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El Bodeguero Andaluz: characteristics of a rat dog

El Bodeguero Andaluz: características de un perro ratonero

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Small, adorable, useful and very energetic, those are perhaps the most recognized reasons why the Bodeguero Andaluz , over the years, has become increasingly popular in Spain and other parts of the world. To the point that it is currently considered by many to be the flagship canine of the Iberian nation.
  • Size : Small-Medium.
  • Weight : Between 5 and 18kg.
  • Hair type : Short.
  • Character : Nervous.
  • Health : Excellent
  • Life expectancy : About 18 years.
Being such a popular dog, the Bodeguero Andaluz is everything a family could want, it is very small, playful, loyal, and also helps keep homes free of rodents and vermin that could threaten the tranquility and safety of the members of the family. the family. Andalusian winegrower Ratonero breed Whether you want an Andalusian Bodeguero, or any other canine species, it is necessary that you know the general characteristics that identify them, as well as the care they require for their well-being, before allowing them into our homes. Only in this way can we know if we are really qualified for this responsibility or if it has the behavior that we think can adapt according to our lifestyle and that of our family. This will prevent any surprises or unfortunate changes for us or the dog in the future. It will also help us better understand the nature of the dog and what it needs to be the long-awaited new member of the family. Therefore, on this occasion, we will be getting to know the Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz dog in depth and we will realize for ourselves why it is such a popular dog.

History and origin of the Andalusian Winery

As we must assume, thanks to its name, the Perro Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz has its origin in Spain, in the region of Andalusia at the end of the 18th century, specifically in the province of Cádiz . When the owners of the wine cellars wanted to have a dog that would allow them to eradicate the rodents and vermin that roamed the warehouses and threatened the health and quality of their products, they decided to integrate a dog that would help them combat it. That is why they decided to use a canine that was commonly used by English businessmen, who at that time frequented the area, to deratize the ships in which they were transported. That dog we are talking about is nothing more than the Smooth-Haired Fox Terrier, which was mixed with other local rat dogs that existed at the time. Always ensuring that the Fox Terriers were mostly white, thus finding this wonderful breed, the Bodeguero Andaluz. Currently, the Andalusian Winery is affiliated and accepted by the Royal Canine Society of Spain since the beginning of the 20th century. Although it has not yet been admitted by the International Canine Federation (FCI) or the International Canine Association (ACI) , the most relevant canine associations worldwide. The reason for using the Smooth-Haired Fox Terrier, and especially that they were white, was because we wanted to enhance their hunting ability and for their size to not be so small. Furthermore, it was desired that its owners could recognize the dog in the darkness of the wineries. Another justification would be that these dogs being small-medium in size would not make it difficult for them to hunt larger rodents such as rats, which were considered a big problem in those days. Likewise, the aim was for the dog to be light and fast, as well as to have energy and perseverance, which would make it easier for it to always have the necessary disposition to hunt vermin and any type of rodent. Firstly, the dogs with which Smooth-Coated Fox Terriers were usually mated were usually of the Small Andalusian Podenco breed. Which also has a strong hunting instinct and extraordinary resistance. According to the information that has been obtained from the time, there was almost no human interference in the matings in terms of control and for this reason, many decades of indiscriminate mixing passed that led to what the Andalusian Winery is today. After the territory of the Andalusian Bodeguero had expanded throughout Spain, it was used as a stable dog, helping to manage horses, and they even became dogs for hunting excursions. Nowadays, quite a few Bodeguero Andaluz are often seen in pet shelters throughout the Spanish nation, and it is very common to see them in homes as members of families, especially when they can be playful and tireless companions of children.

Characteristics of the Andalusian Winery

As we already know , the Perro Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz is NOT a large dog , in fact, it could be said that it is somewhere between a small and a medium-sized dog, so for many, it is ideal if the home where you live is small. As for their appearance, the truth is that they have a lot of similarity with the Smooth-Haired Fox Terrier and even, in their personality, they share many aspects. But despite this, the Bodeguero Andaluz is larger in size and volume, something in which it is more similar to the Podenco Pequeno Andaluz. Regarding its head, it is triangular in shape. They have small eyes relatively close together. The ears are normally set high and fall forward, which gives them a friendlier appearance. Its most common physical characteristic is its body with white fur starting from the neck and its face with a black or brown mask . It is common for them to have some spots; There may be specimens with faint black spots around the body or rather with black spots of considerable size on the back. As for its fur, it is smooth, soft and short. The Andalusian Bodeguero is not a heavy dog, this helps him to be fast and very agile. The weight of the Bodeguero Andaluz specimens is usually:
  • Males: Between 7 and 8 kg.
  • Females: Between 5 and 6 kg.
Regarding the average height of the Andalusian Winery, it is between:
  • Males: Between 37-43 cm.
  • Females: Between 35-41 cm.
As usual, the males are larger and heavier than the female; However, females are more elongated. The tail can be set high or perpendicular to the back for the most part, although specimens with a twisted tail have been seen, this is not usually very common. As far as the neck is concerned, it tends to be elongated, without a dewlap and muscular. The front limbs are athletic and of medium development, while the hind limbs are strong and muscular. The ribs, for their part, have a slight arch, but a strong and short back.

