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Dog Food

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Unlike humans, dogs do not have the ability to decide which foods are best for them.
It is we, their caregivers, who provide them with daily food and that is why we have to ensure that they receive good nutrition. Your health and well-being depend on it.
Since each dog is unique, they deserve special treatment. We must choose a quality feed that adapts to its particular characteristics. Here we show you everything you need to know to select the most suitable one.

What type of dog food are there?

There are numerous classifications of dog food. Generally, the size of the pet is considered a key factor and that is why they have been grouped according to their type: small, medium or large.
Likewise, other categories are particularly focused on health and take into account whether your pet is healthy, diabetic, overweight or has skin problems, osteoarthritis or digestive problems. Be that as it may, it is essential to choose correctly.
You can rely on your veterinarian to guide you on which one to purchase and which one is the most convenient according to your friend's characteristics. However, below we will give you some essential recommendations according to the main types of granules on the market.
Natural food for dogs
As its name indicates, it is characterized by being natural. That is, during the manufacturing process, only ingredients of natural origin have been included, foods that are completely fresh and free of additives or any type of artificial preservatives.
In most cases they incorporate meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. In that sense, it provides a healthy, nutritious diet aimed at promoting complete well-being.

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Light food for dogs
Frequently, your pet's poor mobility or sedentary life causes the dreaded problems of being overweight. Although in these cases it is advisable to make a change in the daily routine and create habits to encourage certain physical activities, it is also essential to change the diet to a light feed.
This type of granules have everything necessary to properly feed your dog but with a low fat content and high in natural fibers. Proteins are the main component and are designed to satisfy appetite in a healthy and balanced way.

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Hypoallergenic food for dogs
It is common to observe the presence of certain digestive disorders, excessive itching and scratching due to atopic dermatitis or other types of related symptoms.
Food allergies and intolerances are extremely common. In these cases, it is essential to make a change in the diet and offer meals with a specialized composition to mitigate discomfort and increase the animal's well-being.
A hypoallergenic feed is the best option, since it has been designed specifically for these cases. They stand out for being free of gluten, dairy or grains, although they have all the required nutritional and energy contributions. They include the right amount of ingredients, perfectly combining proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

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Food for sterilized dogs
Neutering pets probably has a significant impact on their weight. The tendency to gain a few kilos is almost always inevitable, without ignoring the health risks posed by obesity.
Let's remember that hormonal levels change and so does eating behavior. We recommend you combat these problems with a feed that has been created for those who have been sterilized.
Quality and easy-to-digest ingredients help keep your pet nourished. The formula of this type of granules offers a high energy level, rich in fiber but low in fat. They seek to calm the feeling of hunger and avoid obsession with food.

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What is the best dog food?

Numerous factors are involved in nutrition and what is considered appropriate for one pet may not be so appropriate for another. It is necessary to keep in mind that age plays an important role in this particular.
The stomach of puppies (between 0 and 12 months) is in full development and their food tolerance in this first stage of life is completely different. On the other hand, they require a feed with a greater number of minerals, proteins and fats to cover the energy expenditure typical of age.
Regarding adults (between 1 and 7 years old) we must offer specific granules for them. Remember that they have already stopped growing, their metabolism has slowed down and it would be counterproductive for them to receive more nutrients than they need. Overweight must be prevented, since over time this condition causes serious damage to health.
Finally, the adult stage arrives (ages 8 and up). At this point, we must also consider that older dogs are more sedentary and have a significant decrease in physical activity. The new diet should include other variable nutrients, rich in protein and with less fat.
Regardless of your pet's age, make sure the ingredients selected are top-notch. In this particular, Blue Wolf has everything your best friend needs.
The reason is that all their formulas have been designed by nutrition specialists together with veterinarians with a high sense of professionalism. Likewise, the production process is developed under the best cutting-edge technology and complies with all the corresponding health requirements in order to ensure the quality of each processed granule.
This super premium brand strategically mixes each of its components to offer an exquisite menu that guarantees the continuous maintenance of the body, as well as the energy required to promote well-being and health.
In the extensive online catalog you can find a wide variety of options at your disposal, as well as practical advice from a team of experts who will guide you during the search process so that you can choose the most appropriate alternative according to the particularities of the animal. .

Should you choose feed or wet food?

The number of pet food options available is usually very wide and whether you choose feed or wet food, what you should make sure is that it has all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins so that your dog is well fed.
Another aspect to consider is that the composition and ingredients are of absolute quality. Depending on the tolerance level, you can choose either of the two options, either separately or combined.
In this particular, it is good for you to know that Lobo Azul has been dedicated for many years to the production of 100% natural feed adapted to different varieties of breeds, sizes and ages. The main objective is to guarantee perfect nutrition for pets.
The high-tech manufacturing process extracts from the raw material everything necessary to correctly satisfy nutritional needs. Quality is an aspect that stands out. For this reason, the entire product line has food safety management certification.
As your dog deserves the best, natural preservatives such as selenium, rosemary extract or vitamin E have been added. The formulas combine meticulously selected fresh ingredients of animal origin, such as chicken, beef, salmon and lamb.
They are also characterized by their high levels of palatability so that your pet is attracted to each dish you offer. You will no longer have to worry about digestion problems since components have been integrated to promote correct digestibility.
In the catalog of options you will notice that there is a feed for each type of need. However, all of them have gone through rigorous controls during their processing and strictly comply with their priority legacy: producing a product capable of maintaining optimal health during all stages of their life.

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