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Persian Shepherd - Discover the characteristics of this important breed

Pastor Persa - Descubre las características de esta  importante raza

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One of the most imposing and powerful dog breeds in the world is undoubtedly the Persian Shepherd . Characterized by their powerful bite, large size and uncontrollable strength that make them a very special dog.

Especially used for activities such as herding and guarding. These dogs are generally not pets intended for anyone who loves animals. As a preference, these dogs should be handled by those who know about the breed.

Their care and education require not only dedication but also high behavior, since in general, these dogs, if not educated properly, can be aggressive and intimidating and alienate anyone.

In this article we will talk about the most precise characteristics that describe the Sarabi Mastiff molosser. Be sure to read about its most outstanding details and discover if you have what it takes to maintain the care of this strong dog breed.

  • Size : Giant.
  • Weight : Between 55 and 90kg.
  • Hair type : Medium length and dense.
  • Character : Loyal, balanced and overprotective
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : More than 15 years.

History of the Persian Shepherd

Also known in its country of origin as Sarabi Mastiff, Sarabi Mastiff or Azerbaijan Mastiff. It is a breed native to Iran, specifically Sarab County , East Azerbaijan Province .

In the beginning, these dogs were used to protect the livestock of an indigenous tribe known as Sarab . Later, his strong but loyal temperament made him recognized as an exemplary companion. Growing its acceptance in the country where it began.

Currently, these dogs are identified as the most powerful in the world , their formidable appearance together with their imposing character, earn them this reputation.

Although they are not so popular outside their territory, some specimens can be found in other countries.

Characteristics of the Persian Shepherd or Sarabi Mastiff

As we have mentioned, the Persian Shepherd is recognized as the most powerful dog in the world. And this adjective is not surprising when you look at his muscular and well-built body.

In addition to the gigantic height that characterizes them, these dogs have strong bones, which give them impressive solidity. Their power, mobility and strength truly make this an intimidating breed.

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Let's take a closer look at its physical characteristics:

Height and weight

One aspect that is undoubtedly attractive about the Persian Shepherd is its height and weight. It belongs to the giant canine breeds . In males, the height at the withers reaches between 75 and up to 90 centimeters. While in females, it ranges from 70 to 85 centimeters.

Weight can also vary depending on the sex of the animal. Females can weigh from 55 to 80 kilograms. And the males between 60 and 90 kilos. These dimensions show that the dog is really big and heavy, so it cannot be handled by just anyone.

Head and snout

It has a large, strong head that is harmoniously combined with the rest of its body. It denotes a dog with a flattened and hardened skull at the top. The eyes of these canines are generally dark in color, oval in shape and medium in size, with a well-marked separation from each other.

His nose is large, protruding above the snout. It is usually black in color. Its bite is wide, strong and, above all, destructive, so it is necessary to take care of its training to prevent it from biting frequently.

The ears of these dogs are medium in size, set high, and in the shape of an inverted triangle. Generally they are always facing upwards, giving the impression that the shepherd is in a state of alert for some situation.


The tail is elongated, set low, and is covered by a notable layer of fur. This makes it look thicker than it actually is.


These are dogs bred to survive the most difficult situations. Among them, climate changes. This is why its coat has two variations of layers that help it stay warm.

The inner layer provides warmth and protection in times of intense winter or in excessive heat where ultraviolet rays can hurt your skin. While the outer layer allows you to protect yourself from snow and water constantly.

This combination allows these dogs to easily adapt to different temperatures and remain protected in various situations.

Their coat color can be brown or pale gray. In some cases, these dogs have a black spot on specific parts of their body such as the face or ears.

Persian Shepherd Temperament

The character of the Sarabi mastiff or Persian Shepherd can be confusing. Given its personality, it tends to be believed that it is an aggressive canine by nature and destructive in nature, although the reality is different.

While it is true that this is a reserved animal, very little emotional, independent and solitary; It is also a very loyal , balanced and overprotective pet.

These animals will not be very affectionate with their owners, but they will not hesitate to come to their defense if they find themselves in a dangerous situation. It is balanced, which gives it great skill in its herding activities.

