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Welsh Corgi: the favorite of royalty

Corgi Galés: el preferido de la realeza

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Are you looking for the company of a small and dynamic dog? There are a variety of small breeds that are sure to attract your attention. But would you like to have the royals' favorite dog? If so, the Welsh Corgi is the little friend you are looking for.
  • Small size .
  • Weight : Between 10 and 14kg.
  • Hair type : Straight and medium length.
  • Character : Playful, Extroverted, Tenacious, Friendly, Bold, Protective
  • Health : Prone to some health problems.
  • Life expectancy : Between 12 and 15 years.
A popular and recognized breed in different parts of the world, not only for its beauty, but also for being the favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth II, a situation that has made it privileged and very special.
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
The Welsh Corgi is a canine native to Great Britain, with a history and peculiar character that has led it to earn a space in society as an excellent companion animal . However, although its size and fame make one believe that it is a dog for anyone, this peculiar four-legged friend has a very special character, which requires adequate education and careful dedication. Are you interested in learning more about this breed? Then you cannot stop reading the article that we have prepared for you on this occasion. Learn every detail of this distinguished breed that won the love of the English crown.

Origin of the Welsh Corgi

The history of the Welsh Corgi, also known as Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Welsh Pembroke Corgi or simply Pembroke, contains different facts of great interest that make it very entertaining. This breed is native to the British Isles, Great Britain, specifically Wales, where the ancestors who are presumed to have given rise to the breed as it is currently known took place. Although its origin is not completely clarified, the most accurate theory is the arrival of Visigothic or Celtic dogs, brought to these islands by the Vikings. During their stay on the island, these dogs were used as herding dogs and farm caretakers. Despite their small size, they did an excellent job moving livestock . The most effective technique was to bite the cattle's legs to provoke their movement.
Pembroke Corgi
Establishing themselves not only as an exceptional dog in their work, but as one of the oldest herding breeds in the world, these animals became very popular in this task. The crossings to reach the current specimen resulted in different specimens, which were initially recognized as part of the same breed. However, in approximately 1934, the distinction of the latter was carried out, with other dogs of similar appearance, known as the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The differences between one and the other are few. Primarily, the Pembroke originated in the county of Pembrokeshire , while the Cardigan started in the county of Cardiganshire, hence the names of both. Once the separation of both breeds was carried out, the popularity of the Pembroke began to grow, while the Cardigan did not suffer the same fate.

of royalty

The final blow of fame for this little friend of Pembroke was given in the 20th century, at which time Queen Elizabeth II expressed her strong preference for this breed , dedicating herself to raising them personally, which made him a royal dog. Currently, the Queen of England's fixation on these canines has not ceased. It is known, in fact, that he has had up to 8 specimens at the same time, and that he has dedicated himself to breeding them to later give them to his relatives.
Welsh Pembroke Corgi
The first Corgi was given to the Queen when she was a little girl, by her father George VI in 1933, who was named Dookie . Since then, her love and dedication to this breed has not ceased, and her dogs live with her at Buckingham Palace, full of attention and pampering. Currently, these dogs are excellent companion dogs, praised for their appearance, similar to a dachshund , but with great class and a very special character.

Corgi Characteristics

This dog hides a strong personality in its small and compact body. Due to its size, it has been classified in the standard as a small dog , with short legs, and a well-defined and robust body structure despite its height. Let's see the most notable physical characteristics of this little animal:


As we have said, this is a small dog, in context wider than tall. In this aspect similar to a dachshund. It has a size that ranges between 25 to 30 centimeters at the withers. Weight, for its part, presents a minimal difference according to sex. The males of this breed reach 10 and 12 kilograms. While females weigh between 10 and 11 kg.


If there is something that stands out in the physique of this Corgi, it is, without a doubt, his head. Of pronounced size for his body; Similar in appearance to that of a fox, the head and face of this breed reflect attention, security and intelligence. Their ears are medium-sized and triangular in shape, set high, helping to keep them in a constant state of alert. His eyes are circular, medium-sized and brown. While his nose is black and small.


Unlike the Cardigan, the Pembroke is born with a naturally short tail so, fortunately, the practice of tail amputation has been avoided. The breed standard states that the tail of these dogs should be short.


