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Kuvasz - We explain what this confident and brave dog is like

Kuvasz - Te explicamos cómo es este seguro y valiente perro

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If you are attracted to large, imposing but at the same time noble and adorable dogs, the Kuvasz may be the right breed for you. A dog with the aforementioned characteristics and many more that definitely make it a charming animal.
  • Big size .
  • Weight : Between 35 and 52kg.
  • Hair type : Curly and medium length.
  • Character : Intelligent, Protective, Clown, Independent, Loyal, Patient
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 10 and 12 years.
Originally from Hungary, this breed has become increasingly popular, not only for its excellent work as a herder, but also for its brave, confident and balanced character that makes it considered an ideal companion pet . Adopting him will provide you with a friend, a guardian and a co-worker in field activities such as herding. However, these dogs need some care to stay healthy and active. You want to know more? In this article we teach you everything you need to know about the brave and adorable Kuvasz. Care, history, characteristics, health and all the information that will help you know if this dog breed is right for you.

Origin of Kuvasz

The history of the Kuvasz is not concretely defined at present. However, there are indications that it is a very old breed. The breed as it is known today is native to Hungary . However, the offspring of these canines is associated with accompanying Asian dogs of the Magyares tribe. The use that this tribe gave to the ancestors of this dog was as a protector and watchdog of their flocks, due to the presence of predators around their camps. In addition, they were skilled at hunting animals such as wild boars, bears and pigs, so on many occasions it was intended for this purpose.

Kuvasz breed

Aristocratic life was also part of this big hair at some point. Specifically, in the 15th century, during the reign of Matthias Corvinus. The dogs became popular for accompanying members of royalty in their hunting activities . However, this good life would be short-lived, because as a result of the world wars, the reduction of the Hungarian people was notable and threatened to extinguish the race as a whole. Luckily, this fact did not come to fruition definitively. Although the herding practice and the function of the Kuvasz as a cattle dog were reduced. It gained acceptance as a companion pet, still retaining its innate qualities of protector and guardian. Currently, it is very common to see the presence of this breed as a companion to police and military armies in their country. His hunting activity has provided him with a high level of tracking and pursuit, complementing this with the bravery and security that characterizes the enormous dogs of this dog breed.


If this is the first time you see a Kuvasz up close, you will be surprised by its size and imposing presence. You will get a robust dog, with a rustic appearance and a formidable build. It is evidenced by strong bones. However, this does not detract from its noble and elegant image, typical of its coat and facial expression. Its body is longer than it is tall, giving the appearance of having a rectangular shape. It also has powerful muscles, accompanied by strong, well-profiled limbs with firm footing, which provide great agility and strength to move. It is undoubtedly a dog that can intimidate any person or animal. Let's see more details of his physical appearance:

Weight and height

According to the standard issued by the International Cynological Federation , this is a large breed dog. Their height is between 71 and 76 centimeters high at the withers, for males. In the case of females, it is 66 to 70 centimeters. In relation to weight, sex also has differences in this aspect. Males reach 45 to 52 kilos. While females average between 35 and 40 kilos. Although they are obviously heavy dogs, their body image does not appear uncomfortable or obese. Its body is harmonious and remarkably well proportioned and it has, although it may not seem like it, great agility to move with ease and precision when required.
Hungarian dog Kuvasz


The head of this dog distinguishes it from other cattle dogs. Well, it is located in the shape of a wedge, well proportioned and in line with the rest of your body. At the same time, the face provides it with a certain elegance. Starting with his ears, set high, hanging in the shape of an inverted triangle to his cheeks. Thin. Oblique eyes, similar to an almond, have a brown color. While its nose is black and medium in size. They have a protruding and pronounced snout, although it is not pointed. Its bite is strong and sure.


This animal has a thin tail, disguised with abundant and messy fur. This is low insertion and is positioned straight down. At the tip, there is a slight upward curvature, but it does not bend completely.


The Kuvasz is one of the dog breeds that has two layers of coat that make it a temperate dog, that is, prepared for hot or cold climates. In this sense, the inner layer is a kind of soft and comfortable wool that keeps you warm. While the external one is thicker, denser and a little hardened. In places such as the legs, ears and head, the outer hair becomes shorter. Which allows you to show the firmness and pigmentation of your skin. The accepted colors for this breed are only white and ivory.

Character of the Kuvasz

As highlighted in the previous section, the physical appearance of the Kuvasz is that of a helpless dog . And his behavior is not far from reality. This is a canine whose bravery and security are the most outstanding aspects at all times. If it is about performing some action such as herding, or simply taking a walk with their master, these dogs will appear balanced and stable. However, although much of their behavior is associated with their lineage, the education, attention and, above all, treatment they receive from their relatives will define their temperament.
hungarian cattle dog
If you treat these animals with love, patience and respect, you will get the same from them. In addition to his loyalty and protection, his instinct to protect the integrity of his family never disappears. These dogs establish very strong bonds with their family members, becoming jealous and uncomfortable in the presence of third parties close to them. As for coexistence, it is a somewhat delicate aspect, because like most guard dogs, the Kuvasz can be distrustful and annoyed by the presence of strangers. Both animals and people who are not common in their circle will not receive friendly treatment from dogs of this breed. It is important that these dogs are adopted by experienced owners, capable of handling them with patience and focused on giving them adequate education , because otherwise they may present serious behavioral problems and may even be aggressive on some occasions. Although it is not a rebellious nor dangerous dog, it is necessary to educate it, especially if it will be destined for a home with children, and always maintain constant supervision to avoid rough games in which the latter could get hurt.

