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The smallest dog breeds in the world

Las razas de perros más pequeñas del mundo

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Small breeds of dogs , or toy dogs , are the cutest and preferred by people who live in houses with small spaces. You can take these dogs for walks in practical and comfortable bags, thus protecting them from larger breed dogs or any other danger. They deserve the same care and attention as any other size of dog breed, but you must take into account their offspring and know in depth about the possible diseases they may suffer due to their small size.

The most popular small breed dogs


Considered the smallest dog in the world . It has a height ranging from 15 to 20 centimeters and a weight of between 2 to 3 kilograms, this little guy with big eyes, shiny fur and pointed ears is the ideal companion for older people.
Chihuahua smallest dog in the world
Their fur can be white, brown, chocolate, gold or black, and their life expectancy is 12 to 20 years. It feels great attachment to its owners, is sociable, affectionate and protective, the Chihuahua becomes one of the favorites of adults and children. >>Discover everything about the Chihuahua


Of the Bichon breeds, we can find the Frize and the Maltese, these small breeds adapt easily to the family environment , they are sweet, faithful and affectionate. Of common races but with physical differences. It does not exceed 5 kilograms in weight and its height ranges from 20 to 25 centimeters, only in some cases it can measure 28 cm. Life expectancy ranges from 12 to 15 years in both races.


From the Mediterranean nobility, this four-legged furry dog ​​is playful par excellence. His appearance when combing his curly hair (double layered) is a beautiful white or cream plush, but with a cheerful and tireless energy.
bichon frize small dog


What differentiates it from the Bichon Frize is its abundant, smooth and long coat. As for its color, it is usually white and only in some cases it can be a little yellowish. He tends to be jealous of the human family, because he develops a strong protective instinct. >>Discover everything about the Maltese Bichon

Yorkshire Terrier

This is another of the small breeds preferred for its tender face, with its long silky and shiny coat and a brindle hue, between black and gold. Its height ranges from 17 to 25 cm and a maximum weight of 3 kilograms, the Yorkshire Terrier with its beauty can steal hearts . It has a life expectancy of 13 to 16 years.
Yorkshire small breed


Also called Dwarf Spitz, this beauty from Poland. They are playful, intelligent and outgoing. It is a homebody, considered one of the Toy dog ​​breeds due to its height of 20 centimeters and weight of 3.5 kilograms. The Pomeranian has a life expectancy of 12 to 16 years.
Pomeranian Dwarf Spitz

Toy poodle

It is one of the most nervous and restless small breeds, so it must be controlled by its owner to calm its temperament. Its weight is between 4 and 5 kilos, its height does not exceed 30 cm and it is one of the favorites to keep us company. Of the Poodle breed we can find a variety of sizes ranging from toy to giant (toy, dwarf, medium and giant). The shades in its curly coat are orange, white, gray or brown.
Toy poodle

miniature pinscher

With short, shiny fur, earthy brown, deer red or black with golden tones on the legs, chest, muzzle and ears, this dog that looks like a "mini Doberman" is affectionate, loyal to its owner and territorial. Curious by nature and obedient, he loves to play but also rests during the day without any problem. Lightweight due to its maximum weight of 3 kilos, 25 to 30 centimeters in height and with a life expectancy of 15 years.
miniature pinscher
Belgian Griffon
They are obedient and very active, they maintain their guardian instinct constantly . It is 20 cm tall and weighs 6 kilos. With fine, long, black fur with golden whiskers and large eyes, the Belgian Griffon does not get along well with children , so think carefully before bringing it home.
Belgian Griffon


Breed of Chinese origin, it measures between 15 and 25 centimeters in height and its weight is no more than 6 kilograms. Their life expectancy is 12 to 15 years. They are apparently light due to their small size, but when you pick them up you realize that their bones are heavy and have a strong structure. The Pekingese is brave and playful, he enjoys the home but imposes himself when he perceives strangers at home.


  • Because they are small breed dogs, you must be careful not to leave them alone with children under 7 years of age, since they tend to consider puppies as toys and it can be a risk for both your pet and the child.
  • Small breed puppies require special attention as they are more susceptible to diseases.
  • Remember that visits to the veterinarian are essential from 2 months of age and checkups every 6 months.
  • The specialist will give you the necessary recommendations for their diet , each breed is different and should be fed according to their age, weight and height.
  • For the perfect physical and emotional development of your life partner, take him for walks frequently, schedule a time of outings and walk, run, play, enjoy his company, show him how happy you are to be by his side.
  • From the first day in his new home, let him get to know each space, locate his resting place and where he will feed.
  • Some breeds learn faster than others . Train him with a lot of patience and affection.
  • Brush their coat to remove dead hair and keep it impeccable.
  • The teeth and ears require special care to prevent illness or discomfort in your pet.
  • Small breeds are considered companion dogs . By the character of the breed, you will know which can be your best companion.
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