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Food for sterilized cats

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Sterilizing cats is a necessity to live with them. They are very prolific animals and having an unsterilized cat at home is a problem when the heat season arrives, so neutering them is one of the best decisions we can make.

A drawback of this intervention is the change in behavior that causes cats to begin to gain weight very quickly, until this excess weight becomes a problem that we can solve with food for sterilized cats.

Best food for sterilized cats

Neutered cats get less exercise and eat more
Due to the hormonal changes that occur when we neuter a cat, the exercise it receives is greatly reduced as it does not have to look for a partner.
This reduction in exercise is combined with a sudden increase in appetite, which has not yet been well explained, which causes the animal to gain weight without stopping.

Sterilized cat food, which is very similar to light food, helps the cat reach its ideal weight. To do this, manufacturers reduce fats and carbohydrates, so that each serving has fewer calories, but ensuring that the cat is satisfied, which is one of the keys to maintaining its weight.
You have to be careful with urinary problems
A neutered cat drinks less water because it gets less exercise. This lower liquid intake is a problem if we give dry food, since it can create many urinary problems such as the dreaded struvite crystals.
For this reason, food for sterilized cats usually contains a series of minerals that try to avoid this complication, something that is perhaps the main difference between food for light cats and these foods for cats that have been neutered.
In any case, we can encourage our cat to drink more water by playing with him whenever we can, making him move. Another way to encourage him to drink water is to buy an automatic fountain, the kind that shoots a stream of water, which will surely make him go to drink out of curiosity.

With this extra supply of minerals and the source, the cat will not have urinary problems, although we can consult with the veterinarian about the possibility of providing wet food from time to time.
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