Temperament of the Spanish Wine Dog

If we talk about the personality or temperament of the Andalusian Bodeguero , the first thing that can be mentioned is how playful and energetic they are. Even today, when he almost no longer serves as a mouse or vermin hunter and is more of a companion dog. Something that made the Andalusian Winemaker so popular was his hunting skill that combined perfectly with his pleasant character that made him able to live in the homes of his human families. It is a very brave dog , the agile Andalusian Bodeguero dog , not afraid to go out in search of a new adventure, so it is always attentive to any movement or sound that could activate its hunting skills. This is thanks to the fact that it has a great and precise auditory system, which has sometimes earned it the reputation of being a dog with a nervous character.
The Andalusian Winemaker has a pleasant, curious and intelligent look that combines well with great tenacity, a happy and friendly personality that harbors a great feeling of fidelity or loyalty. He tends to be very restless, which is normal for hunting or working dogs. These require always staying active to be able to release all that energy that they frequently show. In addition, the Andalusian Ratonero Winemaker needs his caregiver to educate him correctly and as soon as possible. Because, if he does not feel that his owner is the alpha of the pack, he will immediately think that he is, and will become disobedient and stubborn, especially when there is the possibility of obtaining prey; something that can greatly absorb your attention. It doesn't cost the Andalusian Winemaker anything to adapt to the circumstances, whether it's hot weather or not so hot, a country or a city, a big or small house, they don't care about that as long as they can be with their family. The Andalusian Bodeguero dog loves to be very active, so it is always willing to run everywhere, especially when its owner allows it.

The Andalusian Winemaker and his Behavior with Children

As expected, having so much energy and friendliness , the Andalusian Bodeguero is really good with children , in fact they love living with them and they become absolute fanatics, who do not leave them in the sun or in the shade. One of the reasons for this unconditional love is that children provide them with attention and playful and curious energy that the Bodeguero Andaluz loves, and normally both are tireless companions who constantly go on adventures. Even so, it is always advisable to be aware of children when they are in the company of a dog, especially when the infant is very small, because as we well know, a dog can have ways that are not so delicate, and can unintentionally mistreat the child. child. So, to avoid inconvenience, it is better to be cautious in supervising the interaction of these two friends.

Life Expectancy of the Andalusian Winemaker

The Andalusian Bodeguero is considered a very long-lived dog, so it can live a few years longer than other breeds, with its life expectancy being around 18 years , as long as it is cared for and cared for correctly. Regarding its health, the Bodeguero Andaluz dog exhibits excellent health throughout most of its life. They do not usually suffer from diseases, much less serious conditions. At most you may have mild flu or allergies. Although generally the Bodeguero Ratonero Andaluz will have optimal health conditions, these will depend on its diet. By this we mean that, if you gain weight due to eating foods, or amounts thereof, that do not benefit you, this could have consequences that will significantly affect you.

Necessary Care of the Andalusian Wine Dog

As previously mentioned, the Andalusian Bodeguero dog breed is a breed that requires frequent activity, requiring exercise and that its owner give it the attention due to its excess energy. Especially if you want to avoid bad behavior that can lead to disobedience, aggression and destruction of objects found in the home. That is why it is always recommended to take walks of approximately 30 minutes in length and with daily frequency , in this way he releases his energy, stress or tensions, becoming much more docile. It is also recommended to have several dog toys so that he can distract himself, thus keeping himself busy and releasing his tension. Regarding food , it is suggested that you avoid giving cereals such as corn, soy, wheat, rice, etc. This corresponds to the fact that this type of food can cause allergies. It is necessary to be attentive to the composition of the food we give since it is common for companies to include cereals in the recipes of their dog products. Ideally, the Andalusian Bodeguero should be provided with food rich in animal protein, they love white meat (chicken, rabbit, etc.). A Super Premium Grain-Free dog food like Lobo Azu l is the ideal food. Even so, the ideal is to consult with the veterinarian about the type of food we should give our pet. For the Bodeguero Ratonero Andaluz, as well as for the rest of the breeds, it is important to comply with their vaccination schedules to the letter. This will reinforce the excellent health conditions that characterize you.

