg.
  • Hair type : Short, straight and hard.
  • Character : Intelligent, Stubborn, Clown, Fearless, Energetic, Athletic, Vocal
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy: Between 13 and 16 years.

Getting to know the Jack Russell Terrier

This is a breed of small dogs originating in the United Kingdom . Let us remember that in this area, a long time ago, hunting was an entertainment activity and a sport, which would be like football today. When it came to hunting, people not only used horses or hounds as we always see in the movies, because they were small and fast, many dog ​​breeds were trained for this purpose. Jack Russell Terrier hunting dog
The Jack Russell Terrier takes its name from the Reverend John Russell, who in his time bred one of the best breeds of terrier for fox hunting in England . The Jack Russell Terrier was bred from the beginning to help its owner hunt foxes, being specially trained to bark and chase the fox but never kill it. Since it was originally bred and trained to assist in fox hunting, the Jack Russell Terrier still possesses a wild instinct that allows it to always be alert. It is not a puppy for all families, the Jack Russel Terrier has a very active personality and also needs constant exercise, and because of this same hunting instinct that it has, it always wants to explore. So if you have a large garden or patio and you love puppies with a lot of energy, the Jack Russel Terrier will surely become an excellent member of your family .

Physical Characteristics of the Jack Russell Terrier

In this breed we can find several types of coat, short and soft, thick coat, and curly. The color that stands out the most throughout the body is white, although they also have spots of different colors at the height of the skull; these spots are usually light brown. However, they can be darker colors such as black. Regarding their size and weight , Jack Russell Terriers can weigh between 5 kilos and 8 kilos. Their height can vary depending on the type of breed, some can measure 35 centimeters and the smallest ones up to 30 centimeters. The life expectancy of the Jack Russell Terrier ranges from 13 to 15 years of life, this guarantees that it will become an indispensable member of the family , as long as it is given the necessary care and attention.

Jack Russell Terrier Personality

They are a small breed , but that does not mean we should expect a calm dog. As already said, since the Jack Russell Terrier was bred for hunting purposes, it is a dog that continues to be very active and needs a lot of exercise daily. Your pet will most likely ask for at least forty minutes of exercise a day, whether with a long walk or a good play session. Something we can highlight is that if your pet sees a cat or a squirrel, even a hamster, its instincts will make it run after it, and although it will not attack it, it will surely give them a good scare. Originally, this breed was trained to bark until the prey was stunned and cornered or made to flee to where the hunter was. It was taught to look for the prey, but never seriously injure it, this task was left to the hunter. training Jack Russell Terrier
That hunting skill is strongly embedded in them, it is something that comes very naturally to them. Whether in the park or in your own garden, the Jack Russell Terrier is used to digging, especially if he thinks the house is suffering from a rodent infestation, or he doesn't like a squirrel, or that neighbor's cat seems a little intrusive. The Jack Russell Terrier greatly enjoys human company, however, they are not a good companion for small children or other animals in the family, they can even become aggressive towards other dogs. The important thing to keep in mind when raising a Jack Russell Terrier in the family is to keep him busy, he enjoys having something to do, so planning activities for him is the best thing you can do to occupy his time and high energy level.

Caring for a Jack Russell Terrier puppy

This fun and tireless breed is not for everyone, and especially if you already have other pets, mainly cats and other dogs. Some of the puppies may learn to live with other pets when brought home at a young age, however, it cannot be guaranteed that they will get along with each other. Before adopting one of these puppies we must keep in mind that breeding the Jack Russell Terrier needs a lot of attention and a lot of games . If you are lucky enough to have a large, fenced yard, this breed will be best for you. If you live in closed apartments, it is not impossible to adopt one, but you should keep in mind that these puppies will need a lot of attention and play. The Jack Russell Terrier is definitely not one of those pets that will sit still and silent on a Sunday afternoon while you watch a movie. Jack Russell Terrier breed