However, it must be taken into account that it is a powerful dog, that is, not everyone can handle this dog breed.

When it comes to coexistence, you have to pay attention, because in front of strangers you can show negative behavior, appearing not only distrustful, but also aggressive. This is why socialization is essential.

In a home with small children, it is not advisable to have one of these as a pet, as it is not a playful dog. And when faced with the dynamism of children, they may not be patient.

They do not tolerate confinement, and due to their gigantic dimensions, it is not advisable to have these specimens in closed spaces such as apartments. It is necessary that they have large places where they can move freely.

Education will be an essential aspect with these dogs, as it will greatly shape their character.

Education and training

The training of the Sarabi mastiff or Persian Shepherd is, without a doubt, an aspect that will mark your life. If this matter is not taken responsibly, the dog can develop aggressive, unpleasant and destructive behavior.

Socialization from an early age will allow the Persian Shepherd to know its environment and establish foundations for coexistence. When faced with strangers he will remain distant and attentive, but he can control his aggressive instincts.

Sharing from a young age with other people and animals will ensure that this dog does not grow up isolated and can establish a peaceful coexistence with its surroundings.

The first three weeks of life are essential in this regard. In addition, constantly reinforcing basic commands is equally important, in this way the canine owner will establish an adequate communication relationship with the dog.

Let us remember that this is a large dog with a very special character, which is why the person in charge of training it must know about the handling of large dogs. And, even more important, the management of the breed itself.

This way, you will be able to speak to the dog with authority and establish boundaries of respect. It is essential to remember that this is a dog that does not respond to traditional training, with shouting or hitting.

It will be most appropriate to carry out each phase of training using positive reinforcement as an appropriate way to reward the lessons learned by the dog.


When it comes to health, the Persian Shepherd is generally very healthy. It has one of the longest life expectancy in the canine world, and can exceed 15 years.

Hip dysplasia can be one of the illnesses that can sometimes affect these dogs, either due to genetic causes or lack of adequate exercise to maintain good health.

In addition, obesity can also be present in these dogs. This, if you do not receive the amount of exercise and nutrition necessary for your well-being.

In any case, its longevity and the well-being of the breed can be influenced by the care provided by its owners.

Persian Shepherd Care

The care that the Persian Shepherd must receive is basic. Due to their strength, these dogs do not require excessive care. However, it is necessary to consider different aspects if you want to maintain the longevity and well-being of the canine.


One of the main aspects that must be taken into account in its care is to give it adequate nutrition .

Beyond the type of feed that is provided (good quality is recommended, taking care that it provides all the nutrients) , it is essential to establish a schedule and amount of food.

This will prevent the dog from overeating and accelerate its path towards obesity, a situation that can seriously affect its development and mobility.


In addition to food, exercises play a fundamental role in the daily life of this breed.

These dogs must have enough space to stay active . In addition to enjoying daily walks, at least 2 hours, to be able to discharge your energy and maintain physical and mental balance.


Brushing the Persian Shepherd can be done at least once a week, as it does not require as much effort to care for its coat. However, it should not be neglected.

In relation to bathing, it will be indicated only when necessary. Once a month or every two months, as long as the dog is really dirty.

Medical checks

Although it is a strong and robust canine, a visit to the veterinarian is necessary for a complete check-up. In addition, complying with the vaccination and deworming schedules will considerably increase the longevity of these canines.


Although it is a rare dog with special characteristics, in the Persian Shepherd you will find not only an excellent watchman and shepherd , but also a loyal and protective companion.

It is a reserved dog, independent but very close to its family, whom it will take care of at all times. In addition, it is a dog full of vitality and energy , which is why it requires dedication and time for exercise activities, among others.

The education of these dogs is also essential, since their temperament will largely depend on it. That is why it is so important that the person in charge of this aspect has the necessary experience and knowledge to be able to adequately guide this great friend.

In any case, it is a particular dog, the strongest in the world, but its character and well-being will be subject to the care and dedication that its guardians provide to keep it healthy.

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