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English Greyhound - Discover this breed and its variants

Galgo Inglés - Descubre esta raza y sus variantes

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It is a topic of great interest for people to know everything about English Greyhound dogs when they are thinking of acquiring one of them. This dog may be known as the English Greyhound, Greyhound or English Greyhound, mentioned above.

  • Big size .
  • Weight : Between 26 and 40kg.
  • Hair type : Very short and straight
  • Character : Gentle, Affectionate, Intelligent, Athletic, Quiet, Gentle
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 10 and 14 years.

But, in addition to knowing the most relevant aspects of the life of dogs of this breed , it is important to note that there are several breeds of this type of dog that have some differences between them.

General characteristics of English greyhound dogs

To review the types of English Greyhound breeds, it is important to highlight some general characteristics that they present, among which we can point out:

English Greyhound dog
  • The English Greyhound or Greyhound dog is well known as a good dog since, in addition to competing, it is an excellent companion for people.
  • The English Greyhound, or Greyhound, are large in size , distinguishing the males from the females. Males are larger, measuring up to 76 cm, and females are smaller, measuring up to 71 cm.
  • Regarding the weight of the English Greyhound or Greyhound , there are also differences because males weigh between 30 and 40 kg and females between 25 and 35 kg.
  • The color of English Greyhound dogs is varied because their hair can be black, white, gray or reddish.
  • Their main characteristic is that they are very fast and have the reputation of being the fastest dogs in the world and that is why they are taken to very relevant competitions in the sporting field of animal racing. This is because the English Greyhound has a slim body with long legs and its coat is smooth.
  • Although the Greyhound is fast when running, since it can participate in different competitions, it is a dog that does not like to do anything, since it is always relaxed when not running and that is why it has been given the nickname " the dog." 40-pound sedentary .”
  • The English Greyhound, or Greyhound, is also distinguished for being the oldest dog , since it has existed since ancient Egypt and this can be verified because, in ancient sculptures from 3000 years BC, they are reflected as they are today. , although in some paintings their ears are greatly exaggerated.
English Greyhound breed

For all these reasons, it is important to highlight the types of English Greyhound dogs and their main characteristics.

English Greyhound dog breed variations

According to animal experts and, specifically in dogs, they have pointed out that there are 11 types of the English Greyhound dog breed, and some of the most important ones can be detailed below:

Spanish Greyhound

Spanish Greyhounds are dogs that are generally distinguished by their short coat and their origin is the Iberian Peninsula . It is the original breed from which the English Legrel descends.

They are resistant dogs and very agile at running, which is why they are sought after a lot for competitions and can be mistreated by the demands in them.

In many regions it is affectionately called “ greyhound ”. However, it can be abandoned when it does not perform what its owner expects, both in racing and in hunting activities.

Fortunately, campaigns by different organizations have been implemented to encourage the adoption of “ greyhounds ” that are in a situation of abandonment.

Italian Greyhound

According to studies, the Italian Greyhound dog was a dog that lived in Ancient Rome and accompanied people who were part of the aristocracy .

This type of breed was subjected to a procedure during its breeding to “dwarf” them and in this way differentiate them from the Whoppet .

Therefore they are known as dwarf or smaller greyhounds , however, that does not mean that they do not have speed, since they are also very fast .

Due to these processes to which it has been subjected, its size ranges between 35 and 38 cm and its weight does not exceed 5 kilos, and therefore experts are trying to reverse the shrinking processes, to continue avoiding its size and sometimes malformations that have developed.

Persian Greyhound or Saluki

The Persian Greyhound dog is known as Saluki , it is a very ancient breed and is considered to have been present in Ancient Egypt.

Obviously its main characteristic is its speed, because it can run up to 60 km/h.

It is used for competitions and hunting activities, since they are large and thin, measuring approximately 70 cm.

Persian Greyhound Saluki

This breed had its origins in the ancient Middle East , but the specific time in which it was present is not known.

The Persian Greyhound dog also has another name, in addition to the Saluki, and it is “the royal dog of Egypt” and can be of two types :

  • long haired saluki
  • short hair saluki

People really like to acquire a dog of this breed because they are very loyal, good companions and affectionate .

Scottish Greyhound or Deerhound

As its name indicates, it is a Scottish dog, it is also called Deerhound and it is a very elegant dog , because it is very tall and has long fur, although it is not usually straight and, as its color has various tones, it can look dirty.

Because of its agility it is used for competitions and for hunting activities , because of its legs and because its legs are long with little hair.

It is not very clear exactly when this dog appeared, although it is recognized that it is an ancient breed.

Hound Kangaroo

The Canduro Hound dog is a type of breed that is distinguished because it has been trained over the years to hunt kangaroos and is considered to come from Australia.

It is also a dog that is tall, elegant and very strong. However, there are not many specimens of this breed left because, when kangaroo hunting was banned, people lost interest in them.

Arabian Greyhound or Sloughi

The Arabian Greyhound dog is known as Sloughi and it is a very ancient dog. According to research, it was a dog that was kept in ancient Egypt, in the year 1,500 BC. C., being a guardian and was recognized as a hunting dog .

It is a breed of dog which is distinguished by its elegance, its thin body and elongated head , it has large eyes and its body is characterized by being well-formed and thin.

It is an agile dog, since its legs are elongated and muscular, it can have white fur but it can also be seen as brown, and it stands out from its hair, which is fine, soft and generally short.

Azawakh Greyhound

The Greyhound dog named Azawakh is a dog from Africa , according to research, specifically from the northern part, towards the Sahara Desert, in the region of Mali.

It is a large dog, which allows it to have great speed when running, being able to exceed 40 km/h.

They are dogs that are distinguished for being guards, they are very good companions and are used for hunting.