Education of the Kuvasz

We could say that the Kuvasz's education interferes 70% with its behavior and temperament. That is why the importance of this aspect should not be taken lightly. That is, the owner or family that adopts a canine of this breed must be committed to its education to guarantee that a balanced, calm and stable dog is formed. Starting education at an early age, focused on socialization, is very important. This aspect will greatly define how the dog of this breed adapts to the presence of people and animals outside its family nucleus, while interacting with its environment on a regular basis. It is important that from a puppyhood the dog receives instructions regarding the rules of the home, the habits that are handled and, above all, how to behave. In these cases, positive reinforcement will be the best ally of the instructors of this specimen. It is very important that the transmission of knowledge regarding the lessons given to the dog is harmonious, patient and always in good tone. The dog may respond negatively if you try to teach it using the usual training of handling and yelling. On the contrary, if motivation and reward are considered as a close tool, it is likely that the canine will feel comfortable and develop its skills in such a way that learning flows quickly and appropriately.
Kuvasz training
Another important point in training is to reinforce, both in the canine's youth and adulthood, each lesson learned. In this way we will ensure that they are not overlooked, and that their compliance is common according to the context where it is found. You must also monitor socialization, considering that in principle the learning of basic rules will be carried out within the home. Later, when the dog has already passed this stage, we will begin to identify its environment, among other things, and then face teaching tricks. Remember that it is necessary to define the lessons that are being taught. In this way, monitoring will allow adequate progress on each aspect of the training , once the canine has memorized them. Starting with the first stage of its education around the first three weeks of the dog's life will be the best time to achieve favorable results. It is recommended that the training be carried out by a person knowledgeable in the handling of these dogs, since in this way, each procedure will be carried out in the appropriate way, without bothering the canine.

Kuvasz health

The Kuvasz is a healthy breed , capable of reaching 12 years of life if properly cared for. However, like many other dogs, the presence of hereditary diseases is present. Among them are: In addition to these pathologies caused by genetic causes, the presence of aspects such as obesity, which can begin if they are not fed properly and also lead a sedentary life, can considerably affect the health of these furry friends.

Kuvasz care

Although hereditary diseases are difficult to control and even prevent, the care provided to this and any other pet will help ensure a better quality of life and improved well-being. Although the Kuvasz is a robust and formidable dog , there is care that is necessary if you want the dog to remain strong and balanced. Among the most essential care that this breed requires is, first of all, the need for a space large enough for it to move freely and calmly.
Kuvasz cub


If there is one aspect that requires dedication and availability on the part of the Kuvasz owner, it is the maintenance of its coat, especially when it comes to brushing. These dogs need to be brushed at least 4 times a week . This will help eliminate dead and dry hair that appears on the canines. On the other hand, in times where the dog begins to shed its fur and shed it all over the house, it is advisable to brush it more frequently, this way the hair loss will not be as pronounced. As for bathing, these canines do not require frequent baths , as this would contribute to the dryness of their coat. It is recommended not to exceed the amount of one bath every 15 days. If possible, if you can take a bath every two months, it would be the most appropriate.


If there is one aspect that is essential in these dogs, it is the need for constant physical exercise. Mainly to avoid obesity, so it must be complemented with an adequate diet. In addition, an exercise routine is necessary because these dogs have a restless and agile behavior, usually curious, and accustomed to life outdoors, which is why they require daily walks accompanied by frequent exercises . This will not only guarantee a healthy and adequate weight, but also maintain a mental balance in which the levels of stress and anxiety that the canine may experience from being confined in small spaces will be reduced. Agility practice can be very positive for these dogs. Walks, for their part, should last at least 30 to 40 minutes a day.


Proper nutrition is another fundamental aspect in the life of these canines. In principle, because you are prone to suffering from obesity if there is a lack of nutritional control. And also to avoid stomach diseases. Good quality balanced feed, provided as indicated, will be enough to keep these dogs strong and healthy. However, the guidance of a veterinarian will be the most ideal to carry out their nutrition in a timely manner.

Medical checks

Both vaccination, deworming and visits to the veterinarian are essential to keep him well cared for. Preventing diseases and monitoring their health and well-being will be carried out more effectively if you have the supervision and advice of a veterinary specialist.


The Kuvasz is without a doubt an excellent companion , either for herding work or as a pet. Their safety, protection and bravery will make you feel well protected and above all with a loyal and reliable friend. However, these dogs require dedication in aspects such as education and care. Well, if these aspects are not taken properly, the dog will develop in a negative way, both in health, appearance and behavior. It is necessary that the training of the Kuvasz be carried out by a person with knowledge regarding the handling of these animals, otherwise the teaching process could be negative and the dog would comply with the orders of its guardian. What is certain is that this breed has great abilities that make it a very interesting pet. Before adopting this breed, consider these details and the information provided in this article. We recommend you also visit:
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