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Bull Terrier: This is everything you need to know about this exceptional breed

Bull Terrier: Esto es todo lo que necesitas saber sobre esta excepcional raza

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If you are looking for a dog to be your new best friend, it is important to select a breed that fits your personality and daily routine. Choosing an appropriate breed will allow you not only to enjoy the company of the canine, but also to offer the care that the dog needs to stay healthy and happy. In this case, if you like muscular, energetic, medium-sized dogs that can provide you with protection, the Bull Terrier breed may be the option that meets all of those requirements. A dog with very peculiar physical characteristics but ideal as a watchman, companion and lover of outdoor activities. If you feel attracted by some of the aspects mentioned and think that you could adopt a Bull Terrier as your new pet, then this article is ideal to learn everything related to this breed . Be sure to read the information we provide about its care, characteristics and many more details that will be very useful.
  • Medium size .
  • Weight : approximately 28kg.
  • Hair type : short.
  • Character : Fun, Loyal, stubborn and strong character.
  • Health : Healthy.
  • Life expectancy : Between 9 and 10 years.

Origins of the Bull Terrier

Although today it is a pleasant, balanced and fantastic company dog , this breed was not always characterized as such and its origins demonstrate it. Its history is one of the oldest and is directly related to a bull and dog confrontation sport. Because these fights required muscular and strong animals, a cross between Bulldog and Terrier was carried out around 1835, with the purpose of polarizing these fights.
Bulldog and Terrier cross
Later, in Great Britain, fighting with bulls was prohibited, but these Terriers continued to be used in fights between dogs. The crossing resulted in an excellent combatant, as it was an animal that had the strength and resistance of the Bulldog with the agility of the Terrier, which earned it great popularity. The recognition of the breed occurred in 1850, when crosses were made between those already mentioned with other breeds. At that time, although with different physical traits, the basic dogs for the well-known Bull Terrier of today were created. In fact, at that time, they were already recognized as Bull Terriers or “ the white knights .” However, it was not until 1917 when the current Bull Terrier, with the peculiar oval-shaped head, became known. The first of this breed was called “ Lord Gladiator ”, and with its particular appearance, these dogs gained enormous relevance in England.

Bull Terrier Physical Characteristics

If there is a topic that has special relevance within this breed, it is undoubtedly its physical characteristics . Let's see why. In general, it is a muscular dog, with a strong appearance, which can measure around 56 centimeters or more. The standard of his weight is very varied, however, an approximate limit would average 28 kilograms or exceed this amount, which supports his thick and well-formed build.
the white knights


If there is something that attracts attention about this dog, it is its egg-shaped head. This aspect is unique and characteristic of the breed. Its oval head is elongated and very fine. Its small eyes and nose, in line with its head, are positioned triangularly, the latter being located downwards at the tip of the face. Both black. Its jaws are well formed, which shows that it has a strong bite that closes in the shape of scissors . Their ears are well positioned and not so far apart, they remain elevated on their head at all times, giving the impression of always being alert.


This stout breed has a long, thick neck, a deep chest and a fairly strong back.


It has a medium-sized tail, which is thick at the beginning and, later, towards the tip, it becomes thinner.


This breed is also characterized by having short and thick fur. Which gives a low brightness image. In cold seasons, these canines develop a second layer of fur that allows them to protect themselves from low temperatures . White is the most common color for these dogs. However, it usually has variations in which dark spots may appear. Or also be black, red or tricolor.


It is a breed with a strong character , that is, due to its history it is a brave dog, although quite balanced and harmonious. However, its behavior will largely depend on the education the dog receives. There are countries where they are considered dangerous animals. However, in other areas they are accepted as friendly and affectionate pets. They also have a great protective sense, which is why using them as a guard or companion is an excellent idea. On the topic of coexistence, we are talking about a widely affectionate and very sociable dog, but it can appear distrustful of strange people or places.
english bull terrier
In relation to children, it is another aspect that you have to know how to handle. Although it is very likely that there will be no problems when playing between the bull terrier and a child, constant supervision is essential, and also explaining to children how to treat these animals will prevent any incidents from occurring. Regarding coexistence with other animals, this can be very protective of its land, which can cause suspicion in the presence of other dogs. However, if he is educated properly he can establish bonds with other pets without problems. On the other hand, we see a very patient and affectionate animal, which is why it requires a great deal of attention and displays of affection. Otherwise, you may be seriously affected by loneliness, which could trigger rebellious behavior or sudden attacks of aggression.


