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The most intelligent dog breeds in the world

Las razas de perros más inteligentes del mundo

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The dog has been characterized throughout history as being man's best friend, not only for its loyalty, proportion of affection or company, but in some cases, for its intelligence and level of attention. The ability of some canines to obey the orders of their owners, or learn habits more easily than other animals, may be surprising; this can be considered a high level of intelligence. On different occasions, dogs can be grouped by their appearance, agility, or their behavior, among other characteristics. On this occasion our intention is to recognize the most intelligent dog breeds in the world . So if you are thinking about adopting a dog as a pet and want an intelligent companion, or if you already have one and want to know if it belongs to the most intelligent dog breeds in the world, be sure to read the content that we will present below, surely It will surprise you.

Types of canine intelligence

Did you know that there are several types of canine intelligence ? Before we get into the list of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world, we will talk about the types of intelligence they can possess. This classification comes from research carried out by neuropsychologist Stanley Coren, who gave a transcendental turn to the topic of canine intelligence by qualifying it as follows:
types of canine intelligence


More simply, it refers to the dog's cognitive ability to fulfill the purpose for which it was bred, whether tasks such as herding, tracking, retrieving, among others.


This type of canine intelligence focuses more on the dog's ability to adapt to a certain situation , or solve a certain problem on its own.

Work and obedience

In this case, this intelligence is more inclined to the dog's ability to learn from training with its owners.

The 10 most intelligent dog breeds in the world

Based on these types of intelligence, Dr. Coren made his rating of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world , based mainly on the criteria of obedience and work. Placing them in descending order, according to their level of intelligence, these races are:

border collie

The first place on the list of the most intelligent breeds is occupied by Border Collies . Combined with their great athletic spirit, the intelligence of these canines can be amazing, which is why their use in activities such as herding is very common. In addition to being an excellent competitor, due to his athletic spirit, obedience and great agility. The Border Collie is also characterized by being a working dog. Therefore, it is always in constant movement, carrying out some activity. They are tireless, so they require space and always keep themselves engaged in some work.


Learning and playing are the common denominator of the second most intelligent dog breed in the world, the Poodle . Despite his small size, this friend has a big brain, which has made him popular. A very perceptive, obedient, agile and attentive dog are distinctive characteristics of this breed, which is why learning tricks is not complicated at all. You should always find a way to keep him entertained, otherwise he will try to do it on his own.

German shepherd

The mental dexterity of the German Shepherd , together with its muscular and agile demeanor, has earned this dog third place on the list of the most intelligent breeds in the world. These attributes have also led him to become an excellent companion for work as a guard, with police agencies, as a guide dog and even for activities such as herding.

golden retriever

smarter dogs
The intelligence of the Golden Retriever has given it great popularity . Its main characteristics range from the great capacity for attention, learning and patience. So they have easily been adapted as guide dogs and in rescue work. If trained from puppies, these canines can permanently adopt positive behavior, also making them an excellent family pet.

Doberman Pinscher

The distinctive characteristics of the Doberman as one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world stand out for those who keep them as pets. It is an animal with a great capacity for learning, obedience and speed. Its high intelligence, combined with notable physical strength, can turn it into an aggressive animal if it is not trained properly. Therefore, the importance of socialization and effective training in these canines is essential.

Shetland Sheepdog

A breed of dog not only recognized for its intelligence, but also for its great ability to stay in constant movement. Due to his learning ability, he has become a great competitor in obedience tests. In addition to its agility, herding is one of the most common practices in which this canine is seen.
most intelligent races

Labrador Retriever

Remarkable intelligence, in addition to its loving spirit and agility, make this breed one of the most popular to be chosen as a family pet. Fast, intelligent and cooperative, the Labrador Retriever is a perfect companion for training activities . Therefore, its preference as a search, rescue or guide dog is not surprising.

Epagneul papillon

The Papillon 's dexterity combines perfectly with its intelligence. This dog breed has a very broad learning capacity, so acquiring habits and tricks is not difficult for it. Playful and fun par excellence.


Although its appearance proves otherwise, the Rottweiler breed can be one of the fun and playful breeds. Their intelligence is one of their greatest virtues, which is why it is common to see them in police groups, herding activities, among others. The training of these dogs should start from a very young age so that they can easily adapt to their environment.

Australian Cattle Dog

A widely adaptable breed. However, because it was commonly bred to keep livestock in order, it must be kept constantly busy, as it can be very hyperactive. His intelligence and ability to adapt make him a great companion in the field. Also take a look at:
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