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Hovawart - Discover these loving dogs

Hovawart - Descubre a estos amorosos perros

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Having a pet entails responsibilities and commitments, even more so if it is a breed that demands more attention than is normally provided to our dogs. There are breeds that are very independent of their masters, capable of tolerating loneliness for a considerable time. However, there are others that, despite their enormous size, are really loving and require a lot of time from their owners. One of these cases is Hovawart .
  • Big size .
  • Weight : Between 25 and 40kg.
  • Hair type : Straight and long.
  • Character : Watchful, Peaceful, Devoted, Reserved, Active, Family-oriented
  • Health : Relatively healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 10 and 12 years.
Known as a farm dog, guard dog and above all very protective, it is mistakenly attributed with a strong and imposing behavior due to its proportionally large size. However, it is quite the opposite, this breed is an absolute outpouring of love, loyalty and protection for its family, which makes it much more than a simple farm pet.
hovawart dog
Despite these positive qualities, this breed is not very common today because it has been found in danger of extinction on different occasions and although some specimens still survive in Germany, its country of origin, other countries it is very little known today. in day. If you are fortunate enough to adopt a Hovawart as a pet, you must give it great attention, and what better way to do it than by digging into all the details about this very peculiar breed. That is why this article will be dedicated to teaching everything you need to know about these enormous canine friends.

Hovawart History

The history of this dog dates back to the mid-18th century, in the Black Forest, southwest of Germany, where the first large specimens appeared, related to these dogs, as excellent farm animals and good guards . In fact, the name of this breed comes from its work, since Hovawart, means " farm dog " translated from German, in whose profession it was quite recognized and highly valued by the owners of these spaces until before the world wars.
hovawart dog character
In fact, the value of this dog became such that in legislation existing in Southern Germany in 1275, called Der Schwabenspiegel, written by a monk, it was established that whoever murdered one of these dogs would receive a fine of very large amount of money. However, after the world wars, these dogs found themselves in severe danger of extinction. However, by then there were still people who loved and knew the value of the breed, such is the case that the German Otto Schramm preserved some specimens and saved them from total extinction. Although due to this event, the number of specimens decreased considerably and they are no longer frequently seen on the streets or as pets. The existence of these dogs has not ceased, they continue to be excellent pets outstanding in surveillance, protection, rescue and farm activities, wherever useful due to their large size.


Thanks to its strong and robust appearance, it is often confused with an aggressive or untamable animal, which is not true. This animal has an athletic body, with a sweet personality. His physical appearance gives him an imposing, agile and muscular presence. His build is quite formidable and he has very stable bones, which is one of his main physical characteristics.
Hovawart breed

Size and weight

Although the breed standard has not established a definitive size and weight for these dogs, it is estimated that their common dimensions are between 63 and 70 centimeters in height for males and 58-60 centimeters for females. The weight is also surprisingly high and consistent with its size, males easily reach 35 to 40 kilos, while females range from 30 to 35 kg.


The Hovawart has an imposing and mysterious face. Its head is strong, wide, oval and resistant. It has hazelnut-shaped eyes, medium in size and brown in color, barely perceptible, since its face is covered with hair and this does not give it much visibility. Its ears are elongated, triangular in shape, set low, hanging approximately to the strong jaw of this animal. The nose of this breed is black and prominent in size, which has made it an outstanding animal in tracking and rescue activities.


The Hovawart's body is long, imposing and strong. Slightly taller than long. It has strong, thick and extensive legs, which provide it with great agility and strength. That is to say, he is perfectly accustomed to long walks and farm activities as a normal activity.


These dogs have a high, noticeably elongated and thickened tail. It is covered with abundant fur that is most noticeable in this area of ​​its body.


If there is something that stands out in the Hovawart's appearance, it is his abundant, long and soft wavy hair. It covers a large part of its body, but is most evident on the neck, tail and face of the animal.
Hovawart colors
Accepted colors are blonde, black and combinations of black with blonde spots.