Feeding the Jack Russell Terrier

The daily amount of food recommended for a dog is different for each individual, as is the case with us humans, the amount of food and calories we consume is directly related to certain processes in our body, such as age, weight, height, and even our metabolism influences. The same thing happens, not only with Jack Russell Terriers, but with all the dog breeds that we can find in the world, they all need a different type of diet, although some may coincide. What is recommended for them is a portion of high-quality food of at least 450 grams, twice a day, preferably in the morning and afternoon. Always keeping them very well hydrated, since being so physically active, they will surely need to hydrate more than other dogs (Always maintaining a good balance). Of course it can all depend on how good the food you give your puppy is, which is why it is always advisable to buy the best quality food. Keep in mind that the higher the quality, the less quantity you should use when feeding them. However, the details of its diet must be under the supervision of a specialist, who will be responsible for indicating the most recommended way to feed your pet. Jack Russell Terrier feeding
The nutrition of our little ones should always be an important pillar in their formation as adults. At Lobo Azul we have feed for mini breeds.

Jack Russell Terrier puppies

The females of the breed give us many signals when they are about to give birth, although they are not always very clear, we must pay attention to what they are silently telling us. The female will look for a comfortable place to bring the puppies into the world, she will probably stop eating and seem more worried, it is normal. It is important that we do not leave our pet alone at this time, although they know what to do instinctively, we must be alert because delivery could occur at any time, and complications do not take long to appear, especially when it is a breed of such small dogs. Despite its size, the female Jack Russell Terrier can have 4 to 5 puppies at a time. From the moment we find out that our pet is expecting puppies, we must pay special care since complications can always arise and can be deadly for both mother and cubs. If you consider that your pet cannot complete delivery on its own, it is best to take it immediately to your trusted veterinarian. Things to keep in mind for raising and adopting :
  • It is easier to teach your dog to dig in a specific place than to train him to break the habit of digging. It's something natural for them.
  • Raising a Jack Russell Terrier can be a challenge, as it requires a lot of attention and exercise, and its habits are very difficult to break. If you prefer to lead a quiet life, perhaps the best thing for you is to choose another breed of dog.
  • If you already have other pets at home, it is not advisable to adopt a Jack Russell Terrier. It is better to raise them from a very young age with other pets, otherwise they could react aggressively to them.
  • Having a large play area is essential. If you have a garden or patio it is perfect, if you don't have one, the puppy will need long walks in the park or around the neighborhood. Due to their high energy level, they will need more than one walk a day, or a great imagination on the part of the owner to create games that make them use up their energy.
  • They may not adapt well to apartment living.
  • It is necessary that the patio be very well fenced. The Jack Russell Terrier, despite their small size, are capable of jumping more than one and a half meters high. We must be very careful when letting them play outside, since they can also use the trees as a way to escape to the neighbor's yard (Especially if they sense that on the other side they will find prey to hunt).
Jack Russell Terrier puppy

To take into account

There are many things that we must take into account when adopting a puppy . Sometimes we do not know the personality of each breed well, but if it is not compatible with us, with our lifestyle, or with that of our family, it could become a problem. If you plan to expand your family by bringing a Jack Russell Terrier home, you must take into account all of the above. Some dogs are very calm and their presence is barely felt, others are very large and noisy, others small and energetic. As is the case with our darling today. The Jack Russell Terrier still has very strong hunting instincts , which were reinforced for centuries, since its origins. Actions such as digging holes in the yard, chasing squirrels or cats, or even when they are aggressive with other dogs, are attitudes that they cannot avoid and that you must keep in mind if you want to adopt one of these puppies. If you consider that you lead an active life and that you can keep up with a Jack Russell Terrier, you can go ahead and adopt one of these wonderful creatures. Like all dogs, they are also an excellent life companion, a companion with whom you will never get bored and with whom you will always find something new to do. All good things come in small bottles, or so they say. In this sense, the Jack Russell Terrier is no exception. If what you are looking for is a tireless, fun, alert and protective companion , this breed will be totally compatible with you. The loyalty and companionship found in this breed will not be found so easily in many others. Learn more about dogs with the following posts:
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