The coat of these dogs is usually not very long. Smooth, thick in appearance and with an even denser inner layer. The colors accepted for this dog are red, tan, charcoal fawn and combinations such as red and tan. Furthermore, on their lower limbs, chest and neck, they usually have white spots, an appearance that distinguishes them from other breeds.


The Corgi's temperament can come as a surprise. It may be mistakenly believed that because it is a tiny dog, it is shy or fearful. The reality is quite the opposite. These dogs are active, intelligent and very attentive. Worthy of a royal dog, his character is distinguished and self-confident , although he is usually affectionate and loyal to his family unit. As a good watchman, this is an animal that is naturally distrustful of the presence of unknown people and other pets. This is why the issue of socialization must be paramount in the training of this breed.
Welsh corgi
A special advantage of these canines is that they can live both in the countryside and in a city apartment, as long as they are given the necessary time to go for walks and play freely. They are an ideal breed for children, once they are taught to interact with canines. Corgis are patient and dynamic when it comes to activities with the little ones. This breed deeply loves family time, and loneliness can be bad company, to the point of causing destructive behavior or anxiety. Excessive barking and damage to objects inside the house may be a reflection of this. Training and socialization are points that these animals must practice from a very young age to acquire appropriate behavior at home and outside of it.

Education and training of the Corgi

Training the Welsh Corgi is of great importance. First of all, these animals require great mental stimulation, as well as practices to channel the energy accumulated in their body. Training is an alternative to achieve both objectives and maintain this breed with balanced behavior.
corgi training
Likewise, emphasizing this from the first weeks of life is essential, since dogs have behaviors rooted in their beginnings as herding dogs. For example, they tend to bite people's ankles, as they did with cattle. To avoid these habits, it is necessary to carry out adequate socialization and correct educational training , based on positive reinforcement, motivation and reward. When abused, they can become an aggressive animal, and this is not desired. Training this breed will not be difficult, as they are really intelligent. However, you have to be constant and patient to achieve expected results and a correct interaction with the canine's environment.


Although in many cases it will depend on the care provided to the breed, it is generally in very good physical condition. Its longevity can reach up to 12 years, if properly cared for. However, some conditions and diseases can appear suddenly, affecting the health of the breed. Obesity is one of the most common, this is because the dog receives more food than normal for its size and build. On the other hand, this breed is prone to suffering from hip dysplasia due to inappropriate movements in their exercise routine or excessive exercise. Eye disorders such as cataracts or progressive retinal atrophy can affect their health, even more so as they approach old age. Other diseases such as epilepsy, disc problems in the spine or elbow dysplasia can also appear in this breed. Adequate medical control can be very favorable for the prevention or detection of some of these pathologies.


Although Corgis are show dogs in some cases, these dogs do not require excessive care. That is, they do not require great effort on the part of their owners in this matter. In relation to hygiene, it is important to consider brushing at least twice a week. While the bath can be once a month or when the fur looks really dirty. Exceeding these aspects can be harmful, as the dog would lose the natural protection and shine of its coat.
corgi puppies
Taking care of the diet of these canines is a matter of great importance, because the excessive supply of food can cause obesity, which in these cases is highly harmful. Consulting your veterinarian about the amount and type of food appropriate for this breed, depending on its age and size, will be of great help to keep it healthy. In addition to this, practicing exercises is essential. These dogs require a considerable amount of physical activity to maintain their well-being. Let's remember that they are herding dogs and need to keep moving. At least two walks a day, combined with exercise routines and games, will be very helpful for the dog to maintain its physical and mental balance. On the other hand, it is necessary to remember that these dogs do not tolerate loneliness. That is, they demand a large amount of company and dedication of time from their family. To finish with care, medical control is also necessary for the prevention and detection of diseases in time. This way you will stay in good health.

In summary

The Welsh Corgi is a special dog in many ways. Reserved, but dynamic and loving character. Intelligent and attentive, great protector and vigilant despite his size. These dogs have endless virtues that make them a highly desired pet. For this reason it has gained great popularity, in addition to the fact that it is characterized by being the favorite breed of the Queen of England. An ideal dog for inexperienced people who want to learn more about the canine world. It requires a lot of company time and exercises. In addition, he loves life outdoors and you will be able to enjoy great moments of adventure and fun with him. Consider if you have the time to dedicate to the Welsh Corgi and enjoy its loving and protective nature , every day. We recommend you also read:
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