Azawakh Greyhound

Russian Greyhound or Borzoi

The Russian dog known as Borzoi is really beautiful because they are tall, strong, thin with a wavy and slightly long coat.

It is a typical dog of Russian aristocrats , such as the tsars, because it can be a good hunter and companion at the same time .

The elegance is due to its size of approximately 80 centimeters, with a weight between 40 and 60 Kg.

The fur, according to people who know the animal world, is due to the way they protect themselves from the cold climate of Russia.


It is a dog of Irish origin , it also has a large size, so it is capable of hunting deer and wolves.

In addition to its size, it is also strong, has long fur and its agility allows it to run at speeds of 40 km/h.

Afghan Greyhound

This type of Greyhound dog, as its name suggests, comes from Afghanistan and is also known as the Afghan Hound or the Afghan Hound .

It is believed, based on the research carried out, that they appeared around the year 10,000 BC, but there are no records about it and, therefore, its appearance is attributed to the 19th century.

Afghan Greyhound

They are charged with a pastoral function because they assist their owners as herding dogs and have been, over the years, good hunters.

They are excellent companions, which is why many people want to have an Afghan Dog because it will surely be a good friend that will accompany them at all times.

General Care of English Greyhound or Greyhound dogs

When you have an English Greyhound dog, or one of its breed variations, you should keep in mind some recommendations regarding the care that this type of dog requires:

Physical activity

An important point that needs to be pointed out is that, although some breeds can be very calm, it is recommended that the English Greyhound or Greyhound dog be given two walks a day so that it can somehow maintain the agility to which it is accustomed. .

When taken for a walk, it is necessary to keep it on a leash because it will try to run to hunt a nearby animal, so it will not attend to its owner and your English Greyhound could get lost because of how fast it runs.

English Greyhound care

Her fur

Due to its coat, the English Greyhound needs a good weekly brushing , depending on whether it has straight or wavy hair.

It should not be forgotten that all types of English Greyhound dog breeds have a lot of fur, so frequent baths should be carried out to take care of their fur and use specialized products for this.


Let's not forget that you should visit the veterinarian for a review and checkup of the English Greyhound.

The English Greyhound, but on some occasions some diseases may occur such as:


It is a disease in the English Greyhound in which thyroid hormone levels decrease and can cause infertility, as well as lethargy, obesity and cycles of hot flashes, among others.

To do this, they will send the English Greyhound some medications that, when consumed, will be able to carry on with its pace of life without any problem.


It is a type of cancer that attacks the bones of the English Greyhound and causes the dog a lot of stress because it prevents it from walking correctly.

The pertinent studies must be carried out and, if this disease is diagnosed, it will require the limb to be amputated and, subsequently, stages of chemotherapy to be applied, which will allow the English Greyhound to live a little longer.

gastric torsion

This is a swelling that occurs in the English Greyhound dog when its stomach fills with gases and as a result its stomach rotates on itself, and this can be so delicate that it can lead to death. If treated urgently, the English Greyhound's life could be saved through surgery.

It is necessary to reinforce the idea that you must keep in mind that English Greyhound dogs are sensitive to anesthesia and medications , so it is very important to choose a good veterinarian who generates confidence at the time of the dog's examination and treatment. to recommend when the English Greyhound needs it.


The concern that may arise in the person who wants to acquire an English Greyhound dog refers to the food that should be provided and, therefore, experts recommend between 600 and 1000 grams of quality feed daily, depending on the type of exercises. that you do.

As they are large dogs, it is suggested not to place the food bowl on the floor , but rather in a slightly higher place for the dog's comfort.

When they no longer participate in activities such as racing or hunting and stay with their owner at home, the English Greyhound can gain a few kilos.

Nails and ears

Likewise, the nails on its paws should be kept short because, otherwise, it will bring discomfort to the English Greyhound dog.

And both ears and teeth require special care to avoid infections and therefore it is necessary to frequently clean these areas. It is even advisable to brush your English Greyhound's teeth once a day with a specific toothpaste for dogs.

Reproduction of English Greyhound dogs

The reproduction cycle of English Greyhound dogs is known as the dog's estrous cycle and includes the entire process in which the female is in heat.

This process has 4 phases, namely:

  • Proestrus
  • Oestrus
  • Right handed
  • Anestrus

It is necessary to highlight that heat includes the phases of Proestrus and Estrus . Between 6 and 18 months of age, bitches can reach sexual maturity, with a period between 6 and 12 months lasting during the heat stage. For this reason, they are distinguished as the slowest breed of dogs at this stage.

This leads to creating a problem for its owner with his English Greyhound dog, because if he wants the heat stage to not appear, they will not be able to avoid it, just as when he goes into heat, he can no longer get her out of it.

Lastly, regarding the concern about the stage of menopause in English Greyhound dogs, it should be highlighted that they do not have or present menopause because the production of hormones does not disappear, nor their ovarian functions.

English Greyhound Puppies

As for English Greyhound puppies , remember that they cannot be separated from their mother until they are two months old, since the dog's breast milk and their contact with her provide them with the nutrients and socialization necessary to function on their own. of adults with total normality and health.

English Greyhound puppies

It is important to train your Greyhound puppy from a very young age for the role you want him to play as an adult: whether for competitions, hunting or as a life companion.

In conclusion

The English Greyhound likes to play and run, but he also enjoys taking a few good naps in the warmth of the home with the security of having his master by his side.


So if you are considering adopting an English Deerhound, be sure to look for trustworthy breeders that guarantee the good health of the puppy and that all its data is regulated.

And if in the end you decide on a Greyhound, keep in mind that he will be a friend who will love you forever, show him the same by taking care of him as he deserves.

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