Behavior and character

The Hovawart's temperament is quite balanced, calm and determined. Although we are also talking about a strong animal, dominant at times and above all very protective. So it is a combination that requires handling by an experienced person who knows how to handle it properly. It is a friendly and attentive dog, which will assign its obedience to one of its family members above the others. Although you will be attentive to instructions from others, this person you choose will be your closest guardian. It is from this same individual that the animal expects to receive the greatest amount of attention and care, so it is important that you have time to dedicate to your pet. A dominant animal, although it is certainly very focused, that is why it requires a knowledgeable owner who can guide it as a puppy and, above all, train it in the socialization that these dogs must possess. Otherwise, you may adopt inappropriate behaviors.
german farm dog
In relation to living with children and other animals, this dog also stands out as a very patient and pleasant dog, who will spend his energy with the little ones without hesitation. It is important, however, to educate children about how to treat animals, especially large dogs. With other dogs, the Hovawart will socialize without problems , although it will keep its space protected and could attack if it feels invaded. Let us remember that they are very athletic, hardworking and high-energy animals , which is why they require a considerable amount of exercise. They prefer life on the farm, although they adapt easily to urban life, as long as they are provided with adequate walking routines. As if that were not enough, it is an excellent protector and watchdog , which will not hesitate to warn if it observes the presence of an intruder in the home and attack if it perceives any risk to its family members.


Hovawart training is usually not complicated. This is because it is a really intelligent dog that learns at its own pace but with ease. However, there are certain aspects that must be taken into account in its training, and the presence of a tutor who knows about the animal and is firm but friendly during training is one of the main recommendations.
train Hovawart
It is important to establish clear limits and orders for this animal, based at all times on positive reinforcement, collaboration, reward and motivation as main techniques. Well, this is one of the dogs that does not react appropriately to abuse or shouting. This breed takes a little longer than normal to reach maturity, so knowing how to train it, first teaching it aspects related to socialization and the bases for it, is essential. It also requires that clear and specific instructions be given. Otherwise, due to the lack of these or the fear of his guardian, he will make his own decisions depending on the situation, which can be counterproductive. Maintaining firmness and generating trust between him and his owner is the most basic thing when starting training.


The existence of excellent care and maintenance programs aimed at this breed has allowed the health of these specimens, in general, to remain in good condition. These dogs have a life expectancy that can reach up to 18 years if they are cared for properly and given the attention they deserve.
black hovawart
However, there are some pathologies that can rarely affect your well-being. Due to their size and the recurrent practice of exercises, these dogs can suffer from hip dysplasia, a degenerative disease that affects their hip due to poor movement or excess physical activity, as already mentioned, affecting mobility and causing pain. pronounced in the dog. On the other hand, hypothyroidism, a disease that occurs due to a disorder in the thyroid glands and is denoted in different ways, such as tiredness, excess weight, discouragement, which can also lead to other diseases. Although these pathologies are rare in canines, it is important to have adequate medical control so that they can be detected and controlled in time, and better well-being can be provided to the canine.


Like other large breed dogs destined for farm life, the Hovawart does not require excessive care for its maintenance. It will be enough to give it a few simple attentions if you want to ensure its healthy development. Among them are: First of all, taking care of the hygiene of these dogs is not a problem, weekly brushing and a bath at least every thirty days, when they are really dirty, will be enough for them to be well cared for. Secondly, it is important to take care of the diet of these dogs , maintain adequate control and adjust their diet to their weight and size, with a feed that provides adequate nutrients, otherwise the risk of overweight may increase, giving way to more severe diseases.
Hovawart care
In addition to this, the Hovawart loves outdoor activities, enjoys long walks and will undoubtedly be an excellent hiking companion. But one detail about these dogs is that, although they are not lazy, they are not very energetic either, so excessive exercise is not for them. A long walk twice a day will be enough for your well-being. What should be taken into account is that these dogs greatly value the company of their master at all times, they enjoy the pampering and attention that can be offered and if they do not receive it or leave it alone for a long time, they can experience anxiety about loneliness and adopting destructive behavior, which can be avoided with proper training and spending quality time with the dog. Finally, medical control and everything related to it is of great importance to maintain your good health.


Although it is a very rare dog outside of German homes, owning a Hovawart is an excellent idea, as you will not only find a walking companion, but also a hard-working, protective and loyal animal. A dog with qualities as great as its size, which enjoys being with the family and is also obedient, although it is also determined and independent. Easy to train, but we must not forget the importance of an experienced trainer who knows how to lead and give instructions to the canine appropriately, to ensure that the training is positive for both. What is certain is that owning a Hovawart will always keep you busy, giving it attention, affection and working with it in any activity. [embed][/embed] Discover more races:
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