From birth, this puppy is a muscular and strong dog , so early education is of great importance. This must also be combined with the necessary care so that the dog remains healthy. In the first weeks the puppy requires a lot of food, affection, comfort and sleeping peacefully accompanied by its canine family, in this way it will feel the attachment and obtain its first lessons in coexistence.
Bull Terrier puppies
This is when he begins to relate to the world and the development of his character will also depend on it. Around two months is when training begins, mainly with socialization, a base point so that our Bull Terrier does not become an aggressive and unsociable animal. As its growth progresses, this breed will require more pronounced training, as this will strengthen its behavior and prevent it from being considered potentially dangerous as a pet.

Training and education of the Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier training is a very important topic . First of all, we must remember that positive reinforcement is the key element to carry out a successful education of our dog, even more so when it comes to strong and determined breeds like this one. Firmness accompanied by rewards for good actions will forge a positive attitude in the animal. Secondly, it should be mentioned that this dog tends to be a biting breed by nature, that is, it is common to see them bite clothing or furniture inside the home. To avoid these behaviors, it is important to educate them from a young age about it. Using resources, such as toys that the dog can chew on, will greatly help him focus on that and not on household items.
Bull Terrier breed
In addition to the socialization that must be applied from a puppy, training it with basic commands as it grows is also essential. That he learns not only tricks, but also useful maneuvers such as sitting or walking next to us, among others, will allow him to be a more balanced dog and we can calmly enjoy his company. Training is essential for the development of the canine , not only because it directly influences its character, but also because it is a strong breed that requires knowing how to behave in situations. If not trained correctly, it could trigger negative behavior that affects coexistence at home.


Although it is a muscular and strong dog, it is prone to being affected by some diseases such as obesity, deafness, patella dislocations, kidney, heart and skin conditions. Due to its short coat, this dog breed is usually highly affected by insect bites, which is why it is essential to keep it protected. Also, constantly check your skin to verify that it is free of bites that could cause allergies. Complying with the necessary care and attention will keep this animal healthy and in perfect condition to enjoy your company and great affection.
muscular and strong dog


Although its appearance may seem otherwise, the bull terrier requires some basic care to stay in perfect condition.


It is necessary to maintain a dosage in the food provided to this breed and with dog food adapted to its needs. Well, excessive nutrition can cause you to become overweight and, in extreme cases, gastric diseases . It is imperative to feed it regularly, but in small quantities and also with quality feed.

The exercise

Food must necessarily be combined with daily exercises. Whether frequent walks, jogging or exercises in the park, it is necessary to keep this breed constantly active because it can suffer from diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle that will reduce its life expectancy and daily energy.

Weather conditions

Although in winter it usually develops a second layer of fur to protect itself from the cold, it is recommended to keep it warm at this time so that it is not affected by low temperatures.

Affection and attention

It should not be forgotten that this canine requires a great deal of attention from its owners, otherwise it can develop anxiety, stress and even depression. Make sure you have the time to toast this strong friend.
adopt bull terrier

Visits to the vet

Periodic visits to the veterinarian, combined with compliance with the vaccination and deworming schedule, are an important part of the care that the Bull Terrier permanently requires to guarantee its good health.

Bathing and hygiene

This breed has a very short coat, so it does not require extreme care. Bathing him once or twice a month, if he is completely dirty, and brushing him once a week will be enough to keep him well cared for.

To sum up

Without a doubt, this is a strong, determined and muscular breed, but also very loyal, overprotective and affectionate. Although in some places it is considered potentially dangerous, this dog can become an excellent companion if trained properly. Training plays a fundamental role in the formation of positive behavior in these dogs , so taking care of this aspect is vital to develop adequate coexistence and socialization, whether with people or other pets. Although it usually gets along well with children, it is advisable to maintain constant control when they are playing. And also educate the little one about how they should treat the dog. If you are considering adopting a specimen of this breed as your pet, make sure you have the time necessary to give it attention and love, otherwise they may suffer from the loneliness they feel.
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