Hygiene of the Andalusian Bodeguero Mouse Dog

As for the physical care that must be provided to the Bodeguero Andaluz, this consists of brushing it about twice a day when it is summer , and once a day when it is winter. The Bodeguero Ratonero Andaluz should bathe approximately once a month, otherwise it becomes significantly dirty. And it should always be done with a special shampoo for dogs, and if possible one aimed at short-haired canines. Regarding the maintenance of the ears and eyes, this should be done with implements and substances that are special for dogs. If we talk about your nails, they usually grow quickly, so we must be prepared to cut them frequently; probably with every bath. This aspect is of great importance, since as they grow so quickly, they tend to break frequently, causing great pain. If you work as a hunter, you must always take care of the wounds that rats or mice can cause, if you have them. Clean them and use antiseptics.

Andalusian Ratonero Wine Cellar Dog Puppies

For the puppies of the Bodeguero Ratonero Andaluz , like other types of puppies, it is very important to socialize and interact with other people and environments other than the family one. This puppy is extremely playful and curious, so he will make friends easily and will always try to have a good time. It is vital to start exercising him and inviting him to interact with other dogs from an early age, this way we will prevent him from unleashing his energy with objects that do not belong to him, potentially harming them.
Games are not only important when leaving the house, it is also necessary to implement toys in the home and try to invest as much time as possible in playing and giving attention to the adorable Bodeguero Ratonero Andaluz puppy. From 3 months onwards it is recommended to start walking the puppy, and after reaching 6 months you should begin training that will allow the puppy to develop good behavior in adulthood. It is also important to start visits to the veterinarian from this stage and follow the vaccination schedule recommended by the veterinarian.

Education and Training of the Andalusian Ratonero Winemaker

If we talk about education, it is always good to start when the Andalusian Bodeguero is a puppy, this because it makes it easier to consolidate the teaching for the rest of his life. The recommended method is education based on positive reinforcement , which consists of providing small rewards that will encourage the dog to associate tasks with something positive. This is much more effective than any other kind of method. If we talk about training, the ideal is to start when they are one year old, since at that age their personality and intelligence will be more established, which will help them understand more easily what you want to instill in them. The Andalusian Bodeguero Ratonero Dog has extraordinary intelligence , which makes it easy for him to learn during training and performing tricks, it will only take a little patience and time. A recommendation that can help a lot is that, as far as possible, the Andalusian Wine Cellar Mouse Dog is relaxed and calm when teaching it something, this allows understanding and learning to occur more easily. Something important is to never neglect the dog's exercise. If not, the Andalusian Wine Cellar Ratonero Dog can become loud, nervous and destructive, as well as very stubborn and not very obedient.
When we talk about acquiring an Andalusian Bodeguero Ratonero Dog, there is the option of looking for a professional breeder who can provide us with a pedigree puppy. In this case the prices range between 300 and 400 euros , as long as they have the corresponding certificates. On the other hand, if we buy it in a store or individual, the price is lower, oscillating mostly between 200 and 300 euros. Although this is usually not recommended, unless you know the breeder well. It is also important to keep in mind that white-skinned and black-faced dogs with some brown features are in high demand, being the most sought after, which can affect the price of the dog. Now, if what you want is to give a home to a dog that needs a little love and care, perhaps it is best to go to a shelter and give it a chance to a wonderful dog who will surely love you unconditionally.


The Andalusian Bodeguero Ratonero Dog is undoubtedly one of the most active dogs we can find . It can be an ace in hunting rodents or vermin, keeping our home free of these pests. It is a dog that is recommended for athletes who like to enjoy outdoor exercise or for families with small children who want to include a new and affectionate member as a pet. There are no problems with these dogs being in yards or gardens, as this will help them stay active and exercise one of their favorite entertainments, hunting; but from time to time they will need to live with the family inside, since they are also very sociable. They can be taught to relieve themselves outside and if they live in apartments or small houses that do not have access to gardens, then they will need to take walks 3 times a day, lasting approximately 30 minutes. They can become training dogs, being so active, they will love to do tricks frequently but we must be very patient with them because although they are very intelligent, they are also very restless and easily distracted. They tend to take the initiative, so they always need the alpha to reaffirm that position to them, otherwise they will feel that they are the ones who have that rank in the family and they will become disobedient. The Andalusian Wine Cellar Ratonero Dog needs owners who are as active as they are and understand their need for games that can serve to fulfill the desire for hunting that they have well rooted in their personality and origin.
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